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Top 10 Best GMAT Prep Courses 2021

best gmat prep courses10 Best GMAT Prep Courses

The best GMAT prep courses? The GMAT is an integral and arguably most significant step of any business student applicant. The test is a major component in deciding which business school you will be admitted to, and that why countless students who plan on taking the exam also choose to utilize one of the countless GMAT prep courses that are offered to help aid in preparation for the test.

As a student, one thing that cannot be understated is value, particularly this year!  You need to make sure, especially in times as tumultuous as these, that you are spending your money wisely and that you are maximizing the resources you have on hand. That is why when you are a considering different test prep agencies you must make sure that the money you use to acquire these resources is well spent and fully maximizes your potential of both your application and your wallet.

Our goal is to help prospective business school students identify the best GMAT prep courses options that best suit your needs in preparation for the exam. This list was compiled based on student reviews pertaining to overall quality of the course, how much the course helped to raise their GMAT score, and the overall value the course provided.


The Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2021

NameNumber of ReviewsAverage RatingPrice RangeHourly Rate
1. Target Test Prep444.86$99-$399N/A
2. EMPOWERgmat.com404.80$99-$349N/A
3. Manhattan Review GMAT574.74$990-$1,599$150/hour
4. Magoosh GMAT2504.64$219-$799N/A
5. Manhattan Prep4514.54$549-$2,699N/A
6. eGMAT.com454.47$249-$349N/A
7. 800Score374.46Free-$39.95N/A
8. Veritas Prep1464.42$699-$2,650N/A
9. The Princeton Review1584.23$799-$1800N/A
10. Kaplan Test Prep4204.20$149-$2,499N/A

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More Information About The Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2021

1. Target Test Prep


Founded by physics, chemistry, math, and biology teacher Scott Woodbury-Miller, this test prep course has a strong focus in raising student’s scores in the quantitative portion of the exam. They offer customized practice sets to best suit your needs and track your progression throughout the course, offering you a comparison to your past performance and other students.

Target test prep offers over 800 videos that go over different quant topics and offer different tips during test taking, in addition to over 2500 realistic practice exam questions. An interesting feature to this course is their error tracker and analytics. The error tracker highlights your greatest areas of weakness and which topics you should spend the most time on, while their analytics helps shed time on your test taking tendencies, such as average time per question and overall accuracy.

Product Offerings

Target Test Prep offers a $1 5-day trial so that you can decide if this prep course is appropriate for you, in addition to their standard offers:

  • Flexible Preparation: $99/Month Full Access
  • Dedicated Study: $299 Flat Rate for 4 Months Full Access
  • Maximum Learning: $399 Flat Rate for 6 Months Full Access


Review Excerpt

Target Test Prep receives consistently stellar reviews from customers, who all believe that without the prep course they would have scored significantly lower on the exam, below is a review from one of those customers.

Bentley University 2022 – “TTP wasn’t my first choice when I started to prep for the GMAT, but I wish I had found it earlier because it would have saved me a lot of time and money. TTP probably could have helped me do better in high school and college math classes too, they’re that good.”

Learn More About Target Test Prep

2. EMPOWERgmat.com


EMPOWERgmat champions its quality over other courses through the fact that they offer 6 official GMAT practice exams comprised of retired questions that appeared on the actual exam in the past, allowing for an accurate reflection of what you can expect to score on the actual test. After each question they offer an expert walkthrough of each answer and they train you how to grapple with each question you may come across.

EMPOWERgmat not only believes in their quality, but guarantees that is you score is not improved by 100 points after taking the course, they will refund you your first month’s payment. Additionally, if you choose to cancel your score, they offer a free month of preparation for the following exam.

Product Offering

EMPOWERgmat offers the ability to try each course offered for 24 hours so students can determine whether the course is the correct fit. Pricing is as follows:

1. Full GMAT Training: $99/month
2. Full GMAT Training + 3 Months + 4 GMAT Prep Exams: $349 Flat Rate

Review Excerpt

EMPOWERgmat is an attractive option for many students not only because of their flat rate option, but for the fact that they offer 6 official GMAT practice exams, expert breakdowns, a free trial period of the course. Below is an actual testimonial from one of the users:

Kelley School of Business 2021- “This course helped me raise my GMAT score by 30 points and achieve a perfect score on the integrated reasoning section. Overall, this is an amazing GMAT prep service, especially when you consider the price.”

