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Admissionado is an admissions consulting company focused on helping MBA applicants stretch their potential to go to the best MBA programs they can get into. Their team-based approach puts clients first, bringing both MBA experts and writing experts to the table. It is that blend of expertise and the client-focused service that sets Admissionado apart and has allowed them to grow from a 2-man show in 2007 to a team of over 100 today.

Since opening their doors, the Admissionado team has reviewed over 25,000 applications and claims a 96% success rate. Though headquartered in the United States, over 50% of their clients are International.


Admissionado’s focus is on helping applicants discover their story and deliver it to the admissions committees in the most compelling, memorable way. They do this by pairing applicants with both an MBA expert and a storytelling expert, allowing them to focus both on what to say and how to say it. Many of their highlighted cases involve students average on paper, but were able to stand out from the crowd of applicants at tough schools.

Admissionado’s strength is its team. Consultants are put through a 2-month vetting and training program before joining the team, and less than 10% of those who apply are hired.

Admissionado Cost and Contact Info

Admissionado offers services only through packages, starting at $2,185 for their Junior Deluxe package or $4,595 for their unlimited, end-to-end Deluxe package. Each package is tailored to the applicants’ specific needs, and applicants can choose how many schools they want to work on with their consultant.

Free resources include school guides, essay analysis and reading suggestions, though accessing these does require signing up on the site. They also have a very extensive and informative blog, which is available without signing up.

Admissionado can be contacted by email at, by telephone at (866) 409-4753, or directly through their website at However you get in touch, make sure to let them know you came from MBA Insight to take advantage of an exclusive discount: 1 school free (on the Junior Deluxe or Deluxe level) when you sign up for 3 or more.

Admissionado Discount and Promo Code

If you’re looking to save money with Admissionado and want a discount on their services, check out our promo code to get one school free on their Junior Deluxe or Deluxe Level when you sign up for at least three schools!


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46 reviews for Admissionado Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Admissionado team was the best and truly helped me every step of the way. We worked through two applications and I was admitted to both programs. My consultant was very responsive and always available through email or Zoom meetings. Her reviews of LORs was insightful and helpful. She helped me perfect my resume, essays and strategy and I highly recommend the Admissionado team.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Very personalized and effective. Gave key insights rather than handholding which helped me learn to write better even during my mba program.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I was matched with an extremely knowledgeable consultant who helped me hit my goals. She and Admissionado were extremely flexible when I pushed back my application one year due to Covid. Price point was also as good or better than all other admissions consultants I looked at.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Enjoyed talking with the firm, didn’t end up using them because I used a different one. I was impressed in our interactions and the money seemed it would be worth it. I suggested this firm to some of my friends looking to apply

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Cox, 2024
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Don't be scared of failure. Be yourself and be honest and make it hard for the admissions team to say no

  5. 5 out of 5


    Did an initial phone call with them where I was asked about my goals and school to apply to. The consultant listened actively and gave me advice on the plan forward. It was helpful to hear on areas to improve on, however, the money was too high and I decided to not proceed.

    Ultimately, I didn’t use any consultant. But If i had the means, I would have picked them over others as I did a trial call with 3~4 major consultants and found ADMISSIONADO to be the most genuine.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Tepper, 2022
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Be as specific as possible in what you want to achieve and your goals. There is no secret formula. As long as you can talk about why certain school, and why that career path, schools are happy with that.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Good firm. Any of these companies are going to be expensive, but they did their best to work with me to keep the budget tight. I had a great experience with my consultant and ended up getting into all the schools I wanted to!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Wharton 2021
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Be yourself!

  7. 5 out of 5


    Admissionado’s service is extremely astonishing! They worked fast (2~3 days per school’s essay) and the quality was impressive.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Cornell One-Year MBA 2022
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Understand what you're truly passionate about and why studying MBA is the best way to help you get there.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Solid service

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Administración of busness 2021-2022
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Excelent programs, Give Up. Perseverance Is Key

  9. 5 out of 5


    I came to know about Rafael Hines and Admissionado from my friend, who eventually went to London Business School. I took admissions consulting service from Rafael for two schools.

    I had applied to B-Schools in the previous years and had been waitlisted, so I was sceptical of my odds of gettign selected this year. However, Rafael was a great coach from the start who pushed me to believe in myself and focus on showing what’s unique about my work experience in mining, leadership, problem solving and analytics skills. With Rafael’s help and motivation, I applied to 9 schools and got into 4 of them. One of these schools was my dream school, which I’m excited about joining in June.

    I absolutely believe that, while I had a good profile, I wouldn’t have been able to do as well without Rafael’s help. The essay edits from Rafael helped me articulate my achievements and values in a way that was non-technical and could be easily understood by the B-school ad-coms. Moreover, Rafael helped me in personal interviews and video essays, which were helpful for many schools I applied to.

    Thanks Rafael and Admissionado team for helping me throughout the application process.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    1Y MBA, 2022
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    1) Apply in round 1 as the chances of getting scholarships are better than other rounds 2) Do not underestimate the time required for MBA applications, which includes resume writing, recommendations, essays, video essay (many schools are opting for these) and personal interviews. Start early-at least 2 months before the deadline.

  10. 5 out of 5


    I had a great experience with Admissionado. The support I received was really valuable, as it made me. feel confident throughout my application process, beyond the two schools that I worked with them on. The only reason why this isn’t a 5-star review is that I didn’t think that Admissionado actually improved the quality of my essays that much. Many of the edits we may had to be undone to conform with word count restrictions, and some of the language was repetitive. That being said, it was great to be coached through the process and to have some experts reinforce my decisions, instead of just relying on friends and family.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Columbia 2023
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start early! It's so nice to be done with lots of time to prepare. I also recommend starting interview prep even before you've been offered an interview, since the turnaround time is quite fast.

  11. 5 out of 5


    I met the Admissionado team this summer/fall, my consultant was Doris Huang. From the first moment, the entire team, led by Claudia, showed an outstanding interest in my profile, and were always available to address all of my concerns.

    The Admissionado team has a very easygoing and friendly attitude, which makes the process much more pleasant. You truly feel you’re surrounded by people who care about you, and you making the best decision, rather than seeing you simply as a client. I cannot stress enough how important this is. When you’re deciding where to spend the next two years of your life and a hefty amount of money, talking to people who know this world well and that treat you with genuine interest, going the extra mile to understand you, is invaluable in order to make the right decision.

    When I first spoke to Doris I was astonished by how accurately she had read me, from just the briefing I had sent the team. She has an impressive ability to understand you and to put herself in your shoes, and is extremely intelligent.
    The MBA application process is, for the most part, exams and self-exploration. For the latter, you need someone whom you feel comfortable with, that shows a genuine interest in you, and that has a strong and fresh understanding of business school.
    Doris has another great advantage, having graduated not too long ago from Wharton. This translates into her having a more up-to-date perspective of the MBA application process and the nuances of these schools.

