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Accepted Overview


About Accepted

Accepted is an admissions consultation service based in Southern California, but with consultants all over North America and additional branches in Europe and Asia for students interested in studying overseas. In addition to MBA consultation, Accepted has personnel specializing in Medical School, Law School, Graduate Programs, and general college admissions.


Accepted offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Admissions Consulting
  • Interview Help
  • Resume Assistance
  • Editing (Letters of Recommendation, essays, etc.)

Their goal is to provide you, the applicant, with the knowledge and resources necessary to create a compelling application. While they will not write content (such as essays) for you, they are willing to thoroughly review your work, and claim a turnaround time of two days for any editing process.

Accepted Cost and Contact Info

Prices vary depending on the service, but on average many services are available for $340 an hour, or $440 for rush availability. School-specific packages are available starting at $4,750. They do have a refund policy, but do not pay refunds for work already performed.

In addition to paid services, Accepted also offers a number of free guides and school-specific information. Some of the latter is accessible directly on their website and includes basic data about schools, such as acceptance rates and average GPAs, while other information requires your name and email address before it will be provided.

Accepted can be contacted by email at onlinesupport@accepted.com, by phone at 1 (310) 815-9533, or through a contact form on their website at www.accepted.com.

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69 Ratings
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4 Stars 21
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69 reviews for Accepted Overview

  1. 2 out of 5


    It is very helpful to have admission consultation services, however the cost is high compared with scholarship hunting students.

    • 1 out of 5


      The person I worked with was unreliable

      • 5 out of 5



        • 5 out of 5


          I explored their interview help service and thought it was one of the best value-adds to my application.

          • 4 out of 5


            Great insight and knowledge of which talents each program wants.

            • 5 out of 5

              Victor Ramirez:

              Great program and recommended to anyone that needs assistance

              • 5 out of 5

                Arjhie Dioquino:

                They provide a great program so students can reach their goals and at the same time become an asset to the community!

                • 5 out of 5

                  Mihir Shinde:

                  The entire admission process was a breeze with help provided across all steps during the admission.

                  • 4 out of 5


                    Overall this was a very good program. I really liked the service and how helpful they are in making you reach your goals.

                    • 4 out of 5

                      Rafael Morales:

                      Great opportunity to receive insight feedback with your current goals. If used wisely the outcomes will be great.

                      • 5 out of 5

                        Lillian Whittaker:

                        Accepted was a great value and (I think) the main reason I got into NYU’s MBA program. I spoke with one advisor with almost a decade of recruiting experience that really helped me tighten up my essay!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2025
                        • MBA application & school advice: New York University
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Anthony R Chaudhary:

                        Good service and really easy team members to work with

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: MBA 2023
                        • MBA application & school advice: Easy application process and the UOP was a great school
                      • 5 out of 5

                        eric m:

                        they were able to help me get into an MBA program

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: SOU 2025
                        • MBA application & school advice: pick something that will work for you both financially and regionally
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Accepted was very helpful for providing insights from current and other prospective students on the admissions process.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: NYU Stern
                        • MBA application & school advice: Accepted was very helpful for providing insights from current and other prospective students on the admissions process.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Hugh Harsono:

                        Good company, but a little on the pricey side.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Haas School of Business - University of California, Berkeley, 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Definitely make sure to get current students to help you review your application; these services are not the end-all-be-all.
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Good consulting companies, people are helpful and always go above and beyond.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: MBA E-business 2023
                        • MBA application & school advice: Make sure to prepare everything , read all requirements and ask questions
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Matthew Phillips:

                        Accepted really made me feel like i’m there priority. They helped guide me into career i want.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Texas A&M // 2024
                        • MBA application & school advice: Try your hardest, and stay focused on what will serve you in the future
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Casey Reddick:

                        Accepted really helped in guiding me to the right decisions!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2024
                        • MBA application & school advice: Pfeiffer University
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Jillian Hamersma:

                        I used as many Accepted resources as possible and they were helpful for getting started and getting organized. It also helped to assess the different schools and what they were looking for which ultimately helped me narrow down my search. The paid services were quite expensive but the free resources are great!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Chicago Booth, 2023
                        • MBA application & school advice: Remember why you want to get your MBA and don't forget that narrative. It helps you stay focused through the entire process. Also engage with the schools as often as you can. It shows your interest and helps you learn about the programs.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Kaley Pichura:

                        Accepteds main priority is you the student, they are there for you and want to help ensure your success. The employees and websites that Accepted uses are easy to follow and always helpful. I would recommend this admissions counsel to anyone and everyone who is applying to schools or thinking about it in the future.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: SUNY Poly MBA, 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: I have been accepted into the MBA program starting this semester, Spring 2021. I graduated in December with my undergrad in Business (graduated early).
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Kalia Petry:

