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Top 10 Best GMAT Prep Courses

best gmat prep courses10 Best GMAT Prep Courses

The GMAT is a very important exam that can determine which business school you end up attending. For this reason, many students planning on taking the GMAT are on the hunt for the best GMAT prep courses on the market. We have made this search easy by listing out the top 10 GMAT prep courses of 2019 to 2020 available in order to help you secure your spot at a top business school.

After analyzing thousands of reviews left by MBA students, we listened to what they had to say put together a list of the best GMAT prep courses according to their ratings. With our top 10 list of GMAT prep courses, you will be able to easily sort through the course offerings and reviews in order to find the course that will lead you to success

Our goal is to provide all prospective business school students with various GMAT prep course options. Students ranked each of these prep courses based on overall quality of the course, overall value, and by home much they were able to increase their GMAT scores.


The Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2020

NameNumber of ReviewsAverage RatingPrice RangeHourly Rate
1. Target Test Prep274.89$99-$399N/A
2. EMPOWERgmat.com234.78$99-$349N/A
3. Manhattan Review GMAT464.74$990-$1,590$150/hour
4. Magoosh GMAT1614.65$219-$799N/A
5. Manhattan Prep3544.51$549-$2,699N/A
6. eGMAT.com264.46$249-$349N/A
7. Veritas Prep1234.43$699-$2,650N/A
8. 800score.com224.41Free-$39.95N/A
9. The Economist GMAT Tutor374.16$799-$1099N/A
10. Kaplan Test Prep2924.15$99-$2,499N/A

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More Information About The Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2020

1. Target Test Prep


With a strong background in physics, chemistry, math, and biology, founder Scott Woodbury-Stewart, started his Target Test Prep program in hopes of assisting students with primarily the quantitative portion of GMAT testing. Scott offers his programs, along with individualized tutoring for those in need using Skype and WebEx as his primary platforms to communicate directly with users. Scott and his admittedly smaller team of experts provide students with support towards higher test scores on the quantitative section of this exam.

Focusing for the most part on quantitative results and enhancing those specific test outcomes and scores, their programs offer twenty sections with 500+ exercises outfitted for sharpening and building up those skills found on GMAT points that are directly centered around math, word problems, and geometry. To overcome the complex field of GMAT science, they’re giving more than 3,000 practical problems with a “practice makes perfect” effort and mentality in mind.

Product Offering

Target Test Prep offers a $1 introduction to their services for a period of 5 days.

They also offer the following plans based on monthly payments:

  1. GMAT Flexible Preparation: $99/month
  2. GMAT Dedicated Study: $299 for 4 months
  3. GMAT Maximum Learning: $399 for 6 months


Review Excerpt

Target Test Prep snags the #1 spot due to the consistent positive testimonials. Every review states that without Target Test Prep, the students believe they would have scored significantly lower. Below is a review from a current MBA student:

UCLA Anderson 2020, “The modules were super clear and easy to use. They definitely helped me raise my quant score in the GMAT Exam. By breaking down each section, I was able to identify the areas in which I was weakest and drill those areas to improve. I would definitely recommend TTP to anyone who is nervous or anxious about the quant section of the GMAT.”

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2. EMPOWERgmat.com


Empower GMAT teaches its students to “think like a testmaker.” They offer courses to improve in the quantitative section, the verbal section, or both. One of the biggest values with this program is access to 6 GMAT exams that Empower GMAT negotiated with official GMAT test-writers to obtain. Empower GMAT students learn tactics on how to address all the different types of questions on the GMAT.

Empower GMAT boasts the highest point improvement guarantee. If your GMAT score does not improve by a certain amount, students receive a full month’s refund. In addition, students who decide to cancel their GMAT score can receive one free month of practice to help them prepare for the next exam.

Product Offering

Empower GMAT offers the ability to try each course offered for 24 hours so students can determine whether the course is the correct fit. Pricing is as follows:

1. Full GMAT Training: $99/month
2. Full GMAT Training + 3 Months + 4 GMAT Prep Exams: $349 Flat Rate

Review Excerpt

Empower GMAT is ideal for many students because of their flat rate offering. In addition to this cost-effective plan, Empower GMAT is filled with positive testimonials. Below is a review from a current student:

Vanderbilt 2020, “I really enjoyed the Empower course and thought it was well worth my time and money. I scored a 650 on my first GMAT with a few weeks of self-prep. Afterwards, I signed up for 2 months of Empower and brought my score up to 710. I thought the layout and instruction was very helpful and I have recommended it to anyone who has asked since.”