    When you work with Admissionado, you feel as though you’re working with an extremely bright but down-to-earth and friendly group of people. Working alongside Doris ensures that your profile will be thoroughly studied and understood, and that you’ll have someone to help put your story into words in a compelling way. Plus, she is someone very pleasant to work with, and that’s crucial in this process.

    I highly recommend Admissionado and Doris.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Columbia Business School, 2023
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Reflection is key

  12. 5 out of 5


    Solid service

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Louisville 2020
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Find the right program for you

  13. 5 out of 5


    Solid service.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Wharton 2022
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Don't give up. Perseverance is key.

  14. 5 out of 5


    I had a few free consultations and Admissionado was the best of the ones I tried. The consultant saw right through my “story” and told me it wouldn’t work. In hindsight, the story really didn’t add up, not the way admissions like to see us connect our experience to the MBA to post MBA ambitions. The phone call helped me get back to drawing board to really understand why I wanted to get an MBA.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Columbia Business School 2020
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start early, knock out the GMAT, then spend a LOT of time on the essays - this does not mean overthink the essay, just that you need a lot of time to really craft your story.

  15. 5 out of 5


    I got referred to Admissionado by a close friend who was in the midst of his MBA application. My target was to get into an International Relations Grad Program (and not MBA), and decided to take a chance.

    I had a very helpful preliminary call with Admissionado team have a mutual understanding of my requirements as well as what was required of me. Right from the beginning, I was asked of the list of schools I was applying to and it was good to see Admissionado revert with their assessment of the application process. While I had some apprehensions to begin with, considering Admissionado (or for that matter, any MBA consulting) was not having any vertical for IR school applications, but I was quite surprised by the upfront disclosure that I got from Admissionado about the application process in my case. While I ended up taking the deluxe package, I actually did not require any telephonic or skype sessions to get done with my applications or the interview process.

    My coach – Julie Bowman, was fantastic in her guidance. The approach adopted by Julie was very meticulous with excellent response time. Julie’s feedback was precise and to-the-point, highlighting the areas in the resume and the SOPs that actually required working. It was amazing working with Julie on the applications, and her guidance made a sea of difference.

    While I can’t speak for other IR applicants, I would definitely recommend Admissionado for prospective candidates.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    JHU SAIS 2019 Be thorough about what you want to achieve from your program. Be clear about what you have written in your resume and SoPs. Be clear about your story.

  16. 5 out of 5


    I worked with Damon Chua and he was fantastic. Really helpful digging into my past for stories, and helping think deeply about what I wanted. He also managed the timeline, kept me accountable, and took a lot of the anxiety around the application off my plate. I really loved working with him and enjoyed our calls!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Stanford GSB / 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start early. Be genuine.

  17. 5 out of 5


    I used to think I was a terrible writer. Probably, a lot of people think that of themselves. During the process, I’ve learned both the art and the science behind good writing. I’ve learned that there is no good writing, only good rewriting. My consultants taught me how to take what is on my mind and put in on the paper in a beautiful and eloquent way. This skill later helped me win a 20K scholarship from a third party with just a 700-word essay.

    Before hiring Admissionado, I have talked to every single admission consulting firm there is on the market, and it dawned on me that the process was daunting, boring, and official. Every talk seemed the same: audio-call on Skype, introduction, consultants sold themselves, and then quickly wrapped up the talking when 30 minutes passed.

    The talk with Admissionado went very different. Instead of a 30-minute audio-call, we had a 1.5-hour video conversation, which flew by quickly. At the end of the call, I felt uplifted and encouraged. I wasn’t alone in my struggle anymore, I’ve found someone who supported me, who truly wanted to see me get accepted into the school of my dreams.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Class of 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    I used to think I was a terrible writer. Probably, a lot of people think that of themselves. During the process, I’ve learned both the art and the science behind good writing. I’ve learned that there is no good writing, only good rewriting. My consultants taught me how to take what is on my mind and put in on the paper in a beautiful and eloquent way. This skill later helped me win a 20K scholarship from a third party with just a 700-word essay.

    Before hiring Admissionado, I have talked to every single admission consulting firm there is on the market, and it dawned on me that the process was daunting, boring, and official. Every talk seemed the same: audio-call on Skype, introduction, consultants sold themselves, and then quickly wrapped up the talking when 30 minutes passed.

    The talk with Admissionado went very different. Instead of a 30-minute audio-call, we had a 1.5-hour video conversation, which flew by quickly. At the end of the call, I felt uplifted and encouraged. I wasn’t alone in my struggle anymore, I’ve found someone who supported me, who truly wanted to see me get accepted into the school of my dreams.

  18. 5 out of 5


    This really helped me decide what aspect of business I wanted to pursue.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start as early as possible. The only way to find out what makes you happy is to try new things.
    I Liked Admissionado Right From My First Call For Profile Evaluation. My Consultant Was Able To Highlight Strength And Weakness In My Resume And Subsequently Suggest Focus Areas For The Application. Second Step Was The Brainstorming Session, In Which He Encouraged Me To Think About Everything I Have Accomplished Since My Undergraduate Education, Hence Ensuring I Do Not Overlook Any Significant Resume Point. Next, The Team Helped Me Create A Comprehensive Summary Document And Order My Resume Points In Order Of Their Impact. The Summary Document Proved Very Helpful While Writing The Essays.
    During The Essay Editing Phase, I Observed That Even Though It Is Mentioned On Their Website That They Will Edit The Essays 4 Times Only, My Consultant And Essay Reviewing Team Were Committed To Help Me Achieve The Best Draft, No Matter How Many Questions/Edits I Needed. Secondly, They Adhered To Their Committed 72-Hour Timeline And In Fact Almost Always Responded Much Faster (Within 24-48 Hours). Their Attitude Was Always Positive And Encouraging, Which Went A Long Way To Ensure I Enjoyed The Whole Process.
    In Conclusion, From My Personal Experience I Found Their Brainstorming Session Extremely Insightful And Essay Editing Process Well-Structured And Personal. Therefore, I Would Recommend Prospective Applicants To Strongly Consider Admissionado For MBA Application Process.

  19. 5 out of 5


    I met Admissionado by chance. I had a chat with a cousin’s friend from HBS and he told me that he was one of the consultants. At the time, I had hired a consultant from Brazil, but I wasn’t having any support at all.
    After struggling to decide whether I would try another consultancy, Claudia fixed me up with Ben. We had a long talk, and Ben helped me out with a plan.

    All my achievements that I had throughout my life and the path that I chose made sense. Even though at the time, my decisions seemed just as a reactions to each opportunity that appeared.

    Honestly, my first drafts were garbage, and the essays were coming back all red with many comments. After a lot of effort (I believe Ben had a even worse time than me because of my unfocused writing skills), the final product was great with the exact word count.

