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Aringo Overview


About Aringo MBA Consulting

Aringo is an admissions service focusing on students who have a score below 720 on the GMAT. This is a notable point. Great work experience is important, but many MBA applicants are equally qualified in terms of work experience. Without a strong GMAT score, applicants will not stick out. Students with low GMAT scores require other strategies to swaying admission committees.

This firm also publishes statistics on how often its applicants get into popular programs, with independent verification performed by Ernst & Young. Potential applicants should familiarize themselves with these numbers, as well as the results of their “admission chances calculator” provided free online.


Aringo offers a number of different services with each of its packages so students can focus on the support they need. For example, a student who is excellent at writing essays but nervous in interviews could opt for spending most of their time with an interview expert, rather than editing papers that are already good. These packages are available in 5, 7, and 10-hour setups, as well as a full service package to cover one school.

Their website also offers free materials, including published essay questions, tips for visiting campuses, and a thorough overview of the entire admissions process.

Aringo Cost and Contact Info

Prices vary based on the package, starting at $1,150 for the 5-hour package and $4.650 for Full School Package – Unlimited, comprehensive support.  Discounts are available for high-performing students, and some refunds are available.

Aringo prefers to be contacted through their website at https://www.aringo.com/mbainsight/ (use this link for a free consultation) and via email at admin@Aringo.com for matters the contact form doesn’t cover.

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51 reviews for Aringo Overview

  1. 5 out of 5


    Good material for reference. Very clear understanding

    • 4 out of 5

      Alisha Jyoti:

      One of the most useful resources for my admission essays

      • 5 out of 5

        Antonio La Gamba:

        Aringo was great in helping me with providing a plethora of resources!

        • 5 out of 5

          Ayush Verma:

          I am highly thankful for Aringo for providing really valuable resources, including, but not limited to, the sample essays from past applicants. These essays helped me keep a framework in my mind and then build upon my own story.

          • 5 out of 5



            • 5 out of 5


              Very insightful and supportive team; helped me throughout the process

              • 4 out of 5


                2 admits with 50K and 60k scholarship with R1 submissions and 730 on GMAT.

                I worked with them for 3 schools. Their process was structured, but it seems to be pretty standard. I feel if I had put in the time and not had the assumption that, “damn these are professionals, they must know something more than me”, I could have saved money on the expensive consulting. I am not saying that they did anything bad; they were helpful and nice. I am just saying that the same results could have been achieved with fewer resources. If I had to do it all over again, I would hire them for 1 school – learn the process and key drivers, and then use ApplicantLab for the next schools. This way I would have the best value for money proposition. Anyways I got in with a decent scholarship so can’t complain much.

                • 5 out of 5


                  2 admits with 60K scholarship with R3 submissions and 660 on GMAT!!!

                  When I got 660 on my GMAT, I knew I had to compromise on my school list. But Shimri and Jen gave me the much-needed confidence and motivated me. Starting from the initial consultation, I received customized and tailored advice. I was matched with the best consultant based on my background and goals, and it was a perfect fit! My consultant had a wealth of knowledge and love the fact that she was very straightforward. Her ability to focus on even the smallest details, strong points, and potential flaws was overwhelming (which eventually helped). If there is ANY possibility any part of my application might have a positive or negative effect on the assessment she WILL find it, point it out and work with you to highlight or address it- Relentlessly.

                  • 5 out of 5

                    Madhav Rangarajan:

                    Loved the entire journey, was easy to access the consultant as well as Shimri himself. Here are things which they do better than everyone else, since I have worked with 3 more services during my application:

                    1. The insights from multiple rounds of essay review/enrichment was deep, relevant and different from easily found online information/current students
                    2. They really helped build my application around my strengths and story – instead of imposing something else
                    3. Very strong at helping form meaningful connections with folks from the school you might apply to
                    4. Probably the best profile assessment – which enables accurate representation of chances with top B-schools (and they are amazing at pointing out what you can do/how you can apply to improve your odds). Also very candid about what is un-realistic helping you save time and money
                    5. Easily accessible, very quick turnaround and VERY professional consultants who are alumni of the best schools and have had experience in adComs of various schools

                    Watch a gmatClub vidoe featuring Shimri in it, you’ll feel confident about working with Aringo.

