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The Best MBA Admission Consultants

2019 Best MBA Consultants

We put together this comprehensive list of the best MBA admission consultants of 2018 to 2019 to help guide you towards the consultant that will be the best fit for your needs. There’s a definite difference between applicants who utilize one of the highest-rated MBA consultants in the industry and those who decide to tackle the process alone. Some of the stories we’ve heard include being swayed from dream schools due to the intense application process, receiving poor and unclear advice from the school itself, and even those who have sought consulting but did not sign up for one of the best MBA admission consultants, rather choosing someone with a lower price. Those who have chosen a lower-rated consultant that had a more attractive advice had discussed the mediocre advice, long response times, and even flat-out refusal of service due to the difficult process.

However, with our list of the best MBA consultants in the industry, you’ll be able to go through actual reviews from students who have been admitted to the school of their dreams under the guidance and advisement of the consultants. We’ve received dozens of reviews for numerous consultants that set them apart from the others. We have based this list on quality of service, customer satisfaction, and actual admission results.

Solving Real Issues

While other MBA admission consultants turned down Ree due to her older age, causing her to become discouraged with pursuing an MBA, the Personal MBA Coach provided the support structure necessary to guide Ree through the arduous application process. Scott’s team enforced realistic expectations while building the skills and knowledge necessary for Ree to complete her admissions process and be accepted to Chicago Booth.

“Unlike other MBA Admissions Advisory Services, the Personal MBA Coach is truly personal and goes the extra mile to provide best in class service, advisory, and support throughout the process of MBA admissions,” says Ree with regards to Scott’s services. She goes on to say “Scott has a deep understand of each school and what is needed for them to tailor the application in the best way.”

You Always Get What You Pay For

Solid MBA admission consulting does not come cheap. The consulting firms that made our list are some of the best MBA admission consultants. That being said, some are not the most “affordable”. Don’t let that sway you though, as you do get what you pay for. Some of the best MBA admission consultant firms provide all-in-one packages while others provide hourly rates for their services.

The Best MBA Admission Consultants of 2018 – 2019

NameAverage RatingNumber of ReviewsPackage Options Available?Hourly Rate
1. Personal MBA Coach5.00 Stars10 ReviewsYes$390/hr
2. Stacy Blackman Consulting4.86 Stars43 ReviewsYes$365/hr
3. Admissionado4.84 Stars31 ReviewsYes$325/hr
4. Accepted4.50 Stars20 ReviewsYes$300-$390/hr
5. mbaMission4.49 Stars40 ReviewsYes$325/hr

Meet The Best MBA Admission Consultant Firms 2018 – 2019

1. Personal MBA Coach


Personal MBA Coach is a full-service consulting company and claims a 96% success rate at getting clients into one of their top two or three schools. They offer support with full-time, part-time, and Executive MBA programs, and cite that each applicant will only ever have one consultant working with them throughout the entire process. Help is available nights and weekends.

Product Offering

Personal MBA Coach has several products to fit the needs of different situations. Their Comprehensive Package is their main service. At $4,500 per school, (you can get five schools for $9,450), you get an extensive application strategy, personal story development, essay help, social media reviews, scholarship advice, and post-acceptance decision support.

Their One Time Gut Check is an $995 application review that includes editing, highlighting mistakes, and a general check of whether or not your application is truly a winner.

Personal MBA Coach also offers Hourly Services at $390 per hour.

Review Excerpt

With numerous glowing reviews from accepted students, Personal MBA Coach is one of the best MBA admission consultants due to their extensive, personalized offering that has never ceased to amaze their clients.

“Scott was absolutely incredible to work with! At first, I was debating going through the admissions process without an admissions consultant, but in hindsight, I’m so glad I decided to go with Scoot. He is very experienced and knowledgeable about the process, is extremely responsive (E.G. essay revisions turned around within 24 hours), and I can tell he gives his 100% effort to each of his clients. I also appreciate that Scott gives it to you as is – he isn’t one to sugarcoat and will give you the feedback you need to hear. I’m happy to say I will be attending my top choice (Wharton) this fall, and I can’t thank Scott enough for getting us here. I felt well-prepared throughout the whole process (including no surprises during interviews!), and I highly recommend Scott to other prospective applicants!”

2. Stacy Blackman Consulting


Stacy Blackman Consulting is a team of consultants running a full-service company. Their stated goals include reducing the anxiety of the applications process, figuring out the best way to show your personal story, and genuinely caring about their audience. They will not work with anyone they don’t believe they can help.

Product Offering

Stacy Blackman Consulting offers three services. The first being the All-In Package starting at $4,850 for one school with the option to add as many schools as the applicant would like. An automatic refund of $1,000 is provided if applicants do not succeed in at least one application when help with for or more schools is purchased.

Their second product is the Plan Ahead Package is a $1,695 which is intended for people who are at least one year away from starting the application process. The goal of this process is to actively strengthen an applicant’s candidacy and improve the execution of their applications.

Stacy Blackman Consulting’s third offering is Hourly Consulting at a rate of $365/hour with a two-hour minimum. This price decreases as more hours are purchased. This is best for specific issues with the application and admissions process.