    I had a great experience with Admissionado. Even after each rigorous review, they always motivates and get the best of you.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Focus. Your job might consume you during the application year, but you have to prioritize yourself.

  20. 5 out of 5


    My brother-in-law advised me to reach out to Admissionado consultants and use the free consultation call to reconfirm my application strategy.

    During the call with Marcela, I was given very realistic expectations regarding the chance to get accepted to certain schools taking into account my candidate profile and stats, including the age of 30+ that is way above the average age of applicants. In addition, Marcela was happy to give me a high level review of my ready-to-submit essays.

    As a result of the call, I reconsidered my approach and decided to focus and snipershot; apply to only one school that was my #1 choice, INSEAD.

    Admissionado was also very flexible with creating a customized package of services for me. I was given a certain discount for the Junior Deluxe package and used the “saved” funds to include additional CV review service into my package.

    I really enjoyed personal involvement of my consultant, the process and the speed with which we proceeded through INSEAD “beast” application (3 motivation and 4 job essays).I was very happy that consultants did not stick to formal 72-hours turn around and came back with recommendations earlier whenever it was possible. I thank the rest of Admissionado team, who helped Marcela to review my application and essays to have a 360-review of my story.

    If you’re now in the similar situation, looking for a consultant to help shape up your MBA application, my advise is to fill out their really creative questionnaire and do the one hour consultation. I am very certain that even one hour talk with consultants will make a substantial impact on how you will approach your application. However, if you continue your engagement with Admissionado, I guarantee that entire team will be there for you to bring all your best and show in the most beneficial way in the application.

    On separate note, I would like to thank Claudia for her patience while waiting for my long-promised review!

    It is less than two months before I start my MBA with INSEAD in Fontainebleau!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    INSEAD 18D
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Do a thorough research on schools you plan to apply!
    Make sure you feel there is a genuine fit!
    Be honest in your application and be determined to get it done!
    Start as early as the time allows!

  21. 3 out of 5


    I used Admissionado while applying in the fall of 2017. I purchased 2-School All-Inclusive package for ~$5000. Pricey. This package included One Interview Prep Session and Two Essay Reviews per School.
    The first Consultant I was assigned to did not seem to provide much guidance for my “story”. I spoke to a friend who had also used Admissionado previously, and he provided a recommendation for a specific consultant that had helped him in the past. I chose to move forward with this consultant. At first I felt that this consultant was invested in my Application, but this seemed to fade as time went on.
    Over the next two months, I provided Essay Drafts to this consultant, and received comments/Feedback. While some of this feedback was fairly constructive, There were contradictions in the advice I was given in the comments. This is due to the fact that multiple people read your essay and provide Feedback. I also felt pressured because there was a limited number of reviews per essay that is in the package. I Felt that my essay might not be complete/Final even after going through all of the reviews.
    Overall, I felt that Admissionado, while it was helpful in some ways (Initial story building, mainly) did not provide the critical review that I actually found via my friends reviews and comments on my essay. It was not worth the dollar amount that I spent on it, but having a consultant is nice to help you get started.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Duke Fuqua School of Business 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Know exactly which schools you want to apply to. Review their essays and see where you can re-use material. Start early.

  22. 5 out of 5


    I know that the whole process of writing essays, adequating your resume and etc. can be very stressful. However, with the help of the consultants of Admissionado, the process was as smooth as it can get.
    After doing the GMAT, I had two months to finish my application, which can become very tight if you get distracted. However, the quick turnarounds with insightful tips and ideas from my consultant, I was able to finish it with some margin, with time to revise it.
    But it was not only about velocity. The treatment received in Admissionado, the quality of the crew there and the genuine desire to help as much as possible those applying for an MBA were really important to me.
    At the end, I was admitted well before the expected date (August 1st), thanks to the help of that company, which helped by to show my best characteristics in my essays.

    I couldn’t be more grateful to Admissionado. These guys rock!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    nyu stern/2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    usually, we think that no one knows us better than us - after all, it makes sense. however, sometimes we do have this clarity of what we have achieved and how we did in our life. my main advice here would be: stop to think about yourself and be honest. you will see that you are unique in your own way. does not need to find the cure of cancer or travel to mars to be admitted in an Mba program. develop and show your better characteristics and you will find your way into the school you want to.

  23. 5 out of 5


    A family friend who works in the industry referred me to Admissionado, and overall I had an excellent experience and would highly recommend them for anyone going through the MBA admissions process.

    Arguably the most important part of your MBA application is your story of an MBA combined with your existing experiences will help you achieve a career goal. This is essential to getting into the top schools, and Lee did a phenomenal job helping me craft and refine a narrative that worked with my professional background and career goals.

    The most time-consuming process of the applications was definitely writing the essays, and Admissionado proved extremely helpful. They are very fast with their essay turnaround times (72 hours at most, though usually faster) and I felt that the edits significantly improved the quality of my essays.

    I felt that the Deluxe package was well worth the extra cost. Your resume is often the first piece of your application that MBA admissions look at and I thought that Lee’s reviews of my resume were very helpful. In addition, I thought that being able to discuss essay/resume edits over the phone was really valuable.

    The interview preparation was also great and something that I think every applicant needs. To succeed at interviews it is very important to practice, and the mock interview sessions over Skype made me feel prepared and comfortable for the actual interviews. Especially for the behavioral interview questions, Lee did a great job helping me decide which of my experiences to use for different types of questions.

    I honestly could not imagine going through the application process without a consultant like Lee and the rest of the Admissionado team. They helped ease my concerns, and made me feel confident about my application and interviewing abilities. I ended up being accepted to 3 of the 5 schools that I applied to, all ranked in the top 10, and I can’t be more excited about starting my MBA this year.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Tuck / 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    1. Start as early as possible. Definitely try to take the GMAT at least 6 Months in advance, otherwise it is a time-consuming process to work on applications while working a full-time job. 2. Visit the Campuses. even if the admissions say it does not matter, it gives you a lot of insights to talk about in your essays/interviews. And if you do get multiple offers it helps you decide where to attend.

  24. 5 out of 5


    in 2009 I fell in love with an idea of getting an mba. Eight years and dozens of rejection letters later i almost gave up, until my friend recommended me to use help of an admission consulting company. I used the opportunity to have a free 30-minute talk with every single admission consulting company I could find, and one conversation stroke me the most. instead of a dull 30-minute audio call, this consultant asked me to turn on the video, and was genuinely interested in my profile. we talked for 90 minutes! It was an admissionado consultant, and i immediately felt a personal click, because after that call i started believing in myself again. after falling in love with their humorous website and lovely administrative staff, i signed them for 8 schools. I ended up getting into Booth, Tuck, and insead, and will go on to study at booth this fall. I also recommended this company to my brother-in-law, who is applying to insead, fingers crossed.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Chicago Booth (Class of 2019)
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    the most important part is to do your homework. Learn about the school, not only from the website. Visit the campus, talk to students, alumni, and faculty. Really get to know how this school is different from other schools. And do the same about you and your goals. How feasible are your goals? How logical is your career path? What are your top accomplishments? I strongly advise you to hire an admission consultant, and try to find the one that you trust.