                    Applied to a handful of top MBA programs, attending ESADE from 22′! 🙂

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: ESADE MBA - 2024
                    • MBA application & school advice: NA
                  • 4 out of 5


                    I signed up for multiple full school packages. The consultants took the time to listen to my stories and highlighted key turn-around points in my career. With their help, I could truly bring out the best in my stories and the essays appeared much more coherent with my life & goals.

                    Their interview prep was spot on. I entered the actual interviews with much more confidence and I could present my best self with meaningful stories.

                    The only point of improvement is that the agency did not advise on school short-list initially. They were happy to help me apply to my dream schools but somewhere I would have preferred hearing their selection…

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: UW Foster School of Business 2024
                    • MBA application & school advice: Focus on one thing at a time. I got GMAT out of my way first and with my score, I knew the range of schools I could target. Don't focus a lot on school rankings. It is important to find your fit with the school culture. Ultimately, GMAT is just a number and it doesn't guarantee you a spot in the M7s or the Ivy Leagues. I learned this the hard way having spent two years applying to B-Schools when I could have started my MBA journey much sooner. The GMAT application is a journey filled with introspection. I believe it has made me learn so much about myself.
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Thanks for collecting this review

                    I would like to mention Aringo MBA Admissions Consulting – they are truly the best and most professional consultants out there!

                    I worked with them on 4 MBA applications after working last year with one of the other consulting firms which are on your list and are priced higher.
                    it is really hard to compare my two experiences but I will try.
                    Aringo was awesome in terms of the number of interactions (daily), details (my consultant was “on me” daily, reminding me about my deliverables), amount of caring I felt throughout the process from Aringo’s CEO, Jen, and of course the result (2 admits to M7 Ivy League schools…)
                    All these were lacking last year when working with the other firm, which mainly consisted of some emails.

                    Thanks Aringo. Love working with you and happy to share my experience with anyone who wants to compare. Columbia or Wharton? Still haven’t made my mind up about the two of you… help……

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton 2024
                    • MBA application & school advice: My advice is this: 1. Invest time in the GMAT (I took me nearly 6 months) 2. Wait for the right moment (I rushed my application last year, in R2, instead of waiting for this year and doing things properly) 3. Work on your apps a lot (I used Aringo, they were great) 4. Choose your school list according to your criteria
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I first heard about Aringo from someone I really trust, my sister, who got into Stern with Aringo’s and Mark’s help. When I spoke to Shimri and Mark I was blown away. They both helped me decide on the best school that fits my needs (HEC) and they were able to quickly help me bring out the best stories to tell in my application, improve my resume, and put forward great essays. Mark was very organized and helped me to get everything done well before the deadline. He has a collaborative style and is very easy to work with. I am now all set to join the HEC – all thanks to Mark and Aringo.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: HEC EMBA 2023
                    • MBA application & school advice: HEC's EMBA program is great, both the at the academic level and at the personal level. For those of you hoping to get a great European MBA education, HEC is a great choice.
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I got in touch with Aringo in March, immediately after the GMAT. While I knew the application deadlines are in September, I wanted to make the most of the time. Joy Pincus was assigned to me and she was awesome. She helped me with profile enhancement and networking. She helped me identify the aspects of my profile that made my story compelling. The clarity of thoughts was effectively communicated in my essays. Her guidance helped me prepare to stand out essays that were very much needed for getting a positive result from top-notch schools. Her magic worked indeed. I got multiple interview calls and was eventually admitted from 2. One of the schools gave a generous USD 100,000 fellowship. I owe my success to Aringo.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Booth 2024
                    • MBA application & school advice: Never focus on what you think AdComs want to hear -- that'll only make you blend in. Lean into what makes you different -- that's what makes you stand out!
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I got in touch with ARINGO in 2019, when I was working on my GMAT. Shimri advised me on an action plan and timelines which was super helpful. When eventually I got the desired score, I reached out to them again (obviously) and we had a detailed discussion on my profile and target schools. Shimri connected me with Lainie and shared the application strategy. From brainstorming ideas, editing essays, conducting mock interviews, there is no way I could have made it through this application process without ARINGO’s help. The feedback on essays by Lainie was honest and I could tell that she really wanted me to succeed. There were times when I thought the essays were school-ready but she pushed me to improvise them further. The result- Admits from Chicago, Kellogg, Stern and Yale most with scholarships. Thank you thank you thank you