Review Excerpt

Stacy Blackman Consulting made the list of best MBA admission consultants as they have received several outstanding reviews. The following is a review from a student who was recently accepted to Harvard Business School:

“It was important to have a consulting company help me hone my unique story, a difficult task with only 300-500 words per essay. After both conversations, I felt a strong connection with the team at Stacy Blackman. They exuded confidence, and took a real look at my background during the initial consult (some firms provided only minimal advice during the free consultation). SBC Provides several potential consultants, and you select the one that best suits you and your background. My consultant was Margaret, who helped me excel during the application process. She became a true partner very early on and helped me reach my near impossible dream of being admitted to Harvard Business School. In every aspect of the application, from the intense research to the hundreds of edits, I saw tremendous growth in my essay writing and in my application package.”

3. Admissionado


Admissionado’s focus is on helping applicants discover their story and deliver it to the admissions committees in the most compelling, memorable way. They do this by pairing applicants with both an MBA expert and a storytelling expert, allowing them to focus both on what to say and how to say it. Many of their highlighted cases involve students average on paper, but were able to stand out from the crowd of applicants at tough schools.

Admissionado’s strength is its team. Consultants are put through a 2-month vetting and training program before joining the team, and less than 10% of those who apply are hired.

Product Offering

They offer packages that are specifically tailored to the applicants’ specific needs, and applicants can choose how many schools they want to work on with their consultant.

These packages are the Junior Deluxe Package starting at $2,185 and their unlimited, end-to-end, Deluxe Package for $4,595.

Admissonado also has free resources like school guides, essay analysis, reading suggestions, and an extensive blog by signing up on their site.

Review Excerpt

This firm made our list as they’ve helped dozens of potential MBA candidates reach and exceed their goals through tailored services which best-fit the needs of their clients. Below is one of their most-recent glowing reviews from a student accepted to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business:

“I used to think I was a terrible writer. Probably, a lot of people think that of themselves. During the process, I’ve learned bot the art and the science behind good writing. I’ve learned that there is no good writing, only good rewriting. My consultants taught me how to take what is on my mind and put it on the paper in a beautiful and eloquent way. This skill later helped me win a $20k scholarship from a third party with just a 700-word essay. Before hiring Admissionado, I have talked to every single admission consulting firm there is on the market, and it dawned on me that the process was daunting, boring, and official. Every talk seemed the same: audio-call on Skype, introduction, consultants sold themselves, and then quickly wrapped up the talking when 30 minutes passed. The talk with Admissionado went very different. Instead of a 30-minute audio-call, we had a 1.5-hour video conversation, which flew by quickly. At the end of the call, I felt uplifted and encouraged. I wasn’t alone in my struggle anymore, I’ve found someone who supported me, who truly wanted to see me get accepted into the school of my dreams.”

4. Accepted


Accepted is an admissions consultation service based in Southern California, but with consultants all over North America and additional branches in Europe and Asia for students interested in studying overseas. In addition to MBA consultation, Accepted has personnel specializing in Medical School, Law School, Graduate Programs, and general college admissions.

Accepted offers a wide variety of services. These include Admissions Consulting, Interview Help, Resume Assistance, and Editing (Letters of Recommendation, essays, etc…)

Their goal is to provide the applicant with the knowledge and resources necessary to create a compelling application. While they won’t write content (such as essays) for you, they are willing to thoroughly review your work.

Product Offering

Accepted’s hourly rate is $300/hour and $390/hour for rush availability. School-specific packages are available starting at 44,100.

We chose Accepted because along with their wide array of paid services, they also offer a number of free guides and school-specific information. Some are accessible directly on their website while other information requires you to sign up (this is free).

Review Excerpt

Here’s a review from a student who was accepted to Ross Business School:

“The GMAT test prep helped me a lot. It’s such a great invention that could help students prepare for the GMAT test and obtain a wonderful score for the convenience and precision to the real test, which helped me practice more and perform better.”

5. mbaMission


mbaMission is a full-service consultant service with full-time consultants who have passed a rigorous training program

mbaMission has more than 20 full-time admissions experts who communicate with one another, sharing opinions and information, contributing ideas, providing feedback and advice on each other’s files, and offering recommendations

Product Offering

mbaMission offers a wide variety of packages tailored to different focuses and support structures. mbaMission’s main offering is the Complete “Start-to-Finish” Package, which takes place in nine stages. This starts with an assessment of the candidate as an applicant, moves through the application process, and deals with letters of acceptance, creating a career action plan, and financing the degree.

Their Hourly Rate is $325/hour.  mbaMission’s One-School Package is $4,700 and also offers hourly career coaching starting at $300/hour.

mbaMission made our list of the best MBA admission consultants as they have numerous glowing reviews.

Review Excerpt

Below is one of our most recent reviews from a student that was accepted to Columbia Business School:

“Krista Nannery is a great admissions consultant and truly provided me the support to get into my dream school! I don’t think I could have put together such a high quality application or would have handled it the way I did without her. I can’t recommend her enough.”

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