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The Best MBA Admission Consultants

2020 Best MBA Admission Consultants

MBA Consultants have become more and more popular in recent years. Top MBA programs have very competitive admission standards, and academic scholarships are even more difficult to come by in graduate school. Oftentimes, students face rejection from their program of choice not because they are not qualified or not smart enough, but because they do not know how to effectively communicate their strengths through their applications. A good MBA consultant can help students achieve admission to the top MBA programs in the country.

Here at MBAInsight, we know just how important it is for students to have access to the best MBA admission consultants on the market. Therefore, we have done extensive research to determine the best MBA admission consultants available, and ranked our findings based on value, content, admission rate, and overall student satisfaction

You Always Get What You Pay For

Solid MBA admission consulting does not come cheap. The consulting firms that made our list are some of the best MBA admission consultants. That being said, some are not the most “affordable”. Don’t let that sway you though, as you do get what you pay for. Some of the best MBA admission consultants  provide all-in-one packages while others provide hourly rates for their services.

The Best MBA Admission Consultants of 2020

NameNumber of ReviewsAverage RatingPackage Options Available?Hourly Rate
1. Personal MBA Coach275.00Yes$450/hour
2. Stacy Blackman Consulting574.91Yes$365/hour
3. Admissionado344.79YesN/A
4. mbamission.com444.57Yes$350/hour
5. Accepted284.55Yes$330/hour
6. Aringo164.53Yes$260/hour
7. Veritas Admission Consulting324.31Yes$325/hour
8. MBA Admit124.25Yes$375/hour
9. The MBA Exchange223.77YesN/A

Meet The Best MBA Admission Consultants of 2020

Personal MBA Coach

Scott Edinburgh is a Wharton MBA graduate, and founder of Personal MBA Coach.  With students from around the world, and 12 years of experience, it is no surprise that Personal MBA Coach is a strong MBA consultant company.  Students can expect to have one consultant throughout the entire application process, as opposed to be shuffled between multiple consultants.  In addition, each consultant takes the time to do a in depth analysis of the student and his or her objectives.  There are a variety of different packages offered to meet each student’s needs, and sessions can be scheduled around each student’s availability.



Product Offering

Personal MBA Coach offers a free 30-minute consultation to all new clients.  Further pricing includes the following:

  1. Comprehensive Package: Starting at $4,900 for 1 school
  2. One-time Gut Check: $1,095 per school
  3. Early MBA Planning: $1,695
  4. Interview Prep: Starting at $550 for one session
  5. Hourly Rate: $450/hour
  6. Waitlist Support: $695 per school
  7. Ding Report: $600

Student Review Excerpt

U of Chicago Booth 2021 – “It was obvious that Scott cared about my application and is passionate about the ins and outs of the admissions process, which is the most I could have asked for out of anyone I’m working with. Absolutely would recommend to my friends.”

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Stacy Blackman Consulting

Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) is the only MBA admissions firm with a complete panel of former Admissions Officers from every top MBA program, including Harvard HBS and Stanford GSB, and elite MBA graduates. The SBC team has MBA expertise at every top US and EU school, has graduated from the best MBA programs and understands career paths in every industry, traditional and non- traditional. Since 2001, SBC has had hundreds of successful clients who have been admitted to every top business school worldwide, often with 100% merit scholarships.

SBC’s engagement model of a dedicated consultant with additional review by our AdCom team is the most robust of all firms. SBC offers unlimited time with a carefully selected Primary Consultant, allowing for full accountability and dedication. SBC has the highest number of online reviews across multiple sites on the Internet and is consistently ranked as a top consulting firm amongst those students looking to pursue an MBA.

SBC deeply values mentorship within its client engagements and limits the number of clients for each consultant, engaging with clients only after its Validation Team evaluates candidacy strength. Stacy Blackman Consulting delivers results, as shown through its record of the highest number of online reviews across multiple sites. SBC offers a limited number of free consultations weekly for inquiries who have been pre-screened by our tenured team.