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Kellogg, 2024
                    • MBA application & school advice: Kellogg Booth HBS Stanford Wharton NYU Columbia Yale
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Apoorva Tyagi:

                    Aringo provided me with a top class advisor, who had himself graduated from Sloan so knew exactly what he was doing. He pushed me to write a strong essay and didn’t sugarcoat his feedback – which is exactly what I needed to make it through. Would HIGHLY recommend Aringo!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: UCLA Anderson School of Management, 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: Look into the culture of every school and see what resonates most with you - very important for B school!
                  • 5 out of 5


                    With aringo it is not just a client-consultant relationship, these guys are committed to your success as much as you are. Be it Jen or Shimri, I connected with them in my first conversation itself. They bring instant positivity. I worked with Shimri directly as I was targeting London Business School (and he knows the school in and out). He took time to learn about my background and how my goals should be devised. At every step, I was guided well and they encouraged me to be my true self which actually worked! I

                    I got my LBS’ admit offer and could not be happier.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: LBS 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: Use LinkedIn and attend MBA events to network with the school's Alumni and team.
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Yes, getting a good score on GMAT is difficult but sailing through the application process is another level of the grueling task. Initially, I thought that I will handle it on my own but I was wrong. The final essay was so bad even after multiple rounds of feedback from family and friends. I then started looking for consultants and got to know about ARINGO. After an initial free consultation, I got onboard them with Mark as my consultant. Mark very patiently looked through all my drafts and cited the obvious flaws in my story (which were not so obvious for me). I dreaded that I have to rework everything again but Mark had an amazing way through language. Through his comments, I revised the essay but did not miss the original theme of the essay. It was all still me saying out the stories. When your essays are strong your interviews echo confidence. By the end of the interview, I somehow knew I have got the seat – it was so good!
                    Thank you so much Mark and ARINGO for the helping with the Kellogg admit.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Kellogg 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: Do not do reverse consulting
                  • 5 out of 5


                    My first piece of advice would be when you look for a consultant, try talking to as many as you can. The idea is not only who is an expert of your target school but how comfortable you are working with him/her. This is because, at the end of the day, no one will be writing your stories. The rapport with your consultant will only help you to bring the best in you. The same was the case was with me. I was not much confident with my score. Though I had certifications like CA, CFA, etc. I just did not want to settle for any college.
                    Jenifer with Shay understood my plans and ambitions well. They kept on sending me edits (generally before the promised time) to keep up with my schedule and not compromising with the quality. Interview prep was amazingly supportive. I managed to get two admits- INSEAD and Kelley. It is a happy feeling to get into a school that you always thought was beyond reach. Thank you, team!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: INSEAD 2021
                    • MBA application & school advice: Believe in your stories.
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Sriram was extremely helpful in targeting me on those areas of the applications which needed the most attention. He helped me refine my essays, shared the relevant resources, and interview readiness. The process laid out for me was not only efficient but also took care that my application is submitted early resulting in the admit of my preferred school- Yale.
                    I recommend Sriram with all my heart because of his mentoring and guidance.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Yale 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: Have some questions ready to ask to the panel, post the interview completion (an be smart in choosing those!)
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I was interested in Aringo’s consulting because it is one of the few firms where it is not a one-man show. While they assign a consultant (I got the best- Jenifer), they have specialists for every task. Your application undergoes so many rounds of edit and checks that the end product is something like a diamond made from coal.

