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Personal MBA Coach Overview

About Personal MBA Coach

Personal MBA Coach is a full-service consulting company and claims a 96% success rate at getting clients into one of their top two or three schools. They offer support with full-time, part-time, and Executive MBA programs, and cite that each applicant will only ever have one consultant working with them throughout the entire process. Help is available nights and weekends.


The main service is the Comprehensive Package, which goes from application strategy and personal story development to essays, social media review, scholarship advice, and post-acceptance decision support. This package includes unlimited support through email, phone, Skype, or (if you’re in the area) in-person.

Personal MBA Coach also offers the One Time Gut Check, an application review that includes editing, highlighting mistakes, and a general check for whether or not your application is truly strong. Hourly Services are also available, and the website includes a breakdown of the average amount of time spent on each aspect of the application process.

Special support is available for applicants who are invited to an interview at Harvard Business School.

Personal MBA Coach Cost and Contact Info

The Comprehensive Packages are available starting at $4,900 for one school. The website claims that five schools (for $10,900) is its most popular option. The One Time Gut Check is priced at $,095 per-school, while hourly services are $450 per-hour.

Personal MBA Coach can be reached by email at scott@personalmbacoach.com, by phone at +1 (617) 645-2424, or through a contact form on their website at www.personalmbacoach.com. In-person meetings are available in Boston and New York City.

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34 reviews for Personal MBA Coach Overview

  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Scott was helpful every step of the process, from school selection to identifying recommenders to post-decision support. Couldn’t have done it it without Scott.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: CBS MBA 2022
    • MBA application & school advice: Start early and apply R1.Don't underestimate the time commitment required to craft a story that is true to you. Many hours will be spent questioning why you want an MBA, so make sure you do some solid reflection before starting to write essays.
  2. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Taylor Foltyn:

    I chose to go with Scott after making the usual consultation rounds as I felt our initial chat was the most earnest and straightforward out of everyone that I talked to. I liked the fact that his business model allowed him to personally oversee my application process the whole way through.

    Scott’s pedigree second to none as is his deep deep knowledge of the top institutions and the candidate profiles they go after. I knew I needed someone to help me craft my story and help me refine my essays, and Scott’s team was able to push me to produce materials that surpassed my expectations. He won’t do the work for you, and that’s essential to creating a sincere story that addresses what adcoms are looking for. I’m extremely pleased with my decision to work with Scott and recommend him to any candidate, especially those that are new or have little experience to the application process.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Berkeley Haas 2022
    • MBA application & school advice: Pick Scott especially if you need direction on what schools to apply to
  3. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Raghav Batra:

    I hired Scott after I spoke to a few consultants, some of them even suggested me to not apply with 3 years of work experience. However, Scott took on the challenge to help me build my story. He spent a considerable amount of time getting to know me, and then drafting the story with me. He was extremely honest (a MUST quality in a consultant). He helped me optimize my school selection process, pushed me to give GMAT again to improve my score, and helped me get into 3 schools of my choice. I would definitely recommend him for the MBA application journey.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Full time MBA at MIT Sloan - 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: MIT Sloan
  4. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    John Smith:

    Scott is a true professional who has been in this business for over a decade. He knows what he is doing and he will work with you one-on-one throughout the entire process. His expertise will give you an extra edge in your application that fully justifies the cost – and then some.

    For some background on my experience, I am a nontraditional applicant. I needed help giving my profile credibility. I wanted the adcoms to know that I could succeed in business school and that I would be able to get a good job afterwards. I believe that Scott helped me successfully get that message across. I was accepted to all schools to which I applied, one with a full tuition fellowship.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: UT McCombs 2022
    • MBA application & school advice: Go with Scott!
  5. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    If you’re going to hire a consultant, hire Scott. Hands down, he was the most straightforward and helpful of the 10+ consultants I spoke with on the phone for initial intro calls. He also always kept his word and was very responsive, kind, and fair. I was hesitant to hire a consultant at first, but after speaking with him (and meeting him in person at an MBA fair – huge plus, as he does speaking engagements across the country), I knew I had made the right choice. From day 1, Scott was value add and clearly very smart, and really helped me craft the best possible version of my story. He will not do the work for you but will guide you towards your best work product and help your authentic voice shine through, which is really the best you can ask for in an admissions consultant! He also was super helpful in continuing to offer his support even after I was admitted to my dream school and looking for pre-MBA internships. Cherry on top is that he’s super positive and easy to work with!