                        Helped guide me in the right direction by providing expert advice and counseling.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Brandman University C/O 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Don't bite off more you can chew or you'll burn yourself out. Start off each semester with a healthy and efficient routine. Evaluate what worked and what didn't at the end of each semester and use your evaluation to improve your process.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Bryan Black:

                        Very Helpful in their efforts to direct you down the proper path to success!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: SNHU MBA - Project Management 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Follow what interests you. The Goal to succeeding post Grad is to understand what drives your focus and how can you beat out folks who are already participating in that area. In school, network, network and network some more... the more you talk to people the more you learn that lives are different, people think different and people even buy products differently. When you are looking at school programs, find what works for YOU, not what looks great on paper. Success from a program comes from what you get out of it, not always what name you walk away with.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Arjun Vaidya:

                        Very professional and thorough. They customized my story based on the unique culture of the program where I applied. It paid off very well!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Unc Kenan Flagler 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Be genuine throughout. Focus on how your unique story can contribute to the specific program where you are applying.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Meher Walia:

                        Helpful Consultation!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: WashU Olin 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Just be genuine! WashU Olin is looking for diverse and authentic students.
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Very helpful details and comments!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Michigan Ross 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Very helpful details and comments!
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Josephine Cheng:

                        Very helpful details and comments!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Michigan Ross 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Very helpful details and comments!
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Accepted’s free resources have a vast amount of information available to cover nearly any question you might have about MBA essays. I found the school-specific essay guides to be particularly helpful in giving me guidance so I didn’t feel quite so overwhelmed staring at a blank page with no idea where to start.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: WashU Olin 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: This sounds generic, but be as authentic as possible and don't be afraid to have a little fun and show some personality. Olin is really looking for well-rounded individuals.
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Great consultation!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: NYU 2023
                        • MBA application & school advice: Very helpful in learning more about insights into all types of schools and program diversity.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Shami Jeylani:

                        I Found This Service To Be Very Informative And Helpful.I Have Been Accepted To My MBA Program I Start This Fall.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Pursing MBA to further my education and skills
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Christopher Pisani:

                        Accepted customized my MBA search with articles and provided follow-up advice.

                        Their webinars are very insightful. Thank you for these services that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2023
                        • MBA application & school advice: Start 6 months prior. 2 reach, 2 possible, 2 most likely schools. Really need to "know your Why" and your fit based on school and geographic options.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Tarryn DeMers:

                        I found this service to be very informative and helpful. When considering further education there is an entire world of uncertainty and guessing involved. Accepted took the guess work out and I have been accepted to my MBA program I start this fall.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Texas A & M 2021
                        • MBA application & school advice: Texas A & M is an excellent school for MBA and it can be completed 100% online.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        RAQUEL BORGES:

                        Great admissions guidance! Highly recommend. 🙂

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Executive MBA 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: CGU is a great college and offers flexible MBA program options.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Justin Hanes:

                        Great company that provides fantastic insights into the program I’m studying for.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: MBA WGU 2021
                        • MBA application & school advice: Honestly great
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Sterling Crisp:

                        If you’re looking to enhance your resume and/or application I would definitely recommend this service to you!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Webster University 2023
                        • MBA application & school advice: Keep your option open when applying to grad school for the perfect program fit for you! don't limit yourself and don't settle.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Dominick Semey:

                        Accepted is an exceptional service that helped me in more ways than one. Need help making your resume stand out over other, Accepted has your back. Solid investment.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: New Mexico Highlands University MBA Program 2023
                        • MBA application & school advice: Just do it. Take one step at a time and you'll succeed. Becoming overwhelmed is normal so don't let that get you down. It's a big step but worth the risk.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Andrew Moreira:

                        Excellent service that helped me prepare for the unexpected within my graduate program. Would recommend!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2023
                        • MBA application & school advice: Just like your undergraduate, make the most of your graduate experience through organizations and opportunities offered through your institution. Also treat graduate school as another opportunity to take on initiatives that you were unable to do as an undergraduate, like studying abroad.
                      • 5 out of 5


                        helped me so much! great resource

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Education 2020
                        • MBA application & school advice: university of Redlands
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Audrey Downey:

                        Okay serivce

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Davenport University: MBA Data Analytics Class of 2024
                        • MBA application & school advice: Pursuing an MBA opens doors
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Michael Nader:

                        A great resource for graduate students trying to learn more about the programs that they are applying for.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Tulane University: Freeman School of Business & Class of 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Pursuing an MBA gives you an ability that is too often ignored - the ability to ask for something on the grounds that you "are an MBA student." You can more easily get informational interviews, obtain data, attend conferences, and open more doors than when you are in the professional world with ulterior motives assumed based on your job title and company. Use this freedom to explore new opportunities, meet new leaders, and figure out what it really is you want to do.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Jerry Tuttle:

                        Very helpful in making the next step forward in your academic career. By using Accepted you will get accepted into your dream school for your Masters. Don’t do it alone, utilize your resources to help get the best possible outcome there is.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: MBA- Information Systems, 2021
                        • MBA application & school advice: Be very insightful and yourself when you apply. Explain your goals and interests with full honesty. For school, stay studious and get in a routine sooner than later. Most of us wait anywhere from 1-5 years to go back so try to remember how you did undergrad and step it up a few notches. Get in study groups and make friends in your cohort or program. Also utilize your professors office hours.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Jace Gummersall:

                        Great services, great insight and knowledge, hefty price tag.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2022
                        • MBA application & school advice: Dont forget to study the school that you want to attend, make sure they they will work for you more than you will work for them.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Saloni Shah:

                        My admissions experience was great. I enjoyed interviewing on campus and really saw how amazing the program was and how supportive the admissions team was. I was very excited to receive the accepted call from Jackie and valued her support through my decision making process.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Tepper School of Business - Class of 2021
                        • MBA application & school advice: I highly recommend speaking with current students about their experience at Tepper. This program is full of supportive, down-to-earth, and diverse people. Hearing about their experiences here was a great value add. Also don't be afraid to apply for later admissions round. I applied Round 3!
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Hyungmin Kin:

                        Great Material For prep. The materials are very clear and easy to understand.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: UCLA Anderson & 2020
                        • MBA application & school advice: Anderson cares about student-led culture and diversity. It is the best to touch upon them in your essay and interview
                      • 5 out of 5

                        I Song:

                        GREAT ADVICE – always recommend

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Stern 2020
                        • MBA application & school advice: Start early and look at sample applications
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Easy process and very helpful during the whole process

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: UNC 2019
                        • MBA application & school advice: Easy process and very helpful during the whole process
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Kaleb Lyons:

                        Great Resource, Highly Recommend

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: University Louisiana of Lafayette, 2019
                        • MBA application & school advice: Show up, put in the effort and hard work. Study. Manage your time accordingly.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Latrese Stewart:

                        Everything was user friendly. Great material!!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Fall 2019 & Spring 2021
                        • MBA application & school advice: Rutgers Business School
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Eric D.:

                        Good resource

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia/2021
                        • MBA application & school advice: Don't underestimate the amount of time the applications can take
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Zhiyan Tan:

                        I have been using Accepted’s consulting service to help me prepare for MBA admission. The services from Accepted are helpful and resourceful! I provides insights on admission tips, what schools are looking for, how to stand out among competitions, etc. I recommend Accepted.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Kellogg/ 2021
                        • MBA application & school advice: Recommend apply multiple school and evaluate what the best program is.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Kangkang Zhang:

                        The GMAT test prep helped me a lot. It’s such a great invention that could help students prepare for the GMAT test and obtain a wonderful score for the convenience and precision to the real test, which helps me to practice more and perform better.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross Business School/2019
                        • MBA application & school advice: When you are doing the MBA application, your clear plan for your future career is really very important. As well, GMAT score is another important indicator for your performance and qualification, but it's not the final determinate, you need other good quality as well.
                      • 5 out of 5


                        I received a good feedback of my essays and resume. I understood better about the admission process of the business school and this supported me to polish my essays.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Oregon State University / 2019
                        • MBA application & school advice: Try to research more about the university instead of just the business school, it helps you understand how things work over there.
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Used the free resources online from this service; super insightful and comprehensive. I only used free online resources and this site was integral to developing a complete picture of each school to which I applied and their unique applications. I was most definitely able to better tailor my applications for each school because of the free information provided online from this website. I also used the free information provided by the multiple other websites recommended by this mba insight online website.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania / 2020
                        • MBA application & school advice: dont stress; demonstrate your uniqueness and your passions; reinforce your 'story' throughout your whole application package
                      • 4 out of 5


                        Good to bounce off ideas and formulate a strategy with one of the consultants who have in-depth knowledge about the application process.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton/2018
                        • MBA application & school advice: Be focused on a few schools and research by talking with faculty, alumni and students.
                      • 5 out of 5