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3. Manhattan Review GMAT


Manhattan Review was founded in 1999 by Dr. Joern Meissner who created and currently supervises all programs. Manhattan Review prides itself in its selective hiring process. Manhattan Review was created solely for students seeking the highest scores possible.

Manhattan Review offers both in-person and online course options. Plans are individualized in order to meet the unique needs of each students. The courses are created to be rigorous in order to get students the highest scores possible.

Product Offering

Below are the prices for online class offerings. In-person courses vary in price by location and can be found on the website.

1. Classic: $990
2. Private: $1,590
3. Tutoring: $150/hour

Review Excerpt

Manhattan Review is consistently a strong contender due to their plethora of options for every kind of student, and their glowing student testimonials. Below is a review from a current student:

Columbia 2020, “Manhattan Review has the best practice problems. I would say that these problems were most similar to the actual GMAT of any materials I used. Good references to the official guide problems (which are essential to doing well on the GMAT).”

Learn More About Manhattan Review GMAT

4. Magoosh GMAT 


Magoosh GMAT was founded by Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy in 2008. Magoosh GMAT employs targeted study schedules and various guarantees of improved test scores for their students. Many students enjoy the informative blog that accompanies the test preparation, and the targeted study schedules that help students identify the opportune time to study.

Product Offering

Magoosh offers a 7-day free trial for students who are looking to try out the platform. Offered courses are as follows:

1. One-year access plan to either Math and IR Prep or Verbal and AWA assistance: $219
2. Tutoring and Premium Plan + 50 score guarantee: $799

Review Excerpt

Below is a review from a current student:

Notre Dame Mendoza 2021, “I thought the Magoosh Test Prep material was incredibly thorough. I enjoyed that I was able to engage in self-paced learning and I particularly enjoyed the number of questions available to practice. The videos explaining answers were also very clear and supported my learning.”

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5. Manhattan Prep


Manhattan Prep was founded by Zeke Vanderhoek, who is both a Yale graduate and worked for Teach for America. He strongly believed students would learn better when they were taught by the most qualified teachers. Therefore each teacher at Manhattan Prep has been handpicked by Zeke himself, and has scored in the 99th percentile of the exam.

Manhattan Prep offers both free and paid GMAT prep courses. Many students enjoy Manhattan Prep because they can choose between in-person or online courses. Manhattan Prep prides itself in providing students with individualized content and courses to meet each student’s needs. The tools taught are critical thinking through each question as opposed to tricks. Manhattan prep is for self-starters who enjoy learning at their own pace. However, structured classes are available as well. Manhattan Prep has a plethora of student testimonials that confirm its spot as one of the top test prep companies for the GMAT.

Product Offering

1. GMAT Boot Camps: Starting at $2,699
2. Private Tutoring: 10-hour package starting at $2,450
3. Live GMAT Course: Starting at $1,399
4. Interact GMAT Course: Starting at $549

Review Excerpt

Below is a review from a current student:

Columbia 2020, “Very professional and well-run organization. I would recommend taking the class before paying a dollar for any 1×1 tutoring as everyone needs a baseline education on the exam materials. Additionally, this will allow you to maximize your time with the tutor as you will know what to work on.”

Learn More About Manhattan Prep GMAT

6. eGMAT.com


Most eGMAT instructors are based in India. The company has 3 co-founders, 2 of which scored in the 99th percentile on the CET (the Indian equivalent of the SAT) and the GATE (the Indian equivalent of the GRE). One of the founders performed highly on the GMAT as well. eGMAT offers various guarantees and strong testimonials. While classes are online, the programs offer live classroom hours, practice questions, and various full-time instructors. In addition, many reviewers commented on the phenomenal customer support. eGMAT provides its students with data analysis to help their scores improve fast and efficient, so all students can hit their target GMAT score.

Product Offering

eGMAT offers some no-tuition study materials along with a free trial offer. Below are the course prices:

1. 6 Month Access: $349
2. Two different levels of verbal and quant: $249 each

Review Excerpt

Below is a testimonial from a current student:

UCLA Anderson 2022, “eGMAT helped me get a good verbal score on the GMAT. The eGMAT videos provided the in-depth information for each part of the verbal section. In addition, their customer support center was great because I could email them if I had a question on a problem and the response was very quick. They really break down the material and cover absolutely everything needed to conquer the verbal section.”