Product Offering
Students can choose packages that range from comprehensive work, all the way to hourly packages. The following packages are available to students:

All-In: Starting at $4,850 for one school
Hourly Services: $365/hour
The SBC Flight Test: $825
Interview Prep: Starting at $575 for Video Interview/Video Essay Only
Plan Ahead Package: $1,695
Student Review Excerpt

Stanford GSB 2021 – “Stacy Blackman had the perfect mix of programs and ad-hoc vs. unlimited engagement and pricing options for what I was looking for. My admissions Consultant (Dione Chen) was outstanding! Couldn’t have asked for a better person to provide insider knowledge on what admissions groups are looking for and as a result how to shape my story.”

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Admissionado is committed to helping their clients become as successful as possible.  Founded by Jon Frank and Raj Patil, Admissionado has now grown to over 100 consultants and employees.  The MBA admissions consultants at Admissionado pride themselves on excellence in all areas.  Admissionado pairs each student with a core team made up of the student, an MBA expert, and an editor.  In addition, students will have access to professionals in a variety of industries, experts from every top MBA school, a team of editors, and front office staff to ensure their application process runs smoothly throughout the entire time.

Admissionado boasts a 96% success rate.  Each student is offered a free consultation to determine the best fit for his or her needs.  There are a variety of different options for students to choose from at varying price levels.  With strong client testimonials and published admissions to the top MBA programs in the company, there is no question as to why Admissionado is ranked as one of the top MBA consulting companies.

Product Offering

Each student receives a free consultation.  In addition, pricing is as follows:

  1. Junior Deluxe: Starting at $2,185 for one school
  2. Deluxe: Starting at $4,595 for one school
  3. Advanced Planning: $325/month
  4. Discovery Package $375
  5. Editing Services: Starting at $85 for a 500-word polish
  6. Various A La Carte Services: Starting at $325

Student Review Excerpt

Columbia 2020 – “I had a few free consultations and Admissionado was the best of the ones I tried. The consultant saw right through my “Story” and told me it wouldn’t work. The phone call helped me get back to the drawing board to really understand why I wanted to get an MBA.”

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MBAmission boasts strong client satisfaction, which is evident through their thousands of reviews, most at five stars.  Each consultant is required to undergo a rigorous hiring process in addition to three months of supervised work before they can work with students on their own.  Each student is paired with one MBA consultant with whom they work throughout the entire process.  However, students still benefit from the knowledge of multiple MBA consultants because all consultants meet twice a month to discuss new ideas and developments.  MBAadmission offers a variety of different packages to fit each student’s needs.

Product Offering

Each student is offered a free 30-minute consultation. In addition, there are free materials available for students to look at before committing to a paid program.  The following packages are offered:

  1. Complete Start to Finish Package: Starting at $4,900 for one school
  2. Hourly Services: $350/hour
  3. Pre-Application Strategy: $1,400 for 4 hours
  4. Mock Interview Sessions: $650 for one session
  5. Ding Review: $650 for one school
  6. Wharton Team Based Discussion: $525
  7. HBS Mock Interview and Support: $850
  8. HBS Intensive Interview: $2,500

Student Review Excerpt

Harvard 2020- “I worked with Jen Kedrowski on my essay review and interview prep. I highly recommend the MBAmission program because it helped me fine tune my story. Jen was amazing at questioning some of the assumptions I had made and taken for granted. She helped me expand my reasoning and improved my final product.”

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Each student at Accepted will be provided with their own MBA consultant.  Each consultant takes the time necessary to fully understand their client’s goals and objectives.  Accepted consultants are experts at presenting student stories in a way that is compelling and effectively communicates strengths to admissions boards.  In addition, Accepted offers consultants who speak five different languages aside from English: Chinese, French, Hebrew, Japanese, and Spanish.  This means students who do not speak English as their first language can benefit from MBA consulting services.

Product Offering

Accepted offers a free consultation for their students.  In addition, the offered packages and their pricing are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive MBA Application: Starting at $4,575 for one application
  2. Admissions Consulting: Starting at $330/hour
  3. Essay Package: Starting at $1,180
  4. Resume: Starting at $885
  5. Application Final Check: $330
  6. Mock Interview Package: Starting at $330
  7. Waitlist Package Starting at: $595
  8. Rejection Review: $330

Student Review Excerpt

Kellogg 2021 – “I have been using Accepted’s consulting service to help me prepare for MBA admission. The services from Accepted are helpful and resourceful! They provide insights on admission tips, what schools are looking for, how to stand out among competitions, etc. I recommend Accepted.”