  25. 5 out of 5


    I liked Admissionado right from my first call for profile evaluation. My consultant was able to highlight strength and weakness in my resume and subsequently suggest focus areas for the application. Second step was the brainstorming session, in which he encouraged me to think about everything I have accomplished since my undergraduate education, hence ensuring I do not overlook any significant resume point. Next, the team helped me create a comprehensive summary document and order my resume points in order of their impact. The summary document proved very helpful while writing the essays.
    During the essay editing phase, I observed that even though it is mentioned on their website that they will edit the essays 4 times only, my consultant and essay reviewing team were committed to help me achieve the best draft, no matter how many questions/edits I needed. Secondly, they adhered to their committed 72-hour timeline and in fact almost always responded much faster (within 24-48 hours). Their attitude was always positive and encouraging, which went a long way to ensure I enjoyed the whole process.
    In conclusion, from my personal experience I found their brainstorming session extremely insightful and essay editing process well-structured and personal. Therefore, I would recommend prospective applicants to strongly consider Admissionado for MBA application process.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Chicago Booth
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    1. Start early ! 2. be specific in your essays

  26. 5 out of 5


    i had a great time working with admissionado and highly recommend it. i was an applicant with a high gmat score, but was lacking in almost everything else. Admissionado helped me:
    1) hone my story. at every point i was pushed to narrow down my focus and goals further and further.
    2) play up my (limited) leadership experience. they were good at fishing out examples of leadership and impact that i had ignored or glossed over.
    3) recommendation support. My recommenders weren’t really versed in mba rec writing and admissionado helped out a lot.
    4) keeping me on my toes. frequently sending emails to make sure i didn’t slip up and fall behind (those deadlines can sneak up on you)
    5) Creating a realistic school list. i underestimated myself and would never have even tried applying to stanford but they believed in me and got me an interview.
    6) Resume support. my resume was in very bad shape, and they did a great job in overhauling it.

    stanford GSB – Denied w/ interview
    Kellogg – Accepted
    haas – accepted

    i did the junior deluxe package and got interviews with all 3 schools. Can’t recommend them enough! i did 5 schools total (2 without admissionado) but i was able to leverage the essay material i created with admissionado for the first 3 schools with the remaining two.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    wharton / 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    1) start as early as you can. these deadlines sneak up on you. 2) be as specific as possible in your essays. talk about specific companies and roles you would like, rather than saying vague stuff like 'I want to work for a startup', say something like 'i want a product manager role at a mid stage fintech startup like Venmo/SOFI/Stripe'.

  27. 5 out of 5


    After making a last-minute decision to apply round 2 this year, I chose Admissionado to help me navigate through the application process. I was aware of how challenging it would be Coming from a competitive demographic bucket and being a re-applicant.

    From the beginning, the Admissionado team was different from the 7 other admissions consultants that I considered. John spent > 1 hour speaking with me during the “Free” consultation and showed a level of interest + enthusiasm for my story beyond any of the other firms. John/Claudia/Lauren were super quick to respond as I narrowed down my choice of admissions consultants and ultimately, Admissionado met all the criteria on my wish list (tons of experience/success sending applicants to H/S/W, advisors who actually went to those schools, An established process for navigating the application end-to-end, and creativity/a bit of Quirkiness in their approach).

    I ended up choosing a 3 school Deluxe Package (all services included) and it was the best decision I could have made. Admissionado’s support helped me get through applications for 4 schools within a 1.5 month period to meet all the R2 deadlines. My advisor, Rafael, played so many different roles throughout the process. Part coach, part counselor, part motivator, and part mock interviewer, Rafael helped me get through the highs/lows and all the late nights to get my applications in tip-top shape. I can confidently say that Rafael’s guidance and support structure was the pivotal driver behind my interview and eventual acceptance into Wharton (with scholarship!). The admissionado team knows exactly what they’re doing and I can’t recommend them enough.

    Thanks so much Rafael, Claudia, Lauren, and John!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    WHARTON / 2019

  28. 5 out of 5


    I came to Admissionado after getting dinged without interviews at three schools (Wharton, Yale, and Columbia). I realized that there were major flaws in my profile and I needed help fixing them. My friend worked at Admissionado in their Beijing office as the director of undergraduate admissions consulting. He also applied to business schools the previous year with great success, ultimately landed at Boothe, and he recommended their services.

    After an initial consultation and a ding analysis with Yaron, the consultant, we pointed out several shortcomings in my profile:

    1. Lukewarm GMAT score of 710.
    2. Lack of super employer and high salary. Non-traditional MBA background. With 6 years of work experience, I had worked at 3 different companies spanning education, sales, and HR.
    3. Lukewarm undergraduate GPA of 3.45. Liberal Arts degree.

    Yaron explained that I didn’t have strong enough numbers to be a “numbers candidate” but had potential to be a good “story candidate.” He suggested that I play the numbers game and apply to 8-10 schools. I was hestitant to take his advice because the service was very expensive and we would have only 8 weeks to apply to 8 schools. At the same time I also felt dejected from the round 1 rejections but I was committed to going to business school no matter what. I ultimately ran with his advice and applied to 8 schools, all with deluxe packages. And I did not regret it.

    Here is what Yaron did well:

    1. He overhauled my resume. My previous resume had too much jargon and did not have an extracurricular/community involvement section. He made sure that every bullet point followed an “action + impact” formula. I came to realize that the resume is super important as it is the first thing adcoms look at.

    2. He did an extensive analysis of my work experience, extracurricular activities, and personal/family background to find the most interesting things about me and craft them into a compelling narrative.

    3. He helped me prepare for my interviews.

    4. He was on call whenever I needed him.

    Overall, I think the thing to keep in mind when choosing an admissions consultant is that you are paying for an editor. The essays are important because it’s one of the few things that you have control over. Although you think you know yourself well, an admissions consultant can tell your story better. Yaron and I went through four drafts of every essay and his edits came back within 24 hours. With every draft, my essays not only improved but I also learned more about myself. Working with Yaron gave me a process and a discipline to work within that I would not have had on my own. There was an ease of mind knowing that all I had to do was follow their process and everything else would work itself out. The MBA admissions process is like wedding planning. You are only going to do this once in your life. If you are unsure of yourself, it’s best to get a consultant to walk you through the process.