                    In the brainstorming session, my thoughts were refined and Jenifer directed me to career goals that suit best my candidature. I became more confident after each essay and could see the transformation. Jenifer was always available when my application needed attention or any ad hoc question. This all resulted in my admit to Warwick Business School.

                    I have already told my happy experience with Aringo to my friends and peers who are considering applying to B schools.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Warwick 2021
                    • MBA application & school advice: Do research not only on schools but also on scholarship availability.
                  • 5 out of 5


                    While I knew I wanted to pursue MBA, I was not very familiar with the admission process. I wanted a consultant who can do justice with my story and should highlight what is needed in my MBA application. In the complimentary call with Jenifer, she was able to answer the specific questions that I have about my work profile, goals, etc.

                    I then filled the profile summary document and prepared the resume in the format suggested by the team. I then waited for the strategy team to come with their insights which were indeed valuable. Jenifer and Jason then helped me to narrow down my strengths and weakness. What I liked about them is that they don’t impose their thoughts. They suggest understanding if the client is able to resonate with that and then proceed. At every step, there was a team effort and they are very approachable. An admit with Cornell happened because of team aringo. Thank you so much!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Cornell 2021
                    • MBA application & school advice: Think through when you share your information and stories with the consultants. You might find a few stories irrelevant but your consultants might feel otherwise. :)
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I took Aringo’s consulting services and I am happy to receive admission to the school of my choice. I appreciate the team’s promptness in answering my queries and just being there for me. I highly recommend Jenifer and loved the support from the team.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia University 2021
                    • MBA application & school advice: Be unique in telling your stories!
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I needed help with organizing my ideas into a story that is compelling enough to impress the top schools.

                    Aringo helped me doing exactly what I wanted which resulted in more than what I expected. Sessions with Jen were helpful on how to make the essays and resume highlight my achievements. Jason’s storytelling skills are strong enough to help me create essays that could paint a picture in a reader’s mind.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: HBS 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: Start early and do the networking
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Doing an MBA was never in my mind in my graduation days. Hence, I did not pay much attention to my extracurriculars, my early career, etc. which all play very important roles in the MBA applications. I decided to take personalized mentorship so that I can put my best foot forward.

                    Working with Jen has been a fantastic experience. I was juggling many tasks both in personal and professional space. However, Aringo helped me managing my time optimally. When sharing my essays, I had clear and intelligent feedbacks along with the next action items. It made the process easy for me which otherwise is very daunting. Shay helped me prepare my resume in the Oxford template. As I mentioned I did not have many stories to write, Aringo still made me carved out wonderful essays. Oxford happened because of Jen and Shay. I 100% recommend them for applications.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Oxford 2021
                    • MBA application & school advice: Make sure you shine beyond professional experience as well...
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I still remember how lost I was when I decided to do MBA applications on my own. Preparing a stellar MBA application is a herculean task. That’s when I started reaching out and got to know about ARINGO from a friend of mine. I knew I was a little late in the game and I was worried about crafting my story and articulating why I was ready to get my MBA.
                    Jen gave the confidence that I have enough to pull a good application and I would not have to compromise. I was quickly assigned Derin Raji and she was super prompt. In the brainstorming session, I was happy to see the analysis that was done on my profile by the strategy team. My narrative was clear and logical. Once the essay work started, Derin helped me to bring the part of my stories that resonated with each school I was applying to. The resume and recommendation letters, everything complemented each other. I was very satisfied with my final applications.
                    I got into Rice University in round 2 and was very happy with the admit! I loved the way I was coached by Jen and Derin! Thank you guys?

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Rice 2021
                    • MBA application & school advice: The earlier the better
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I knew my profile was good but never knew it was MIT good?. As my job is super stressful and demanding, I could not allocate enough time for the GMAT exam. I did not want to compromise on the business school I would study at and was planning to skip the entire MBA plan. But, I didn’t, and all thanks to Aringo. Danielle Marom, Jenifer, Shimri, Sriram and the entire Aringo team helped me to think, strategize, and effectively execute the best possible application.

