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Critical Square Overview

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About Critical Square

Critical Square is a full-service consulting firm that focuses on providing customized support to each applicant. One major element of Critical Square is that they stay up to date with what admissions committees are actually looking for each year. Using this information, they are able to tailor applications to meet the needs of the admissions committees. They also help with school selection and sort schools by how likely it is that an applicant can get in. Services are provided both day and night, allowing applicants to take advantage of them whenever they’re needed.


Critical Square’s main focus is its school packages, which are divided into three levels. The “Tactical Plan” is geared towards applicants who can do most of the work themselves and only need some help refining their applications. The “Strategic Plan” adds time for brainstorming and feedback, while the “Comprehensive Plan” offers full support throughout the entire application process.

They also offer hourly services for clients who know exactly what they need. The average client uses Critical Square’s services for an average of 10 hours total.

In addition to the paid services, Critical Square has free resources such as school overviews, essay tips, and an explanation of what MBA programs are look for in applicants.

Critical Square Cost and Contact Info

The Tactical Plan starts at $975, rising to $2,350 for the Strategic Plan and $4,150 for the Comprehensive Plan. Hourly services start at $295 for one hour, and slowly decrease in price on a per-hour basis as more hours of service are purchased. Critical Square most popular hourly plan is 10 hours, at a price of $2,750.

Critical Square prefers to be contacted through a form on their website at www.criticalsquare.com, but also accept emails sent to info@criticalsquare.com.

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2 reviews for Critical Square Overview

  1. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    The course really got me in a business school mindset and gave me confidence to make the transition From work to going back to school. It taught a lot of valuable applications that can be used in a number of different classes.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Michigan/2018
  2. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Critical square has shown to be one of the promising admission consulting firm. They have gone over and beyond to work on the needs of each candidate to make sure they are able to reach their next goal in their career. As stated in their description, “Critical Square has free resources such as school overviews, essay tips, and an explanation of what MBA programs are look for in applicants.” This alone has made it easier to not only select the best program for you but to also make sure you feel confident and secure in the decision you make to join a MBA program. The cost may seem expensive however for the quality of work you receive it is well worth it.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Winston Salem State University 2015
    • MBA application & school advice: When applying for the MBA program, be sure to stay on top of everything. The admissions committee is there to assist you in your process to join their college. Don't be afraid to ask questions and inquire about any questions you have. This not only makes you aware of what to do next, it also shows your interest and importance of being a part of their program. It is your education, you have control of it and you are capable of being just as successful as anyone else. YOU CAN DO IT!

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