    Here are my results with Admissionado:

    1. Cornell Johnson — On Campus interview –> Admitted with scholarship.
    2. Duke Fuqua — On Campus interview –> Admitted
    3. UCLA Anderson — On Campus interview –> Admitted
    4. NYU Stern — Waitlisted without interview
    5. Dartmouth Tuck — Open interview, on campus –> Dinged
    6. Northwestern Kellogg — Open interview, off campus –> Dinged
    7. UMich Ross — On Campus interview –> Dinged
    8. UVA Darden — On Campus interview –> Dinged

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Fuqua 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    1. Get a good gmat score (730+). every year the mba admissions process gets more competitive and the average gmat rises. a high gmat score will also help you qualify for scholarships. 2. find a good editor and go through 4-5 drafts of every essay. 3. the mba application process is like a full time job. have a routine/daily habit and stick to it.

  29. 5 out of 5


    I had always dreamt of going to a top European Business school and I was decided to do everything possible to make it happen! That is why I convinced myself to give it a try with a consultant. After all, if I were to pay an MBA tuition I was clearly able to pay a consultant fee. 

    I arrived at Admissionado attracted by its services. I crossed some e-mails with Claudia and I knew I was ready to seize the opportunity.

    I worked with David (fung) and I feel I was lucky because he is an amazing person that really gives his best into the application. He never stopped believing in me and my dream, and when I had doubts, he was the one to cheer me up and to give me excellent pieces of advice. I remember sending him drafts and getting honest feedbacks on how to approach better some questions in order to push me to put my best efforts into the essays. I also highly appreciated the fact that David was available for me and that he always answered within a reasonable time and in the best manner. Joining forces with David allowed me to pass pre-selection and I then started working with Mark. 

    With Mark, I practiced my interviews and I really improved myself. Mark really made me think about how to approach better the interviews and how to tell my story in the best way possible. Interviews are definitely a key part of the selection process and having the support of an expert gave me the confidence I needed. 

    In my personal opinion, everyone should work with Admissionado because they really know how to approach the adcom and their expertise allows people to raise chances to get in. 

    Finally, I’m really thankful to the Admissionado team because I am going to my dream school and I couldn’t have done it without them!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    hec paris
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    do not try to sell someone that you are not. make a great analysis of who you are, your interests and dreams. finally, work hard for your dreams!

  30. 5 out of 5


    I had a great experience working with John at Admissionado. My stats are on the low end (325 GRE, 3.0 gpa), so I really needed to knock my essays out of the park. My background is also pretty unconventional, so I needed a lot of guidance crafting my story. John and the rest of the team at Admissionado really came through. I was ultimately offered admission to my two target schools, Fuqua and McCombs, both with scholarships.

    The Admissionado team is very professional. They’re also just super friendly. John was always very quick to respond to my emails or to jump on the phone. My edits always came back within 72 hours, and sometimes earlier. I managed to put together two strong applications in only five weeks. Also, the interview prep was KEY. John really got me in shape and boosted my confidence.

    I really appreciated that Admissionado provided me with an entire team to work on my applications. John was my consultant, but there were a few other editors who reviewed my resume and gave feedback on my essay drafts and LORs. I think all of the eyes on my applications really made a difference.

    If you’re in the process of looking for a consultant, I would definitely suggest filling out their questionnaire and doing the one hour consultation. As soon as I had my consult with John, I knew he was the guy to help me through this process. And I’m so happy with how it turned out. Thanks John!!!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Duke Fuqua 2019

  31. 5 out of 5


    The guys at admissionado were very pivotal when it came to getting me to believe in myself. I always knew I could make it into a good program, but I never considered myself Wharton or Booth material. As an engineer who had quite some deeply technical background, I didn’t think I had the type of experience that business school adcoms wanted to see. However, after interacting sufficiently with my consultant, Julie, she was able to articulately summarize her impression of my profile and itemize my strengths and weaknesses. She helped me to better understand what was unique about my profile, and we then worked together to show that uniqueness in the applications.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Wharton/Booth 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Don't underestimate the importance of thorough research into the schools you are applying to, and don't be bashful about reaching our to current students or alums. Almost everyone I met proved to be incredibly helpful, some even dedicating over an hour of their time to share their bschool experiences.

    Also, don't overthink what they mean when they ask you to show that you are unique. They usually don;t measure uniqueness by how stellar your career have been. Rather, uniqueness is personal. It could be that moment when you delivered a baby in a bus in Philippines without any prior experience and how that moment changed your life. Or you could be like me who spent his childhood years raising sheep. These aren't spectacular achievements, but you probably won't find any other applicants who have these exact experiences.

  32. 5 out of 5


    I worked with Damon and Claudia from Admissionado and every aspect of the experience was great, from being able to talk to Damon before I committed to buying the package to getting congratulatory follow ups once I got into Stanford! I interviewed all the consulting companies I could find, and felt far more comfortable with Admissionado than anyone else.

    The preliminary deep-dive phone conversations were tremendously valuable in terms of reflecting on what really matters to me, what I’ve done in my life up and how that’s shaped who I am, and where I want to go from here. Damon was also extremely helpful in the essay-crafting process, adding clarity and impact while still using my own words. I changed the direction of my essay several times, and Damon stayed agile and flexible in his thinking.

    The Admissionado also took a lot of the stress involved with the applications off my plate by providing a clear timetable and regular check points to make sure I stayed on track.

    The interview prep was also very helpful in terms of making sure I knew how to clearly get my messages across.

    I could not recommend Damon and Admissionado more highly. I’m going to Stanford GSB in the Fall, and I couldn’t have done it without them. Five stars!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Stanford GSB 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start early, and stick to a timeline! Make sure every sentence of your essays contributes in a significant way.

  33. 5 out of 5


    I started in late May from scratch with no Gmat, no Toefl, no career plan. The essay part began in August and I was able to apply to three schools in round 1. This would not have happened without the strong support from Admissionado. I’m glad that I walk through all these with such a wonderful consultant!

    Admissionado basically excelled in every aspect I expected from a consultant. I can easily list a bunch of their strengths. They have rich knowledge in this whole thing. (This was especially helpful to someone who had little idea about MBA when started, like me.) They are experienced in shaping up the essays and CV. They don’t do chit-chat but will check on when your deliverables are overdue. But here are two things that impressed me most.

    They are professional! Not to mention the quick turnarounds on essay edits and prompt email reply, every applicant who have to work full-time would understand how important it is to get useful information and right guidance in an efficient way. There was no back-and-forth on insignificant things between Admissionado and me and my consultant was always there to point right at the core. Personally, I like this style of working, because it removed everything vague and left only things that were important and things that I could change. Just trust their professionalism and you’ll be surprised to see how smoothly things are getting done.

    They see the bigger picture and have faith in me! More than once I was told by other consultants I approached at the beginning (mainly Chinese consultants) that I had been too optimistic and I should apply to schools that had a lower rank and comparatively easier to get in. But when it comes to position and overall strategy, Admissionado know what they are talking about (me getting all interview invitations from the three schools I applied somehow proved that). Even when I’m getting two rejections from the three schools I applied in round 1, they were still confident in the whole strategy and in me. And I got accepted by Wharton in the end! Maybe through expectation management, some consultants try to help applicants get into some schools, but Admissionado help you get into the right and best school!

