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The Best MBA Admission Consultants

2021 Best MBA Admission Consultants

One invaluable resource to any business school graduate is an MBA admissions consultant. The admissions process at top-tier MBA programs is some of the most competitive of any graduate programs across the country. Scholarships find themselves even harder to come by and sometimes students find themselves not being accepted to their top choice not because they lack merit, but because they fall short in conveying their strengths appropriately throughout their application. This is one of the many positives of an MBA admissions consultant: strengthening your resume so as to maximize the value of your application and help you success in admission to your program of choice.

At MBAInsight, we took the time through copious amounts of research and testimonials to compile a comprehensive list of the best MBA Admissions Consultants available to help reach your goals. We put this list together while taking into each student review and how they rated their MBA admissions consultant using a 1 to 5 star rating system.

Money Well Spent

Do not let the price of some of these consultants dissuade you from pursuing one. While the prices may seem a bit steep, they are an invaluable asset to your application and exceed your return on investment. Some of these consultants provide a one-time payment or an hourly rate for their service.

The Best MBA Admission Consultants of 2021

RankFirmNumber of ReviewsAverage RatingPackage Options Available?Hourly Rate
1Stacy Blackman Consulting904.96Yes$365
2Personal MBA Coach514.88Yes$480
4MBA Admit124.67Yes$365
10The MBA Exchange333.88Yes$295


Meet The Best MBA Admission Consultants of 2021

Stacy Blackman Consulting

Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) offers something that no other MBA admissions consulting service can provide: a complete panel of former MBA Admissions officers. These former admissions officers all spent their time working for the top-tier programs in the nations, such as Harvard HBS, Stanford GSB, and Wharton. They are experienced in both the top US and EU graduate programs and have the expertise to mold your application into what is required for the ultra-competitive MBA programs.

The offer students an “All-in” service with a primary consultant, meaning that you will get 1-on-1 guidance that has no cap on hours or time. Through their client screening process, they take the time to find the proper consultant from their diverse team that best suits your needs and goals as an applicant.

SBC consistently finds themselves at number 1 across a slew of rankings on the internet and for good reason. After each client has been vetted based by their validation team, you are offered a limited number of free consultations weekly about any inquiries. After that, they go full force in delivering on their promise: getting you into a top-tier MBA program.

Product Offerings

 SBC offers a range of comprehensive packages for you to find what best suits your needs.

  • “All-In” Package: 1 school, starting at $4,850
  • Hourly Services: Starting $365/hour
  • The SBC Flight Test: $825
  • MBA Interview Prep: Starting at $575 for Video Interview/Video Essay only
  • Plan Ahead Package: $1,695
  • Essay Editing Services: Starting at $170

Reviews Excerpt

Harvard Business School 2022 – “I worked with Christina at SBC, and she was amazing. She truly helped me craft the best application I possibly could that truly encapsulated me. She was able to tell what I needed to work well, and I always looked forward to our strategy sessions over the phone. I can’t recommend her highly enough, and I have already told some friends and colleagues looking to apply to business school about Christina and SBC. I got into every school that I worked with her on.”

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Personal MBA Coach

Started by Scott Edinburgh an MIT undergrad and Wharton MBA graduate, it is no surprise that Personal MBA Coach (PMC) finds themselves near the top of our list. For over 12 years they have been providing clients with the insight it takes to make an application as competitive as possible for the top-tier MBA programs. As a former MBA applicant and grad, Mr. Edinburgh has shaped his consulting firm to the needs of the applicant, based on the same experience he had gone through. Each client is matched with one consultant throughout the time of the process, and they take a deep dive into the needs of each individual client, finding what they need the most work on and turning weaknesses into strengths.

Product Offerings

In addition to a free 30-minute consultation for all new clients, MBC also offers the following packages:

– Comprehensive Package: Starting at $4,900 for 1 school
– One-Time Gut Check: $1,195 per school
– Early MBA Planning: $1,995
– Interview Prep: Starting at $600 for 1 session
– HBS Interview Prep & Reflection: $895
– Hourly Support: $480/hour
– Waitlist Strategy: $795 per school
– Ding Report: $600

Reviews Excerpt

McDonough 2022 – “I can’t say enough good things about Scott and his team. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is applying to business school. His personal approach is unique.”