Learn More About Empower GMAT Prep

3. Manhattan Review GMAT


Started in 1999 by Dr. Joern Meissner, an MBA Professor at Columbia Business School. This prep course prides itself on the selective hiring process of its instructors looking for those who are not only knowledgeable, but are exemplary in making complex topics understandable.

Manhattan Review offers both in-person and online prep course options that are curtailed to the needs of each individual student. They take time in breaking down each topic of the exam and then reinforcing that knowledge with different materials and practice pertaining to that particular part. The course is rigorous and intensive but is intentionally designed that way so as to extract your highest score possible.

Product Offering

Below are the prices for online class offerings. In-person courses vary in price by location and can be found on the website.

1. Classic: $999
2. Private: $1,599
3. Private Tutoring: $150/hour

Review Excerpt

Manhattan Review consistently finds themselves among the top GMAT prep courses due to their plethora of study options based on varying student needs, as well as their long list of glowing reviews, like the one below.

Leonard N. Stern School of Business 2024 – “It’s a great course and really helped me to prepare for the GMAT. The professor was friendly and their methods were pretty effective. Love this course!”

Learn More About Manhattan Review GMAT

4. Magoosh GMAT 


Magoosh offers students a plethora of avenues to help increase their GMAT test score, and backs that up with a 50-point improvement guarantee or money back policy for their premium subscribers. They offer students targeted study plans to best suit your schedule, as well as access to two full GMAT practice exams, 1,300 practice questions, and over 300 video lessons. Additionally, they offer students review materials for any question they feel they need a further explanation of all with the ability to take the course from any mobile device.

Product Offering

Magoosh offers a 7-day free trial for students who are looking to try out the platform. Offered courses are as follows:

  • Math + IR: $219 Flat Rate
  • Premium: $249 Flat Rate + 50-Point Score Increase Guarantee

Guided Learning Offerings:

  • Tutoring + Premium: $799 + All Features of Premium plus additional 1 on 1 private tutor


Review Excerpt

Below is a review from a current student:

Stanford GSB 2021 – “Magoosh was exactly what I needed to kick-start my GMAT prep. The practice questions were incredibly addictive and the dashboard progress pie chart very encouraging.”

Learn More About Magoosh GMAT

5. Manhattan Prep


Manhattan Prep doesn’t rely solely on the intelligence of their instructors, rather, they pursue those who also possess the ability to effectively teach and convey their knowledge. They offer a rigorous curriculum so that they can maximize the potential of each student and help them succeed in obtaining their highest possible test score.

Manhattan Prep offers students two modes of test prep: instructor led prep and self-guided prep. The instructor led package offers students the guidance of one of the courses instructors to help guide you throughout the exam preparation process. The self-guided prep offers students Manhattan’s complete test prep set and strategy guides to taking and preparing for the exam.

Product Offering

Instructor Led Prep:
1) Interact GMAT Course: $549 Flat Rate
2) Live GMAT Course: $1,599 Flat Rate
3). Private Tutoring: 10 Hours of 1 on 1 tutoring for $2,450 Flat Rate
4)  GMAT Boot Camp: $2,699 Flat Rate

Self-Guided Prep
1) GMAT ToolKit: $359
2) GMAT Interact: $549

Review Excerpt

Below is a review from a current student:

Emory Goizueta 2022 – “Quant was the most challenging section for me and after using the prep classes’ videos and prep book, I understood the problems better and increased my score. Highly recommend Manhattan Prep!”

Learn More About Manhattan Prep GMAT

6. eGMAT.com


Although most of the eGMAT instructors are based in India, hence why classes are online, they provide multiple resources to get direct feedback and guidance. Things such as live classroom hours, practice questions, and full-time instructors help curtail the geographic disparity and ensure that you are being given the highest quality of prep work possible.

Additionally, eGMAT provides users with continuously updating data analytics based on your performance throughout the course. These analytics help track your improvement and highlight which topics of the exam you need to focus on most.

Product Offering

eGMAT offers some no-tuition study materials along with a free trial offer. Below are the course prices:

1) Quant Online: $249 Flat Rate for 6 Months Access
2) Verbal Online: $249 Flat Rate for 6 Months Access
3) GMAT Online: $349 Flat Rate for 6 Months Access

Review Excerpt

Below is a testimonial from a current student:

Cal State Long Beach 2022 – “Great way to prepare for the GMAT. Took the GMAT once without the EGMAT and wanted to do better, so I signed up and did way better
the second time!”