    Highly recommend Scott – best admissions consultant in the business!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia Business School 2022
    • MBA application & school advice: Have confidence in your unique story!
  6. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Yes it’s possible to work on your applications yourself and to just ask your friends and family to help edit your essays but why not set yourself up for the best chance by hiring a professional admissions consultant who will help guide you through the entire process?

    Like most, I was initially hesitant about hiring a consultant. But after my first introductory call with Scott, I knew I had to work with him. Having been out of school for ~4 years, I was a little rusty with my writing but Scott continued to push me and I was able to write compelling essays for my applications. I also really appreciated the quick turnaround between all of the edits. The mock interviews that Scott helps set up with former MBA interviewers were also extremely helpful and helped me be more confident for my actual interviews.

    Out of the 5 schools I applied to, I’ve been accepted into 1 with a decently sized scholarship, waitlisted at another, and I’m waiting to hear back from 2. Obviously hoping for some more good news down the road but it’s nice to have 1 admit so far and I wholeheartedly attribute this success to Scott and Personal MBA Coach!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Undecided yet
    • MBA application & school advice: Do yourself a hugeeee favor and start early so you're not frantically rushing to meet the application deadlines!
  7. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Scott was extremely supportive, easy to work with and contact, and helpful when it came to finding the best schools for me, helping craft my story, provided extremely helpful essay guidance, and interview preparation. Highly recommend!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Fuqu MBA Class of 2022
    • MBA application & school advice: Be yourself and think about what unique aspects you bring to the table!
  8. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I have a GPA that falls in the bottom 20% of my target schools, and a GMAT of 710. My non-traditional background made my profile relatively risky.
    Scott immediately pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of my applications, yet still believed in me despite the competitiveness of my target schools.
    He always provided fast and great quality responses, was patient and always pushed me to improve every single detail in my application.
    I applied to a top school in Europe, with one of the lowest acceptance rate among Europe’s top schools, and to an M7 school, and got accepted into both.
    Looking back, I can tell for sure that it would have been near impossible to even get an interview if it weren’t for Scott’s help.
    I am proud to have made the decision to work with Scott, and highly recommend him to anyone out there who needs help in their application!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia MBA, 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Start very early (I started a bit more than 3 months before I submitted my first application, and have been doing my MBA research long before that). Make a lot of research on every school you are applying to, and connect with as many people as possible who are currently at the school.
  9. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Rebecca Rochman:

    I worked with Scott during a time when I was incredibly stressed out with applications, work, and personal issues in my life. He was incredibly understanding, willing to work on flexible package options, and also provided constructive yet critically useful feedback for all parts of my application. He was available and critical in both school selection, essays and general goal definition.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: McCombs 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Be realistic about your goals! Start early but also don't be stressed if Round 1 isn't the right timing for you.
  10. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    C K:

    Scott helped me with school selection and resume prep while I was also on the waitlist for the previous year. I ended up getting off the waitlist, so our time was shorter than expected, but our interactions were all extremely positive. I instantly connected with his straight forward style of both written and verbal feedback – this was helpful at significantly improving my application in a relatively short amount of time. Scott’s patience is also evident – he took the time to address all of my questions/insecurities and made me feel more confident in my chances in the M7. Since we talked in the spring, he also advised me on ways to strengthen my resume by the R1 deadlines. Most of all, it was obvious that Scott cared about my application and is passionate about the ins and outs of the admissions process, which is the most I could have asked for out of anyone I’m working with. Absolutely would recommend to my friends.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Booth '21
    • MBA application & school advice: The process is a grind - there will be high and low days. Lean on your support system. Keep going, you got this!
  11. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Mike Jones:

    I worked with Scott E at Personal MBA Coach for help with crafting my narrative for application to a top MBA program. I found Scott extremely helpful in both his ability to help me refine my message as well as his communication skills. We worked together over the course of a month to refine my essays to a point where I felt they perfectly captured the message I was trying to convey. He was also helpful looking at my complete application package (undergrad, GMAT, etc) and steering me to the programs best suited for me. Would highly recommend Scott to anyone!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Still Applying
    • MBA application & school advice: Still in the process of applying
  12. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I have no words to express how grateful I am for all the guidance and support that Scott provided during the MBA application process. I was admitted into 4 out of 8 MBA programs I applied to and received full scholarship to the one most dear to my heart. My experience with Scott was absolutely invaluable and I know I would not have been able to succeed without him. He was there for me every step of the way. From the first moment I talked to Scott, it was obvious that he truly cares about me and was fully vested in my success. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for an MBA consultant. I could have not asked for a better coach. Thank you Scott!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School - Global MBA 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Take the time to self-reflect and build a story that is representative of your hopes and dreams. Start early and apply to at least 3 schools to maximize your chances of being admitted and get scholarships.
  13. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    The short version: Researched multiple consultants. Chose Scott over all others. Got into Wharton, Columbia, and Ross despite tremendous odds.

    The long one: Since I was an Indian (read: one of the largest demographics) male (the most competitive gender) engineer (the hardest degree type to distinguish yourself in, especially when you are Indian), who was also a re-applicant with 8 years of experience, I knew it was going to be very hard to get into my dream school.

    I contacted 10+ consultants and spoke to them at length to understand how they operate. Given my background, I knew that I would need someone who will understand my story properly and help me craft a unique story. After talking to a few of the major consulting firms, I realized that I needed a boutique consultant where I could deal with my consultant directly. Amongst all the boutique consultants I spoke with, I had the best connection with Scott. I liked his calm demeanor, the fact that he seemed to know the colleges well, and most importantly that he had worked with many Indians before and knew how to help them.

    I realized his value while working with him on my first application itself. After we figured out my story, we exchanged a lot of drafts on bringing out the ‘why’. Scott adds detailed notes in each draft and he always responds within 48 hours. The final essays were really really good, even if I say so myself. They made so much sense and compared to the essays I had written myself during the previous application cycle, these were crystal clear. There was a perfect balance – the essays logically and clearly told the adcom what I wanted to do while bringing out the emotional angle to support why I wanted to do it. Moreover, the last aspect which is so important – the interview prep – is the best part about working with him. My mock interviews were super important in making sure that I do well on the day! In fact without them I am confident I would not have been nearly as good.

    Lastly, if there is one thing I can say that would convince you of how good Scott is, it is this – When I took the 5 school package with him, I followed his instructions precisely for 3 schools and went with my gut for the other 2. It just so happens that I got into all the 3 where I listened to him and got rejected from the other 2. Now, I could put that down as a remarkable co-incidence but after working with him over 9 months, I am inclined to believe that Scott knows what he is talking about.

    I truly believe that he is the reason I am going to Wharton and I recommend if you are looking for a consultant, look no further than Scott.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton 2021
  14. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Working with Scott was wonderful – he took the time to get to know me, hear a number of stories, and help me understand what stories would work best in an application. Not only did he help with the application itself, but he was phenomenal in teaching me about various schools and how to take advantage of my extracurriculars to make my application shine. Scott was incredibly responsive over email and had great edits all of my work, including a video essay. Not only did I get into all 3 schools I applied to with Scott in 2nd Round, I got $$ at two of the three, including a full ride! Super happy to have worked with him.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: McCombs 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Find a consultant that you click with, take your time with the essays (give your self at least a few months) and enjoy the process!
  15. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I had an amazing experience with Scott. He is willing to go above and beyond to help you throughout the admission process-regardless of where you are or what you need help with. Personally, he helped me with school selection, presenting my resume, essays, interview prep, and everything that happens in between. Scott and his team are always happy to answer any ad hoc questions I had and will jump on the phone day or night. Scott was an amazing resource to have and helped me get into my #1 choice. I strongly recommend other students to use Personal MBA Coach. Thank you Scott!!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Cornell SC Johnson School of Management 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: It is all about putting in the work. It is a grueling process but keep at it and your efforts will pay off!!
  16. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Burgher Meister:

    Scott is a great coach. He helps students select schools very well and his interview prep sessions are fantastic. I felt so comfortable in my interviews thanks to these sessions.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: HBS, 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Think deeply about why you want to get an MBA and visualize how you will spend your time there. This will help you in the admissions process and enable you to make the most of your experience there.
  17. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    It was a crazy ride from start to finish applying for top MBA programs. It wouldn’t have been possible without Scott’s assistance. Coming from an engineering background, both undergraduate and career wise, I did not know anyone who went to a full time MBA program let alone a top MBA program. I thought I could handle the process my myself with assistance from friends and family. I soon realized I was in over my head. This caused me to regroup and postpone applying to schools for a year while I found an expert to assist me. I heavily researched lots of different admission consultants including having an initial screening with a handful.