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Started in 2007 by Jon Frank and Raj Patril, Admissionado is committed to the success of its clients. They boast a staff of over 100 employees and have reviewed over 35,000 applications to date. As a client, you will receive guidance guidance from an MBA expert and an editor, along with access to a team MBA experts and editors to ensure the best quality throughout their consultation experience.

Admissionado boasts an impressive 98% success rate and an ever-growing network comprised of alumni from top-tier MBA programs and industry leaders in finance and consulting. They consistently find themselves atop MBA consulting lists and it is no surprise with their proven track record and countless client testimonials.

Product Offerings

Along with a free consultation, Admissionado also offers the following packages:

– Deluxe: $4,595 for 1 school
– Junior Deluxe: $2,185 for 1 school
– Advanced Planning: $325/month
– Essay Surgery Corner: Starting at $1,575 for 1 school
– A La Carte Services: Starting at $250

Review Excerpt

Columbia Business School 2023 – “You truly feel you’re surrounded by people who care about you, and you making the best decision, rather than seeing you simply as a client. I cannot stress enough how important this is.”

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MBA Admit


Founder and lead consultant Dr. Shel Watts is a Harvard and Oxford graduate and works with each client that MBA Admit works with. She also spent time as a Harvard admissions worker, Harvard alumni recruiter, a Harvard academic advisor, and an interview coach for HBS students. She uses all of this experience to help her team put clients in the best position they can to be accepted to their MBA program of choice. MBA Admit pours over client’s applications to help pinpoint key strengths and weakness, and then optimize it so that it is as attractive to admissions officers as possible.

Product Offerings

Potential applicants are afforded a free introductory call, along with the following packages:

  • CEO Package: $4,675
  • Gold “Plus” Package: $2,695
  • Gold Package: $2,395
  • Basic Package: $1,095
  • Stand-Alone Strategy Session: $595
  • Hourly Fees: $365/hour
  • Customized Service: Call for quote

Reviews Excerpt

UNC 2020 – “Really helped me with the application process and took so much stress off my shoulders and truthfully speaking one of the best consulting firms I’ve ever spent my money on.”

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Aringo was founded by Gil Levi, who was accepted to Harvard, Wharton, where he a full merit-based scholarship, and INSEAD all with a GMAT Score of 650. He then used the tools he developed while being an applicant to form the methodology of Aringo, along with the experience of former top-tier MBA Admissions Officers. They built on this foundation with over 3,000 hours of research into the admissions processes of the top business schools, and couple this expertise with specialized consultation for their applicants. Each client receives 1-on-1 consultation from an admissions expert, who then convenes with the entire consultant team on how to best serve each individual client.

Product Offerings

Aringo offers a free consultation session, along with some free admissions tools. Additionally, they offer the following packages:

– Hourly Services: Starting at $260/hour
– Full School Package: Starting at $4,650 for 1 school
– Silver Package: $2,500 for 1 school

Reviews Excerpt

Cornell 2022 – “Working with sriram made my dreams come true. I never thought that when I received my GMAT grade that I would still be able to go to my dream school.”

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Each applicant for Accepted is paired with their own admissions consultant who takes the time to do a deep dive into your application. They highlight your needs and where your application needs to get stronger and the things you should highlight about yourself. You tell them what your goals are and their team works to help you achieve those goals. In addition, they offer a diverse team of consultants who speak 6 different languages: English, Chinese, Hebrew, French, Japanese, and Spanish. This opens up their services to students from different corners of the world.

Product Offerings

– Comprehensive MBA Application Package: Starting at $4,575 for 1 school
– Admissions Consulting: Starting at $330/hour
– MBA Essay Services: Starting at $1,180 basic package or $330/hour
– Resume Package: Starting at $885 basic package or $330/hour
– Letter of Recommendation Assistance: Starting at $330/hour
– Application Final Check: $330
– Mock Interview Package: Starting at $500 for new clients
– Waitlist Services: Starting at $885 for new clients or $330/hour
– Rejection Review: $330 or $430 rush price

Reviews Excerpt

UNC 2022 – “Very professional and thorough. They customized my story based on the unique culture of the program where I applied. It paid off very well.”

