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Square One Prep Overview

About Square One Prep

Square One Prep is a full-service consulting company that offers 24/7 support for applicants working their way through the MBA admissions process. They also offer support with the EMBA for clients who are going down that route. They claim a success rate of about 80% for getting first-time applicants into schools, and 86% for people who are reapplying.


This company offers two types of services.

The main choice is their Comprehensive Services package, which starts with an assessment of candidacy and an application development schedule, then moves through the process of choosing schools, creating resumes, and generally applying to each school. As part of this comprehensive package, applicants receive as many mock interviews as they’d like to have, helping to better prepare them for any interviews they’re invited to.

Square One Prep also offers hourly services as well, and their site includes a full breakdown of the estimated time spent on each item. This helps applicants get a sense for both how long it will take and how much they can expect to pay.

The level of services offered include:

Assessment of your candidacy relative to overall applicant pool (MBA or EMBA)
Application development schedule
School selection/fit
Career narrative/admissions strategy
Resume composition/review
Essay topic selection and essay development/review
Recommender selection and letter of recommendation (LOR) package development/review
Mock interview
Waitlist response (if necessary)

Square One Prep Cost and Contact Info

The comprehensive package is available starting at $5,900 for one school. Additional schools beyond the first are $1,500 each, respectively. The same rate is charged whether additional schools are purchased up-front or added on at a later date. They do not allow mixing of Premium and Standard services.

Hourly services are available for $340 per hour.

Square One Prep can be reached by email at info@squareoneprep.com or by phone at +1 (888) 702-3542. They do not have a contact form, but they do have a free consultation form on their website at www.squareoneprep.com.

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2 reviews for Square One Prep Overview

  1. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    Why I chose SOP – As I was doing my due diligence, I had a initial consultations with all the major players in the Admissions Consulting business. For SOP, I discussed my aspirations and expectations with Kathryn, who also owns the firm. During that call itself, I was surprised to see how deeply involved I felt Kathryn was in assessing my needs and whether SOP could help me succeed (she really believes in this). I would really nudge anyone considering to hire admission consultants to have this free call with her and this is a benchmark the other firms need to raise themselves to.

    Working with them – I worked with Manisha Shahane as my consultant. I started with just one school, but ended up working with her on all the schools that I applied to. Was this necessary? No, but she became such a trusted partner in my application journey that I wanted to involve her in any decision I took for my application and she was supportive right from Early Action till R4 dates. Manisha is highly competent and knows how to craft a compelling storyline for the top schools. Even though some of my timelines were aggressive, Manisha was always there to support me because of which I was able to put my best foot forward each time. Much of this work is creative as well as about respecting what the applicant’s personal experiences are. Manisha is a thorough professional and understood where to nudge me to think deeper to bring out important nuggets of my experiences (and these are the real differentiators) as well as where to hold back so as not to influence the originality of my story. Workflow wise, she would always communicate the time-frame when she would send back the edits and I always had them back in that time. As MBA admissions have become so competitive with many variables involved, its really important to stay positive throughout the entire process. Manisha helped me there as well by keeping on motivating me throughout the process.

    Another great benefit of working with SOP is their unique approach to handling LORs for multiple schools so that the process is not taxing on recommender’s time. Kathryn’s approach makes submitting LORs to multiple schools very straightforward and should be definitely emulated by all.

    I wholeheartedly recommend SOP to everyone considering applying to M7 or even top-10 schools, as creating those schools’ specific strategy is the best use of consultants like Manisha that SOP has.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Olin Business School/ Spring 2018
    • MBA application & school advice: I wholeheartedly recommend SOP to everyone considering applying to M7 or even top-10 schools, as creating those schools' specific strategy is the best use of consultants like Manisha that SOP has.
  2. Avatar
    3 out of 5


    My consultant left the firm

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2016
    • MBA application & school advice: It's more about specific consultant that you work with and less about the form
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