    When I decided to go with Admissionado, I was quite determined to go for an MBA education. I don’t need prep talks, deadline reminder or someone to hold my hands. I’m looking for guidance and advice that can help me elevate my whole package, avoid rookie mistakes and get things done effectively. If you’are like me, spending time with Admissionado will definitely worth it!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Hire a professional consultant! Maybe you have MBA friends to tap into but they only see and know what happened to themselves and you can easily get lost among the different insights and opinions from a variety of friends. The advantage of hiring a consultant is that they've seen so many. They may not able to bring out the best of you but they certainly help you avoid those traps and risky moves along the way. And it takes only one crucial mistake or risky strategy to kill your application.

  34. 5 out of 5


    INSEAD was my dream school and unlike advised by most, I wanted to apply there first.

    The idea of going through the essay process alone was however the most intimidating one: scared that I would not answer questions properly/fully, that I would not dig deep enough, or that I would leave out a what would seem insignificant yet impactful detail. To avoid all the above, I decided to get help.

    I discovered consulting firms through GMATclub, and once I pocketed my GMAT (700), I decided to get in touch. The first firm I contacted was Admissionado—though it could have been any other as I was also eyeing Accepted and Stacy Blackman, the INSEAD specialist.

    I started by answering the bunch of essay-like questions on the website and sending my resume to book the free consultation session with Admissionado.
    I liked that the consultant assigned to me, Stefanie Barlow, was from the same industry (Real Estate). During the consultation, thr ough skype, she pointed out what was great about my profile (to be highlighted) and what was not. I particularly liked that she shared my view about INSEAD being a great fit for me. 🙂
    The consultation went well enough that I decided not to get in touch with other consultants. I unbundled the Deluxe package and only went for the essays, the LORS, and the Resume. I later signed up for the interview preps.

    Stefanie and I did a massive work on essays, figuring out my hits and my best stories before working on the real thing. I liked the deep introspection process: action (example)/result (example)/learning (example)…
    By the time I started writing my essays in July, I already had a lot to tell and during the long ping pong sessions, I concentrated on clarifying my stories and bringing in additional examples.

    My recommenders also went through the same process, though to a smaller scale. That said, that was enough to make them eager to see me admitted, so that they wouldn’t have to go through the process again!

    I would also add that the consultant is not there to get the job done for us. He/She will not babysit or send reminder emails to let us know that our deadlines are around the corner and that we should be editing our essays on time. He/She is there to help us produce the best version of our essays, by pointing out what we are doing right and what we are not, and making us work for every bit of it. Stefanie did that “avec brio”!

    All in all, I enjoyed working with Stefanie—she was very reactive and lively, and the Admissionado team quite vibrant (Hi Claudia)! There was something bubbly about Admissionado that made the throbbing essay redaction process almost seem palatable!

    I got admitted to INSEAD, with a merit scholarship based on the quality of my application ( before I finished my interviews). So I guess spending time with Admissionado was definitely worth it!

    So thank you Stefanie!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:

  35. 5 out of 5


    Admissionado was very helpful in brainstorming how I could use my past experiences to shape my admissions essays and applications. My consultant was able to point out how even mundane life experiences could be used as a foundation for the short term and long term business goals. My consultant was prompt in responding to my emails and editing my essays, and gave great feedback on improving my essays without changing the content herself. Thanks Admissionado!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Stay true to your passions and interests, and use your life experiences (even the ones that seem mundane) to bolster your rationale for pursuing a business degree.

  36. 5 out of 5


    Without a clear post-MBA goal and with a problematic undergraduate GPA, I knew I had to invest in an admission consultant to build an outstanding application for my target schools (M7/Top 15).
    Therefore, I spent a month researching different admission consultancies. My experience with Admissionado has been stellar from the get-go. Of all the consultancies I spoke to, Admissionado was not only prompt and enthusiastic in their responses, but also able to partner me with Damon who specializes in my candidate pool and is well-versed in the admission process. I truly felt I was being valued as a customer and invested as an applicant with Admissionado. I ended up purchasing 4-school deluxe package.

    Damon is Stanford MBA himself and has worked on both sides of the admission process. He leveraged his experience and knowledge in working with Asian candidates and worked patiently with me to come up with a unique admission strategy. The goal was to overcome a spotty academic record and make me stand out from a competitive applicant pool. I had all the material – professional progression, leadership and extracurriculars, and a strong GMAT. But it was with Damon’ s help that I was able to weave a compelling story into my essays.

    Damon was also skillful in choosing recommenders. Instead of two work references, we went with one work reference and the other from my volunteer advisor, a strategy which further differentiated me.

    Damon and Claudia were great in communications. Damon stuck to the 2 business day turn-around and acted as a sounding board whenever I came up with new crazy ideas for my essays. The Admissionado team understand very well the grueling and taxing nature of the application process. They supported and cheered for me when I was close to burn-out near the end.

    I had two calls with Damon for interview prep. The first lasted about an hour as an overview and the second a mock interview. Damon drilled me on my story in the mock interview, forcing me come up with better answers. Going through a stressful (in a good way) mock interview with Damon definitely boosted my confidence in dealing with unexpected or difficult situations. Thankfully, my interview went quite smoothly and I was eventually admitted to CBS. I’m very excited to start my new life next year in NYC! I know I couldn’t have done it without the help of Damon and Claudia.

    That being said, I would like to add a word of caution to future applicants: Do not expect your consultant/case manager to hand-hold you in the process. At the end of the day, it is up to you, the applicant, to own your application.

    I would recommend Admissionado without reservation. Good luck to all!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Columbia Business School/2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Most of the work is done after an honest self-reflection. Make sure you take the time to self-examine and reflect. It will help tremendously in the application process, be it essay writing or interview.

  37. 5 out of 5


    Admissionado is easily the best thing that could have happened to the MBA admissions process. After realizing that the consultant I had initially hired was not providing the service I needed, I sought out Admissionado based on the recommendation of a friend. The consultant I was paired with (John) could not have been more perfect. He was knowledgeable about every school’s program and what worked/doesn’t work for each individual application. Not only were his technical skills exactly what someone would want in an admissions consultant (excellent writer, careful attention to detail and an ability to turn my story into a strong application) but the passion he had for ensuring the success of his clients was unparalleled.
    John went above and beyond for me throughout the entire process. Being flexible and making time for *multiple* weekend and evening skype sessions was just the start of his dedication. He guided me through the many iterations of my school list, personally helped finalize my resume and essays, prepped me tirelessly for interviews and reviewed every last detail of my applications before they were submitted. While all of these examples are just a few of the many times John served as a sounding board throughout my process, the most telling moment was when I realized I had completely botched the short answers on my #1 school application 3 days before the deadline. I sent John a panicked e-mail letting him know that the 500 word short answers I had written were supposed to be 500 characters. He responded the moment he saw my e-mail and spent the rest of the day (no exaggeration, 5+ hours) re-working the short answers to be ready in time for the deadline.
    I could go on for days as to why Admissionado is the right choice if you are looking for a consultant (and why John is the best). I would absolutely recommend the deluxe package even if you only do it for your top 1 or 2 schools – it’s worth the cost!!! The team spends hours getting to know you and your profile, pulling out strengths you don’t even know you have and using those strengths to craft the most airtight applications. All of the effort that John put it to set me apart from other applicants paid off as I was admitted to my #1 school!! I will be forever grateful to the team at Admissionado (specifically John, Claudia and Lauren) and am genuinely disappointed that my process with them is over and I don’t have an excuse to chat with their team regularly!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Be 100% yourself and use Admissionado. They will help you spin your true self into the best version of an application you can hope for!