    Ultimately, I was looking for a consultant who had a few key qualities: success getting students admitted at the top schools, someone who was as invested in the process as me, and someone who would give me the truth without sugar coating it. Scott checked all these boxes. I felt better knowing that I was working with the owner of the consultant company, which isn’t true of some of the bigger consultant companies. This was a big reason why I chose Scott. I was concerned at other admission consultant companies that I would be pawned off to a low-level consultant without much experience.

    The entire process was still stressful, but Scott helped me successfully get accepted to 2 top 7 programs and waitlisted at a 3rd. He was great to work with. We started by creating a schedule with milestones to hit as well as an initial brainstorming session. I also already knew what schools I was going to apply to, but he would assist with school selections. We only talked on the phone a few times but that was fine for me. We mostly communicated through email. His response time for emails or questions was normally within a day and around two days for essay revisions. For the most part he was blunt in his responses and opinions. I enjoyed this as I would rather have the truth. This may not work as well for some people who need more emotional support during the process. He also pushed me in my essay writing abilities. As an engineer this was a weak spot for me and he provided a great deal of value with editing abilities.

    Overall working with him was a great experience and I would definitely recommend him to others. As the owner of the company I felt that he was as invested in me getting into at least 1 of my target programs as I was. However, a lot of the work is still placed on the applicant and a consultant is only there to assist.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: HBS 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Start early. Work Hard. Never give up.
  18. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Working with Scott was the best decision I made in the arduous application process. He was HIGHLY responsive to any questions or concerns I had during this stressful time. My only regret is not doing the 5 school package (I chose the 3 school). Scott really knows how to present your story in the best way possible to maximize your chances of admission and scholarship. If you’re serious about MBA, get started with him sooner rather than later!! Scott is more than just a consultant, he is a mentor and life coach!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Anderson 2019
    • MBA application & school advice: I recommend applying to at least 5 schools to maximize chances of admission/scholarship. There seems to be a considerable amount of randomness to the admissions system.
  19. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I reached out to Scott while I was doing my research on various admission consultants, and after the first call with Scott, I knew he was the right consultant for me. Throughout the duration of our association, he has been available through a call / email etc especially when it is a time sensitive issue. We took a lot of time to decide on the target schools based on my application as I wanted to apply to a lot of them, but then he helped me streamline my thought process. His approach in helping me build my story was phenomenal as he was gave me ideas to ponder over instead of just enforcing me to use one strategy. This definitely helped me clarify the career trajectory for the application and in general as well. With his support, I got interviews almost in all the schools I applied, and have gained an admit from one of them. Still awaiting to hear from 2 top schools. I would definitely recommend him.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross - 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Definitely hire Scott if you want to build a story and need some experts story who will help you navigate through each and every step.
  20. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I would highly recommend Scott and the Personal MBA Coach to anyone interested in getting accepted into a top MBA program. Scott is patient, organized, attentive, and an excellent coach through the entire process. Together, we laid out a strategy (which included guidance on the resume, essays, interviews and other crucial factors) that eventually led to a series of well-rounded applications that demonstrated my appeal as an MBA prospect to the adcom. But instead of trying to mold my application into a predictable form, we worked together to create an application that was authentic.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: HBS 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Scott was an integral part of my HBS application success, and I sincerely recommend him for application consulting!
  21. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I am a new member of the Wharton class of 2021. Scott was a huge help throughout my application process. He was always accessible, and I felt he was personally invested in my success. Anytime we reviewed my essays or spoke on the phone, Scott was very clued into my story. I could tell he takes the time to get to know every client and think through their unique approach. Highly recommend!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Definitely invest in an admissions consultant as an investment in your future!
  22. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I am a first year MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School and I have Scott Edinburgh to thank for it!