Learn More About e-GMAT

7. Veritas Prep


Veritas Prep was founded by Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg. They were classmates at Yale and both scored in the 99th percentile. They are strict in only employing teaching staff that has also scored in the 99th percentile and has a passion for passing their knowledge onto others. Veritas Prep boasts an impressive average increase in GMAT score of 140 points. Students are taught with the motto “learn by doing” which lends itself to the completion of many practice problems. Students have the ability to learn in a classroom setting, one-on-one tutoring, or through self-study.

Product Offering

Each package comes with a free admission consultation. Below are the prices of each course:

1. Self-Study: Starting at $699
2. Live Class: Starting at $1,450
3. Private Tutoring: Starting at $2,650

Review Excerpt

Below is a testimonial from a current student:

Rice University 2020, “Without Veritas I would’ve been completely lost on the GMAT. I did the online self-study program and I really enjoyed the asynchronous materials as well as the opportunities for practice. Great program!”

Learn More About Veritas Prep

8. 800score.com


800 Score prides itself on being a very affordable GMAT test prep site for students. They have been in business since 1999 and offer both free and paid courses for students of all needs. Their free course is very comprehensive offering lessons, videos, practice questions, and a diagnostic exam. In addition, live classes, online classes, self-study programs, and on-on-one tutors are available at extra cost. 800 Score boasts strong testimonials from students who have completed their courses in the past. For students looking for an affordable and price friendly option, 800 Score may be the route to go.

Product Offering

800 Score offers a fairly comprehensive free class for students studying for the GMAT. In addition, the following paid options are available:

1. 5 Sample Exams: $24.95
2. Year Long Program: $39.95

Along with the above options, one-on-one tutoring, live classes, online classes, and self-study programs are available to students with pricing differing by state or location. These details can be found on the website.

Review Excerpt

Below is a review from a current business school student:

UC Berkeley 2020, “Very comprehensive and easy to use prep software….questions are very similar to what I have seen in the actual exam…user friendly interface…not very expensive”

Learn More About 800score GMAT

9. The Economist GMAT Tutor


The Economist GMAT test prep is made for those students who are constantly on the go. They know that between school, work, and extracurricular activities, students are oftentimes too busy to add another scheduled class into their schedules. Whether you need the ability to work on your smartphone, or tablet, The Economist test prep provides app-based programs for those who are constantly on the go. Tutors are available for students whose needs exceeds those covered on the app. Students also enjoy the blog which has various tips and tricks for all things GMAT related. The Economist GMAT offers a 70-point improvement in your score or your money back for those students who qualify for the offer.

Product Offering

The Economist GMAT offers a fully accessible free 7-day access to their study material. The three programs available for purchase are as follows:

1. Complete Prep: $799
2. Premium Prep: $899
3. Ultimate Prep: $1099

Review Excerpt

Below is a review from a current business school student who completed an Economist GMAT prep course:

Stanford 2020, “It’s as much as you put into it. Opportunities for personal 1:1 coaching were great to use towards the end and narrow in on specific problems.”

Learn More About Economist GMAT Tutor

10. Kaplan Test Prep


Kaplan Test Prep is a major test preparation company that has courses for almost every standardized educational exam. Kaplan Test Prep for the GMAT offers everything from self-paced courses to in-class programs. In addition, they offer access to online courses and tutoring services. Students also enjoy Kaplan because of their free study materials, blog entries, and sample tests.

Kaplan Test Prep allows students to speak with a teacher for free if they ever get stuck during their studies. In addition, one of the biggest perks to Kaplan’s GMAT Test Prep is the ability to take a full GMAT practice test at an official testing center. This can help calm nerves and let students know what they are in for during the real exam. As with many test prep options, Kaplan offers a money back guarantee as long as you are eligible for the program.

Product Offering

Kaplan Test Prep offers free study materials to all students. However, the paid courses are as follows:

1. Live Online: Starting at $1249
2. In Person: Prices vary depending on class type and location
3. Online Tutoring: Starting at $2499
4. Adaptive Qbank: Starting at $99
5. Practice Pack: Starting at $149
6. Self-Paced Course: Starting at $799

Review Excerpt

Below is a testimonial from a current business school student:

U of Texas McCombs 2021, “This was very helpful as I prepped for the GMAT. Plenty of resources and I particularly liked that they allowed us to take a practice GMAT in the real testing facility. Worth the purchase”

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