  38. 5 out of 5


    I initially reached out to Admissionado in early December 2015, recommended to me by a friend who got into Duke after working with them. I was interested in applying to MBA US programmes for the January 2015 deadline and had not even taken my GMAT or started the application process. Admissionado weren’t deterred and helped straight away with a package of phone support. Within 2 calls, the team had helped me understand my story and my post-MBA career goals. They provided immediate clarity and support. After I decided to postpone my applications for a year (because I really didn’t have time to get the GMAT score I needed), I signed on to larger packages with Admissionado in March 2015. Here’s what my experience was like:

    – They are a no nonsense, professional support team. They reply to emails quickly, have quick turn arounds on essay edits and do not push their products on you.
    – They are good editors especially if you are a comfortable writer but just need to synthesise and prioritise.
    – They have a wealth of information and sent me a former customers essay for a school I was applying to. They chose that essay because he/she had been successfully admitted and had a similar background and career goals to me. It really helped me to understand how to write a good essay.
    – They helped me get my CV in top shape, its the best it’s ever looked and I’ve had really positive feedback from it.
    – They advised me on all matters including my GMAT prep, recommenders, when to leave my job, etc.
    – They helped me think outside the box. Initially I was only keen on US programmes, but they helped me see how great the top European programmes are for me given my international background.
    – They were worth the money and they are flexible. I paid £500 per school, applying to 4 schools, getting help on all aspects down to every single tiny question on the online application. I had initially bought a package for 5 schools but when I decided to knock one school off my list, they let me use that last £500 towards LOR support, which they were really good on (minus one thing- see cons).

    – They aren’t there to have a chat. A couple of times I was having mini feakouts about the GMAT and my application in general and all I really needed was a 10 minute call to talk a few things through. When I asked, they offered me a call package since the package I paid for didn’t include any phone time. For the amount you pay, it would be nice to be able to have a little chat every few weeks. Then again, I imagine some customers might abuse that, but I thought I had built a good relationship with my advisor so that was a little disappointing.
    – They did not check LOR questions. I had found the LOR questions for a school online and had worked with Admisisonado and my recommenders to get answers together. When it came down to submitting those online, my recommender pointed out that two of the questions were different and I had to quickly help my recommender find new examples to address the new questions with the deadline hours away! Slightly stressful! I was surprised that the Admissionado team hadn’t picked this up or double checked I had the right questions.

    Overall: I got into London Business School on a merit scholarship. The scholarship was based on the quality of my application which would not have been the standard it was without Admissionado. I would recommend them to a friend based on that alone. However, I would advise that anyone looking for an admissions consultant have a long chat with them before hand and really think about what type of support you are looking for so you ensure you have the right consultants and the right package.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    London Business School/ 2018
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    You will probably need a lot more time that you think. Get the GMAT done as early as possible. Stay calm and be positive that it will all work out in the end. Good Luck :-)

  39. 5 out of 5


    I am so glad I was referred to work with Admissionado! I started off the process a little unsure of if a consultant would be worth the investment. After talking to several friends and co-workers who have gone through it themselves it was apparent that not only did a large number of MBA candidates work with consultants, but that these guys were the clear front runner in terms of who to work with. Admissionado all the way!

    When I initially reached out, I begin chatting with Claudia and Lauren who were super friendly and uber responsive. They helped me figure out a package that made sense based on what was important to me and hooked up me up with my mentor, Marcela, who helped me immensely through drafting all of my work. I had been reading a bunch of forums before chatting with her and spent a good amount of time on google, but after we started working together she helped me clear up a lot of doubts and answer questions that I thought I knew the answers to already. The service wasn’t cheap, but I got so much out of it and that personal help made all the difference to my applications.

    Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about this team – and I don’t know what my results would have looked like if I didn’t find Admissionado.They were a game changer, and a total breath of fresh air. I couldn’t wait to see my next emails from this team and get the latest drafts of my work. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it.

    I’m going to my dream school this year, thanks to the help of Admissionado!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Stanford / 2018
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start early and give yourself some extra time before the deadlines. You're more than likely going to need it.

  40. 5 out of 5


    If I could describe Admissionado in one word, it would be, “savior”. Previously having applied to the BBA program at Ross and getting rejected, I was determined to strengthen my application and reapply. But, at that time, there was little hope left inside me and I was in dire need of guidance and assistance.

    That was when I sought out admission consulting services and came across Admissionado. The first thing that sparked my interest to go for Admissionado was their enthusiasm and professionalism which made me feel super pumped to work with them. As an example, here’s a quote from their first email, “We’re excited to get down to business, so let’s do this!”

    Initially, I didn’t know which package (from the countless services that Admissionado offers) would be best for my situation. They were very understanding and provided me with a solution to try out the Discovery Package first and if I am satisfied with their services, I could upgrade to the Junior Deluxe Package.

    After filling up the Client Questionnaire and Profile Evaluation Tool (which I found to be very useful as it would help me to clarify who I am, what I aim for and how Admissionado could help me), I was paired with Mark (EXCELLENT CHOICE!). Our first Skype session was mind-blowing because it really made me think about what I really wanted, what my strengths are and how I could demonstrate that to the Adcom. Due to Admissionado’s excellent customer service and follow-ups that have constantly kept me on track, I decided to upgrade my package.

    It was the BEST DECISION EVER! Besides the thought-provoking analyses from Mark on my application essays, quick feedback on how I could improve and clarify my essay points and extra guidance on shaping how I write my extracurricular activities, I believe that Admissionado has strengthened my personality and built my confidence (making me more sure of who I am, what I want to become in future and how the BBA could help push me forward in life).

    Thank you Admissionado for being there for me and guiding me to my dream school! I am very excited and am looking forward to attending the Ross School of Business at UMICH for the BBA Program this coming Fall.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Ross School of Business - University of Michigan / 2019
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Go towards your dreams. Persistence is key!

  41. 5 out of 5


    From the moment I got in touch with Admissionado, I knew they were different than all the other consulting companies I spoke with. Claudia and Lauren were incredibly fast with their responses, and they were really fun (and funny!) too. I had heard about Admissionado for a while and I had heard a lot of really good things, so I immediately signed up for their Deluxe service.