    It was a long, yet incredibly transformative journey to business school and I can certainly say that I would not have been able to do it without the help of Scott. Being there every step of the way, Scott will help you craft a strategy that helps present your best self in your B-School applications. He dives deep and curates your brand, your story, your resume, your letters of recommendation requests, and your essays line by line, going through as many iterations as you need to be confident in what you are submitting to admissions.

    When it comes time to interview, Scott will strengthen your interviewing skills by helping you identify and refine your behavioral stories, administering 1-on-1 mock interview sessions, and giving feedback on your video interview samples. All of this mentally trains and prepares you for when you finally come face to face with the business school interviewers.

    Why did I pick Scott? I interviewed ~10 different MBA coaches before finalizing Scott and the reason was simple: Scott really cares about you and is truly vested in your success. And this became increasingly evident as Scott fielded countless questions and emails from me and VERY PATIENTLY supported me through all the stressful “freak outs” and breakdowns. The MBA application process is tough, arduous process. Scott Edinburgh is someone who can help alleviate a lot of that pressure and set you up for true success!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia Business School, 2020
    • MBA application & school advice: Plan your work, work your plan - stay on top of things. This is a long, arduous process and things can get messy if you are not organized. Dive deep and introspect on your accomplishments. Most importantly, understand why you want to go to Business School and make sure that what you are expecting is feasible.
  23. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    When I first applied to business school in 2016, I was rejected by six of the M7 schools. With Scott’s guidance in 2018, I was able to secure acceptances from Kellogg, Booth and Sloan and was offered a combined $170K in scholarship money from Kellogg and Booth.

    I started the process with Scott after meeting him in late July 2018 after the MBA Tour and listening to his talk about the 10 things that one must do to prepare for applications. He seemed very knowledgeable and mentioned his connections with admissions offices, all while offering insights that I would never find online. I immediately signed up with him and am so glad that I did.

    Scott took the time to thoroughly understand my background before laying out our plan of attack. Scott’s guidance made me feel very assured and confident in myself throughout the process. He steered me in the right direction on how to prioritize apps and plan out my essays for each school, recommending that I focus on particular topics that would resonate with admissions based on my background and what he knew they would look for. We developed such great chemistry that we would be emailing each other practically every other day for the next two months. We scheduled phone calls to strategize our attack for each school’s application. He’s also been available at a moment’s notice for me to call him with more pressing matters, such as how I should rationalize the factors that went into my decision of deciding the business school this fall. This encapsulates what I have truly enjoyed most about working with Scott — he is candid in his feedback, available at at a moment’s notice, and provides great perspective on the admissions process given his history working with other clients.

    If you are considering the investment, I would highly encourage you to sign up with Scott. Working with the founder of a top consulting firm is a huge plus, and I think it would give you the confidence that you’d need to secure placements at top MBA programs.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: CHICAGO BOOTH 2021
  24. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Scott was great to work with and always responded within 48 hours. After calling several consulting firms for their free consultation, I found that Scott was the most straightforward and provided the most honest feedback. He did not try to up-sell me his services when I indicated that I only wanted to apply to two schools. He indicated that my odds were not the greatest upfront and did not pressure me to use his services, unlike some of the big firms that referred me to their outside/lesser known partners. I ultimately accepted early decision at one school and declined my interview at the other.

    Throughout the application process, Scott kept his promise on providing comments or feedback within 48 hours. I was able to get quicker responses/live phone calls within 24 hours, when necessary. Given that Scott appears to have many touch points with various adcoms throughout the year, he was able to provide very insightful essay comments and help craft stories that work best/better for specific schools. In addition, interview prep was extremely helpful because he was able to connect me with a prior ambassador.