Learn More About e-GMAT

7. 800score.com


800score is by far and away the most affordable prep course on this list, and that is something it prides itself on. While they may be low in cost, they do not lack in quality. They offer comprehensive test prep materials such as lessons, videos, practice exams and questions, and classes both live and online. They also offer a 1 on 1 tutor for an additional charge, but are still far and away one of the cheapest test prep courses around.

Product Offering

800score offers a relatively comprehensive free course that covers many of the general principles of the GMAT. Additionally, they offer:

1) 5 Sample Exams: $24.95
2) Year Long Program: $39.95 Flat Rate

Review Excerpt

Below is a review from a current business school student:

Cameron School Of Business 2021- “The course is an undeniably useful resource to prepare for your exam, and it has advantages over similar courses with its 24/7 available tutoring. Not to mention it can be done from the comfort of your couch. The course is an undeniably useful resource to prepare for your exam, and it has advantages over similar courses with its 24/7 available tutoring. Not to mention it can be done from the comfort of your couch.”

Learn More About 800score GMAT

8. Veritas Prep


Founded by Yale classmates Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg, both of whom scored in the 99th percentile on the test, Veritas Prep offers students multiple avenues to prepare for the GMAT. These avenues include live classes, 1 on 1 tutoring, and a self-study program depending on which best suits your needs. Much of their coursework is reflective of their motto “learn by doing” and features an inventory of over 5,000 practice problems that closely resemble what you can expect to see on the GMAT. Their method is quite effective, as they have an average score boost of a resounding 140 points.

Product Offering

Along with whichever package you choose, Veritas Prep also offers an accompanying free admissions consultant.

1) Self-Study: $699
2) Live Class: $1,399
3) Private Tutoring: $2,650

Review Excerpt

Below is a testimonial from a current student:

NYU Stern School of Business, Part-Time MBA Program 2022 – “I enrolled in a six-week live online course for the GMAT and thought it was definitely worth the time and money investment.”

Learn More About Veritas Prep

9. The Princeton Review


The Princeton Review offers an interactive GMAT prep course. In their own words of “more than sit and stare” much of the coursework is focused on practical application of your GMAT skills and knowledge. They offer a robust selection of prep materials, ranging from over 3,000 prep questions to 1 on 1 sessions with instructors to break down the areas in which you need the most improvement.

One interesting program they offer is the 700+ course. If you have previously attempted the GMAT and have scored at least a 620, they guarantee you will break the 700-score threshold or your money back.

Product Offering

1.) GMAT 700+ Course: $1,599
2.) GMAT Self-Paced: $799
3.) GMAT Fundamentals: $1,299
4.) GMAT Private Tutoring: $1,800

Review Excerpt

Below is a testimonial from a Princeton Review Student:

Pepperdine University 2022 – “I ordered the GMAT self-paced and really enjoyed having the videos available on the topics, it was additional guidance on topics and was very beneficial.”

Learn More About The Princeton Review

10. Kaplan Test Prep


Kaplan is one of the largest test prep courses in the industry, and for good reason. They employ the ideology of “Learn the GMAT to Know the GMAT” and teaches you how to thing like the test. They offer a streamlined prep course with access to countless study materials, a team of instructors, and over 5,000 practice questions.

A truly unique characteristic and advocated component of the course is that they offer a fully simulated practice test at a real testing center so as to get an authentic trial run of the actual exam. This can help you to solidify your performance even under the circumstances of the actual test.

Product Offering

Kaplan provides free test materials and prep tools to students, but also offer a bevy of paid courses:

1. Self-Paced: $599
2. Live Online: $1,249
3. In-person: Price varies depending on location and topic
4. Online 1-on-1 Tutoring: $2,499
5. Adaptive QBank: $99
6. Practice Pack: $149
7. Study Pack: $299

Review Excerpt

Below is a review from a Kaplan Prep student:

Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management, Class of 2022 – “Kaplan- the software was cutting-edge and very useful. Looking back, I almost wish I would have taken more advantage of the sample tests and followed Kaplan’s suggested schedule more faithfully.”

Learn More About Kaplan GMAT

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