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MbaMission.com is comprised of a team of consultant who all graduated from top-tier MBA programs and have the expertise to know what it takes to get an acceptance letter. Each consultant they employ is put through a rigorous hiring process followed by 3 months of supervised work before they are able to work alone, ensuring that you are given the highest quality consultant they can provide. While you work 1-on-1 with a consultant, you are afforded the benefit of the entire firm, as consultants meet twice a month to discuss new ideas and strategies to continuously improve their overall service quality. One unique fact about mbaMission.com is that, thanks to their quality of service, they are now the sole recommendation of MBA Consulting from the GMAT prep company Manhattan Prep.

Product Offerings

– Complete Start-to-Finish Package: Starting at $4,900
– Hourly Services: Starting at $350/hour (minimum purchase 2 hours)
– Pre-Application Strategy: Starting at $1,400
– Mock Interview Sessions: Starting at $650
– “Ding” Review/Reapplicant Strategy: Starting at $650 for 1 school
– Wharton Team-Based Discussion Simulation: $600
– HBS Mock Interview and Post-Interview Reflection Support: Starting at $850
– HBS Intensive Interview Simulation: $2,500

Reviews Excerpt

Wharton 2021 – “Very helpful in framing my unique background into a resume and essay that could be digested by the admissions team. Always professional and responsive”

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Stratus Admissions Counseling

Stratus employs a team of graduates from top tier graduate programs such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. They start your application journey by speaking with a Strategist, where you will lay out your profile and overall goals. From there you are given a 1-on-1 consultant, while also enjoying the expertise of the entire Stratus team, as each consultant works on every aspect of your application and how to make you most competitive for admissions officers.

Product Offerings

In addition to one free consultation with a specialist, Stratus offers the following packages:

  • Comprehensive MBA Admissions Consulting: Starting at $4,850 for 1 school
  • Hourly Admissions Consulting: Starting $325/hour (minimum purchase 2 hours)
  • MBA Application Fundamentals and Strategy: Starting at $1,750
  • MBA Interview Prep: Starting at $575
  • MBA Ding Analysis: $675
  • MBA Early Edge: Starting at $1,495

Reviews Excerpt

Yale 2022 – “I really enjoyed my Stratus counselor. She gave me excellent advice regarding what topics to write about in order to maximize impact, and also what to incorporate in my optional essay.”

Learn More About Stratus Admissions

Veritas Prep Admission Consulting

Veritas Prep continuously finds themselves for not only GMAT prep course, but MBA admissions counselling as well. It’s safe to say, they are well-versed when it comes to the MBA admissions process. With a staff featuring graduates from top MBA programs such as Harvard, Wharton, LBS, and Stanford, Veritas Prep uses their own experience along with copious research to best form your strategy to gain admittance into these same schools. Through their free profile evaluation and which target school you provide, they will find the consultant that best suits your needs and goals.

Product Offerings

Along with a free profile evaluation and free resource videos, Veritas Prep also offers the following packages:

– Comprehensive Package: $4,700
– Hourly Consulting Services: Starting at $650 for 2 hours

Reviews Excerpt

MIT Sloan 2022 – “John and the Veritas Prep team were amazing and really helps you form a structured approach to applying for college. From thinking about what matters to you most, to oganizing your essay and supporting your writing – they really did it all.”

Learn More About Veritas Prep

The MBA Exchange


Founded in 1996, with a team of over 75 former admissions officers, admissions committee members, admissions interviewers, and MBA graduates, The MBA Exchange uses their first-hand admissions experience to help guide you to your best application. They provide each client with a customized consulting experience tailored to each specific need. Using proprietary technology and tools, they analyze each portion of your application and help identify and improve necessary areas to gain acceptance into the top MBA programs around the world.

Although, they are not as large as most consulting firms, clients champion the individual care and quality of experience they had with The MBA Exchange. Their quality is evident as they have been highlighted in news articles, from places like The Wall Street Journal to Businessweek.

Product Offerings

Although The MBA Exchange doesn’t offer any pricing information on their website, potential clients are given the opportunity of a free evaluation on their website.

Reviews Excerpt

USC Marshall 2022 – “Advice was helpful. And they have a lot of good information to share with you.”

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