                        It was extremely useful. The process was well explained and it helped me a lot get to where I am now. I can proudly say that I am an MBA student with honors now. I am forever grateful.Strongly recommend.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Western Michigan University/2015
                        • MBA application & school advice: Time matters. Do not waste it.
                      • 4 out of 5


                        I used Accepted to edit my applications’ essays. I found it incredibly helpful to get a fresh set of eyes on my essays to see if they make sense and flow. When I would reread my own essays, I would fill in the gaps in my head since I have additional information about my life. An admission person at a school will not have that additional info. I worked with CIndy who was very helpful and went above and beyond simple editing.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Harvard Business School / 2019
                        • MBA application & school advice: THINK ABOUT YOUR BRAND AND THE X NUMBER OF THINGS THAT YOU REALLy want to include in your app. THen use the essay(s), resume, free response sections to work all of those things in without repetition unless its for emphasis.
                      • 3 out of 5


                        Used the free contents available, Was easy to read and had some useful tips.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Rotman/ 2018
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Had a great Admission consultation which made it easy for me

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross school of business/2021
                      • 3 out of 5


                        NOT WORTH THE TIME OR MONEY

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross School of Business/2018
                      • 4 out of 5


                        Excellent and helpful especially with my interview

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS/2019
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Robert Chapman:

                        My Advisor gave me sound advise which really helped me make a decision towards which school, program, and length. The ease to apply made a Difference. My decision also hinged on the reputation of the program. The notability of the program. My advisor really helped me and guided me in the right direction.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Lousiana State University shrevePort
                      • 5 out of 5


                        Admissions consulting was critical for me since I am an international student that did not have any experience with the process. The services provided helped me get into my top choice business school and guided me through the whole process. I highly recommend investing in this type of service if you are an international student that is not familiar with the process of applying to a school in the United States.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL/2019
                        • MBA application & school advice: One of the best decisions I took was to start the application process soon and apply for early decision - I believe this makes a difference especially for international students.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Juan Fernandez:

                        Accepted did a great job. My consultor was exceptionally helpful. She was always willing to talk about my applications and always gave me insight about the schools I was applying to.
                        In terms of the essays, she was super responsive and always provided great feedback and markup. In a couple of days or even less time, I would have my essays back with tons of added-value comments.
                        Furthermore, she even helped me with the rest of the applications process (shorter essays about past jobs, future professional aspirations, etc.).
                        Accepted gave me the extra boost I needed to make it to Bschool.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Fuqua / 2018
                        • MBA application & school advice: Don't get stuck on Gmat/Toefl/Applications. It is better to have a well balanced applications than a great Gmat and a not that good application for example.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Gautam Arora:

                        For preparation for GMAT I strictly followed the Manhattan Series and did all the possible free mock tests available out there. By the end my average mock test scores was hanging in 750 to 760 range, though the day of the test I could only convert a 730. What I believe took me aback was the verbal part. The questions on verbal section weren’t the type that I had practiced before, thus would advise anyone going to write a GMAT any time soon, look for alternatives as far as verbal part is considered.
                        As far as working with Accepted goes, they were really instrumental in my acceptance at Johnson. I did cast a really wide net and got every possible support from the team to enable the same. For all folks out there if your profile falls in the standard profile as per the current industry situation, its better to ensure that your GMAT score looks breath taking.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Johnson at Cornell School of Business
                        • MBA application & school advice: Ensure you are maxing on the GMAT score. Cast a wide net. Network early.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Elkena K Steele:

                        Great preparatory material.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross School of Business 2016
                        • MBA application & school advice: Assisted in direction to take.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Preston Alrdidge:

                        Their work gives a good reference point of what you really need to learn. Worked really well and helped me out a lot!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: UNC Chapel Hill
                        • MBA application & school advice: Don't underestimate the importance of practicing interviews and networking. These two areas really helped me out.
                      • 4 out of 5

                        Raghav Mohan:

                        Very professional and specifically catered to individual’s background and future vision in the business world!

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Rotman School of Business/2015
                        • MBA application & school advice: You do not have to take their work as is. You should feel free to make any tweaks based on your comfort level. Neverthless, their work will provide as a great reference point to your essays.
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Nancy Jawabreh:

                        Everything was very clear and accessible, was a self explanatory process.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Poole Jenkins MBA professional program/ 2016
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Mele Kramer:

                        Assisted in direction to take

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wp carey 2017
                        • MBA application & school advice: Assisted in direction to take
                      • 5 out of 5

                        Francisco ugalde:

                        Great material for studying. I complemented it with other materials for a great result.

                        • MBA Program & Grad Year: UCI/2016
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