    I highly recommend Personal MBA Coach for your MBA application process, especially for applicants who value honest feedback.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia '21
    • MBA application & school advice: Start early on essays and getting recommendations. You'll be surprised by the number of revisions and reminders for rec letters!
  25. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    The Personal MBA Coach Team has been instrumental in my MBA admissions journey. They truly made it possible for me to achieve my long term dream of getting admitted to a top business school.
    The team’s thorough knowledge of the entire application process and guidance on how best to position myself along with various nuances related to each school, The Personal MBA Coach really customized and supported me extensively throughout the MBA process.
    I am a non-traditional MBA candidate, with a PhD and a little older than traditional applications that was discouraged by other MBA coaching and advisory services in terms of my aspirations of getting admitted to a full time program. But once I spoke with the The Personal MBA Coach, he provided a lot of support, and helped me build confidence to peruse the effort and defined clearly a working strategy for me specifically.
    He and his team are thorough, diligent, pragmatic and realistic. With my profile he was v ery honest about what I need to work on to get to my target and how to go about it.
    Unlike other MBA admissions advisory services, The Personal MBA Coach is truly personal and goes the extra mile to provide best in class service, advisory and support through out the process of MBA admissions. They are available and ready to answer any question and very flexible in terms of scheduling.
    Scott has a deep understanding of each school and what is needed for them to tailor the application in the best way. Through out the process of working with Scott and the Personal MBA Coach team, I not only got admitted into the Full Time MBA program – at the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business, but also developed key insights about myself, becoming a better writer, interviewee and strategic thinker.
    My sincerest thanks to the Personal MBA Coach and team and I strongly recommend working with this team if one truly wants to achieve their MBA goals and dreams.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Booth Class of 2020
    • MBA application & school advice: Be thorough in your search and find the program that best fits your long term needs.
  26. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Scott was absolutely incredible to work with!

    At first, I was debating going through the admissions process without an admissions consultant, but in hindsight, I’m so glad I decided to go with Scott. He is very experienced and knowledgeable about the process, is extremely responsive (e.g. essay revisions turned around within 24 hours), and I can tell he gives his 100% effort to each of his clients. I also appreciate that Scott gives it to you as is – he isn’t one to sugarcoat and will give you the feedback you need to hear.

    I’m happy to say I will be attending my top choice (Wharton) this fall, and I can’t thank Scott enough for getting us here. I felt well-prepared throughout the whole process (including no surprises during interviews!), and I highly recommend Scott to other prospective applicants!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton / 2020
    • MBA application & school advice: Start early - essays take a lot of revisions!
  27. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Scott was excellent. He managed expectations, gave transparent advice, and helped me bring my stories to life.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia / 2020
    • MBA application & school advice: Start early and leave plenty of time to deconstruct and rewrite.
  28. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Scott worked with me for nearly nine-months as I navigated the arduous MBA application process. He and his team helped with everything from school selection, to essay review, interview prep and post-acceptance decision making.

    From the very beginning, Scott got down to brass tacks. He helped me understand the best way to package my profile and frame my story. He additionally provided valuable insight into the specifics of what each program’s admissions committees are looking for, which helped me to tailor my applications to their expectations.

    As a partner throughout this process, Scott was a professional in every sense; he was attentive, honest, and discerning. The overall experience was top-rate. With Scott’s help, I was ultimately accepted into several top MBA programs with substantial scholarship money. I absolutely recommend his services to anyone who’s serious about submitting a strong application.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Tuck '20
    • MBA application & school advice: Get started as early!
  29. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I have a bit of an unconventional background, so I knew from the beginning that I wanted to work with someone who is dedicated and who really looks into my background to help me put my best foot forward. After some initial research and scoping calls with a shortlist of admissions consultants, it was a no-brainer to decide to work with Scott, because he really listened to what I had in mind and challenged me where appropriate. He was patient, friendly, yet super straightforward and critical. It was really pleasant working with Scott; I followed on with additional interview prep services. Got into Yale and MIT Sloan

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: MIT Sloan 2019
  30. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Marianne robinson:

    I started working with Scott Edinburgh the fall after graduating college. I wanted to take a year off to prepare and apply to graduate programs but without a career center at my disposal, I had no idea where to begin. After reading reviews on the Personal MBA Coach website, I decided to reach out to Scott for more information. Hearing the realities from Scott about my reach schools following our conversation was daunting but he assured me that we would work together for the best outcome. I knew right then that working with Scott was my best shot at getting into my dream school.

    I never worked in person with Scott, I was living in New York City during our time together but he was available to me 24/7. He helped me build my story and was patient with me through the essay editing process. Even when I thought my essay was finished, Scott pushed me to make it better. All of my emails were answered almost immediately and he even offered to travel to New York to work with me in person. Scott put me in touch with an incredible GRE tutor who improved my test score by almost 20 points!

