About the GMAT

The Graduate Management Admissions Test is one of the most important exams you will ever take. This test comes into play on two levels.


The GMAT is the most widely-accepted admissions test for graduate business programs in the world. Whether you’re planning on staying close to home or flying out of the country for part of your education, there’s a very good chance that it will help you get into the school of your choice.

The GMAT is not an abstract test that measures general knowledge – it seeks to measure the skills that businesses actually care about and the things that a graduate program is intending to teach. It’s also widely believed to be a good indicator of how well you’ll perform in the classroom – so doing well on the test is a great way to establish yourself as the kind of serious student schools are searching for.


Nothing says “Hire Me” as well as a proven ability to perform – in fact, that’s the single most common thing employers look for. Your GMAT scores are one of the things employers will look at to get a better sense of how experienced you really are. When it’s combined with anywhere from two to four years of actual experience in business administration, it could be the deciding factor in whether or not you’re actually hired by the company of your dreams.

You need this even if you’re planning to start your own business instead of working at someone else’s. One thing you’ll hear over and over from experienced people is that you shouldn’t start a business in a given field until you’ve worked in that field and truly learned how it works. This is the kind of experience that no classroom can teach – but classes can put you in a position to learn.

What Kind Of GMAT Services Are Available?

By this point, you might be starting to feel a little nervous – but relax, because it’s easier to get a good score than most people realize. There are options like Mock Exams, Prep Books, and Dedicated Courses that focus on teaching you the things you’ll need to pass this test.

You’ll also have the opportunity to read reviews from people who’ve made use of these services – and you should absolutely do so before using any of the services listed above. Those help services can be expensive, and you shouldn’t gamble your future on a course that won’t actually help you pass the exam.

Ignore the hype, ignore the marketing, and listen to what real people are saying before you make a decision. That’s the best way to focus your learning and make sure you can get the most from your preparation and final score.

That’s the kind of help we offer here at MBA Insights. Check out our GMAT Test Prep Reviews to find the perfect fit for your test preparations.