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Aringo was founded by Gil Levi who earned a degree and full-merit scholarship from Wharton.  Aringo prides itself on the immense amount of research conducted to determine the best proven ways to get accepted to top business schools.  While each student is paired with a specific consultant, all consultants communicate with one another to determine how to best approach each client’s application.  In addition, Aringo offers free admissions tools that can be accessed on their website.  With a strong team of heavily vetted MBA consultants, students who choose Aringo for their MBA admissions needs should take comfort in the fact they are in good hands.  Aringo offers a variety of packages for students to choose from to fit their needs.

Product Offering

Aringo offers some free admissions tools along with a free consultation session.  In addition, various mini-packages are offered for students who only need help with certain parts of the application process.  Below are the package prices:

  1. Hourly Services: Starting at $260/hour
  2. Silver Package: Starting at $2,500 for one school
  3. Full School Package: Starting at $4,650 for one school

Student Review Excerpt

Harvard 2021 – Worked with David, Derin, Sriram, Jenifer, Shimri and the Aringo team on 2 MBA applications (after being dinged from 3 in round 1 with no interview).  My application was 500% better. I got into Wharton and HBS.  What else could I ask for.”

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Veritas Prep Admission Consulting

Veritas Prep Admission Consulting consists of consultants who were MBA admissions directors and associate directors from top MBA programs.  Veritas Prep Admission Consulting is unique in that they try to pair students with school specialists who have attended the program in which you are aiming to gain entrance.  There are consultants available from over 30 schools.  Veritas Prep Admission Consulting offers a variety of different consulting programs in addition to a handful of free resources such as “How-To” videos, The Essential Guide, a blog, and a free consultation to determine which paid program is best for the student.

Product Offering

In addition to a free consultation, Veritas Prep Admission Consulting offers the following paid packages:

  1. Comprehensive School Packages: Starting at $4,700 for one school
  2. Hourly Consulting: Starting at $650 for two hours

Student Review Excerpt

Michigan Ross 2020 – “I found Veritas Prep to be incredibly useful. When I applied to schools, I didn’t know the first thing about admissions and my admissions consultant (Shelli-Ann) helped me to understand which schools would be right for me and how to put my best foot forward in the application process.”

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MBA Admit


Dr. Shel Watts is President of MBA Admit and works with all clients directly.  She is a Harvard and Oxford graduate and has a significant amount of relevant experience as a Harvard admissions worker, Harvard alumni recruiter, a Harvard academic advisor, and an interview coach to Harvard Business School students.  The team at MBA Admit works hard to strategize each students application to most effectively communicate their important traits to various admissions boards.  MBA Admit boasts a plethora of positive testimonials from their previous clients who are now at the top business schools in the country.

Product Offering

 Each student is offered a free 30-minute consultation call to determine which package is best for their specific needs.  In addition, packages are customizable if needed.  The following are standard package prices:

  1. Basic: $1,095
  2. Gold: $2,295
  3. Gold Plus: $2,595
  4. Platinum: $4,095
  5. Stand Alone Strategy: $595
  6. Hourly Fees: $375/hour

Student Review Excerpt

Columbia 2019 – “The advice MBA Admit gave me was very realistic and useful, as they listened and understood my goals. Dr. Shel is wonderful and brings real impact to the table. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to apply for their MBA.”

The MBA Exchange


The MBA Exchange was founded in 1996 and aims to help students get into the MBA program of their choice and earn the best scholarships available.  The programs offer proprietary material to help students have the best chance of admission.  The MBA Exchange prides itself on the one-on-one service offered to students to help them achieve all of their goals.  They have been highlighted in the news from The Wall Street Journal to businessweek.com as one of the best MBA consultant companies on the market.  Students benefit from this boutique firm because they offer individualized attention to students wherever they need it most.

Product Offering

The MBA Exchange does not post any service prices on its website.  However, prospective clients can use the contact form on the website to get individual pricing for the various programs offered.

Student Review Excerpt

Harvard 2019 – “Did a practice interview and it was good to have to practice questions live and shake off the interview dust. Received helpful feedback from a former MBA admissions staff member at one of the top schools I was applying to

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