    I was accepted into all three of my 3 stretch schools, including yes, the dream school. I was even offered a substantial scholarship to Boston University. Not only was Scott available to me through every step of the application process but he helped me confidently choose the right program, which can be just as stressful. Working with Scott was the best decision I have ever made. I can truly say that without him and his diligent work I would not be where I am today, studying Public Relations and Corporate Communication at New York University.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: New york university, 2017
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    5 out of 5


    at first i chose an mba consulting firm that charged thousands and the woman running that firm barely called me back or listened to my concerns (this was the so-called leading firm on google). so i searched for another firm and came upon scott. scott designs his services to meet your exact needs. he doesn’t charge for services you don’t need – he is flexible to help with any or all aspects of your application. if you just need to strategize with him or you need editing or interview prep, whatever it is he can help you and is so accommodating and flexible with scheduling. obviously the most important thing with mba applications is depicting a full/comprehensive picture of the candidate and scott masterfully pulled so many aspects of my life together to create a strong application that was successful.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: CBS 17
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    5 out of 5


    Admissions consultants are not cheap – they’re a big investment. Like many people, I did a bunch of free consultations with “big name” firms. Many of them sounded great, but it was impossible to know who exactly I would actually be working with and what their track record for success had been in the past. I wanted someone whom I could speak with and evaluate before I shelled out thousands of dollars. I decided to work with Scott, and it was the best decision I made throughout the entire process.

    Scott is everything he advertises: timely, responsive, honest, incredibly hardworking, thoughtful, and efficient. When he says he’ll get you edits in 48 hours, he means it. He’s also almost always on call despite his hectic schedule. I sent him countless emails with quick random questions, and he almost always responded within an hour or two. He worked with my schedule and accommodated calls whenever I asked.

    Scott was an enormous asset throughout the entire process. He helped me affirm my school selections, think through my career goals, evaluate and play to my strengths, hide my weaknesses, select my recommenders, and truly match my resume to the interests of my top schools. I consider myself a pretty good writer, but Scott tore my essays up regularly. He made them much, much better every time, without compromising what I wanted to say. He also works incredibly hard to build relationships at the top schools, which gives him amazing insight into what they look for and how to prioritize time on the applications.

    With Scott’s help, I got into my top choice, Northwestern-Kellogg. Without a doubt, Scott was a big reason why. Money well spent.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Kellogg/2019
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    5 out of 5


    When doing my initial search for an admissions consultant, I was first drawn to the big-name consulting companies. Yet, after doing more research I realized that I did not merely want to be another faceless customer at one of these big firms. I knew that I needed the personalized support that Scott @ Personal MBA Coach provides in order to get through the application process in one piece. The whole application process, from b-school research to essay writing, is intensive, time-consuming, and stressful. I highly recommend Scott as the person ripe for the job to get you through it—with success. Truth be told, Scott gets into the minutiae of the entire application, including the 50 character explanations for my ECs in your undergraduate studies. From countless essay edits to much-needed mock interviews, Scott was there for me at every step. Scott’s one-on-one support is exactly what I needed to conquer this arduous process and engineer an admission to my dream school of Columbia.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: CBS / 2018
    • MBA application & school advice: Start your research months in advance of actually turning your application in. If you need help, get it. When you think of the cost of an admissions consultant versus the total cost of business school, it's entirely worth it. The future dividends of attending a top business school far outweigh the extra cost.
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    5 out of 5


    Scott Edinburgh from Personal MBA Coach is exactly what I was looking for in a business school application consultant!! He has years of experience and is knowledgeable about everything in the application cycle from the GMAT to interviews. He was committed to making me a top applicant and meticulous in all of his work on my resume and essays. He is extremely honest with his feedback and pushed me to make every aspect of my application the best that it could be- and now I am going to my dream school next fall! I worked directly with Scott so he was very familiar with every aspect of my application- definitely not the case at big firms where junior resources end up doing much of the work. He also made it a priority to work around my schedule, both for the application and interview prep. I plan to recommend him to all of my friends applying to business school!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: HBS '14
    • MBA application & school advice: Start early! Don't underestimate how much time is involved in putting together a perfect application.
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