    I was paired with Stefanie, who was really great. She didn’t go to Wharton, which worried me at first, but I soon realized it didn’t matter. She really focused on ME and helped me see what was unique about me and what my weak spots were. And then she laid out a really smart strategy for me brand myself. I really saw this whole process and my MBA/post-MBA plans in a totally new light after that. And I didn’t expect that!

    She pushed me REALLY hard throughout the editing process and the transformation in my essays and resume was almost magical. I was so proud of the work I did. And it worked! I got into Wharton, CBS and Haas!!

    I think the best part through it all was that Stefanie was ALWAYS around. She was so fast with responding, even late at night and on the weekends. I don’t know how I could have done this without her and the Admissionado team. I’d give them 20 stars if I could!!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start early. I had no idea how long this stuff would take. But you really need a lot of time to sit and think before you even write anything. And that takes a lot of time. So don't wait until the last minute to start working on this!

  42. 4 out of 5


    They were pretty puntual with their reveiw periods. My mentor had a lot of knowledge and experience.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start early!

  43. 5 out of 5


    I started my connection with Admissionado with a ding-analysis service about one month ago, when I just got a waiting list decision from my target school. I became so frustrated and started to cast doubt on myself. I cannot accept this is all I can get after 8 months of stressful preparation, so I decided to give it a last try. I heard about Admissionado from Jon, who is the founder of this organization. I have to admit, at first I had reservations, since I barely knew it and all the staffs are so far away from me that I can only contact them via email or phone. However, after I finished my first call with my consultant, Julie, I knew I made a right decision to turn to Admissionado for help. There are several things I would like to emphasize:
    1) Firm but non-aggressive attitude: when I conducted the ding-analysis, I was extremely down emotionally and thinking whether to accept a 3-tier offer. It was at this very moment, Julie gave me a very firm opinion, after s canning my materials, that I can do better than that, and if I can’t make it this year, I should reapply. Her affirmation totally raised me up, and her firm attitude, based on her professionalism, distinguishes Admissionado from those irresponsible organizations whose staffs could just present some ambiguous and non-constructive words. But she is not aggressive at all, please don’t mistake here. In fact, our conversation is really chatty and she has always been supportive during all the process.
    2) Always on time: although the physical distance between us is remote, it feels as if they are just around me, since I never need to worry if they will reply me. Especially in my last submission, the deadline was approaching and there was really not too much time left for me. Julie gave me unconditional support by helping revising my essay as soon as possible, though she only needs to reply me within 24 hours according to the contract.
    3) Detailed, support and in-depth critique: I really appreciate those useful comments in my essays. I am surprisingly impressed by the depth and breadth the remarks have brought to my essay. I have to say, before the revision, I didn’t have a clear thought about some foundamental points. These detailed, support and in-depth critique not only help me make a stronger essay, but also reshape my thoughts.
    4) Faithfulness: because of my limited budget, I got most of my service in the hourly way. And Julie was remarkably considerate and tried to help make full use of it.

    I have just finished my last interview for this year’s application last night. Though I have not got my offer yet, I got to say, I can see clearly my development during this process on a much larger scale, and I will highly recommend my friends who intend to apply for MBA to use Admissionado’s service.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Be well prepared from all aspects, especially when you are an international student. Get your story straight forward and back your materials up with specific details.

  44. 5 out of 5


    While in the process of applying to the top B schools in US, I reviewed and held calls with many MBA admissions consultants, globally. One of them happened to be Admissionado. The first thing I noticed was their professional yet engaging style of communication – Claudia Aliperta, the Director of Operations, sent me a warm welcome email and introduced me to Leslie Curry, who sent up a free 30-minute consultation call to review my resume, ask about my strategy (if any) for choosing and applying to B schools and also a few basic questions about my background. Leslie was so very helpful, bright and thoughtful in that 30 minutes that I was sold! I had spoken with consultants from 6 agencies in my home country and US but none of them were as polite yet sharp in catching onto opportunities of improvement in a candidate. I signed on for the Deluxe 3-school package and insisted on having Leslie as my adviser.
    Leslie is an MBA graduate from Darden but she holds a wealth of knowledge and resources about all the top B schools in US. When we first started working together, my application list was broad and unstructured. I didn’t have any logical reasons for even applying to some of them! Leslie took the effort to understand my strengths (through a very self-reflective and insightful questionnaire) and developed a matrix to help me rank the schools. This was indeed very helpful. Once I had my top 3 schools, we set to work on my resume. Leslie helped me bullet-point my achievements and even bring up points I had forgotten, by regularly asking me about my past work and volunteering activities. She didn’t exactly grill, but dove in to each story of mine so that she could better understand me and qualities I could express. Once we got my resume refined, I began writing the essays. I didn’t want my essays written for me and Admissionado ensures that you do the meat of the work while they guide you in polishing up what you want to convey, which is exactly what I was looking for. I had crazy ideas on why XX School and why I was a perfect fit for YY program, but Leslie broke it down, helped me structure it and even build on it. All the ideas were mine, but she would review them and even pull in a second pair of professional eyes (for a well-rounded perspective) and we would work on them in a timely manner until I was satisfied.
    Once I got interview calls, we setup 2 mock interviews over video conference, to help me get an idea of the standard questions asked and how to best be prepared for them. It was great practice and Leslie shared a bunch of questions that I should expect and with her constructive feedback, I drafted my best answers and also, my best style for delivering them.
    We hit all three schools and I am extremely proud to say that I am now attending the school that was my top choice. Leslie and I’ve been in touch thereafter even because I know this process helped me gain a friend and a well-wisher, not just a professional adviser. She was my coach and cheerleader at the same time. So for that, Admissionado gets a top rating from me, and I’d recommend it to all my friends and anyone looking for a little bit of help in their B school applications. It’s worth every $! Definitely ask for Leslie if you want someone who is as passionate about your journey as you and a true expert in this field.

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    Do a lot of self-reflection and build your best story and reason(s) for pursuing an MBA and what you hope to get out of it at the end. Even though you have the option of discovering new paths and opportunities while doing an MBA, I'd say you still need to go in with A plan of action and not jump into it blindly.

  45. 3 out of 5


    Admissionado has a lot of useful material and the consultant was always very helpful and prompt with her turnarounds and was quite encouraging. However, the quality of the advice provided wasn’t excellent – they didn’t push me on a couple of essays to get deeper into my motivations and get the best out of my story.
    Pros – very nice, helpful, prompt.
    Cons – Didn’t go deep enough, didn’t challenge some of my assumptions, much more a fluid guide then an expert

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    Get your story straight. Show the logical progression from pre-MBA to post-MBA and how the MBA is the best way to get you there. Do your research on the schools - try visiting if possible.

  46. 5 out of 5



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