                    For those who are considering working with an MBA consultant, I cannot recommend Aringo enough!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: MIT Sloan 2023
                    • MBA application & school advice: The team is incredibly knowledgeable about the requirements of the admission process. I was highly impressed by their professionalism and attentiveness. From the strategy stage, their experts focused both on my strengths and weakness, choosing the best narrative to show the school. Danielle ensured that my application is presented in the best possible manner to the Adcom. They understood that I am playing all my cards on one school, and left no stone unturned to bring out the best. When I got the admission letter from Sloan – I was super thrilled.
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Steve J:

                    Simply the best-Got into Wharton with a USD 145k scholarship! do I need to say anything else?

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: Reaching out to ARINGO was the best decision made for my MBA applications. Shimri and Chaya guided me from day one and helped me with everything that I needed for my applications. I come from an unorthodox background, both personally and professionally, and ARINGO helped me turn my diversity into my strength! They helped me align my essays, shaping my resume, etc. ARINGO’s process is very streamlined and they are very resourceful. I applied to various top programs with a 710 on GMAT and got 5 out of 5 interviews. The result- I received admits from MIT, Wharton, and Kellogg! The icing on the cake was Wharton admit with a whooping USD 145K scholarship!!! I could have never got 3 M7 admits without ARINGO. Kudos to you guys!
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Adi C:

                    4 Admits-Highly recommend!

                    After my GMAT was sorted, I had to start working on my applications. All the consultant seems to be equally good and it was hard to find the right fit. I had a counseling session with Jenifer and instantly liked her. She advised me on the schools that I can apply to and paired me with Jason Bond who was a true mentor in every sense. The team has school specialists and what they bring to the table makes your application unique. I felt like I had decent credentials but I was totally lost on how to showcase the story. Jason helped me to identify the right stories and building the theme of the applications. He helped clean up my storytelling and provided valuable feedback to smoothen the rough edges. I was confident that my applications are strong and interview calls proved the same. I had multiple rounds of mock interview sessions and got offers from 4 schools!!! Jenifer and Jason exceeded expectations- Thanks Aringo!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Rice
                    • MBA application & school advice: Take time for GMAT preparation but focus on MBA application equally. While GMAT is important, how you present your case makes the difference in your applcation
                  • 5 out of 5


                    With an average GMAT score and from an over-represented demographic, I did not hope much from the applications. I started talking to different admission consultants and they thought the same. But Jen was an exception. She brought the peculiar points in my profile which even I failed to look at. That was the deal maker and I knew Aringo could make an outstanding case out of an ordinary applicant like me. Jason Bond – my wonderful consultant made the crazy process of application super simplified. There was so much I did not know about the process but Jason was a lifesaver. I will always remember the level of commitment from the Aringo team who helped me with shaping my resume, essays, short questions, and interview preparation. I was accepted in IE and wholeheartedly recommend Aringo to every MBA aspirant.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: IE & 2020
                    • MBA application & school advice: 1) Ensure that you go through the documents required for the application well in advance- like a transcript, video essay, resume in a particular format, passport, photograph, etc. This will avoid last-minute rush and problems. 2) Also, always prefer uploading documents in pdf (unless advise otherwise) to avoid formatting issues. 3) Name your files properly. :)
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I worked with Shimri for my applications and I am glad I chose aringo. Shimri took time to understand my background, my career goals, strengths, and weakness before jumping on anything. The brainstorming session played a key role in how my story should be created and the team knows what the school is looking for in an application. We spent hours on essays until it was perfect. With the combined effort I got an offer from INSEAD which was like dream come true. I was elated beyond words on receiving the admission letter. Thank you Shimri for being a tremendous coach!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: INSEAD & 2020
                    • MBA application & school advice: Take time to do your research on schools. This really makes your application unique
                  • 5 out of 5


                    ARINGO- Best Coach! Best Results!

                    I did some research on many admissions consulting firms and decided to go with Aringo due to a recommendation I got from a close friend who got into MIT the previous year with their assistance. When I made my decisions, little did I know that this will be one of the best decisions I ever made! The one thing that I loved about Gwen and every single one of the ARINGO reviewers is that they don’t sugar coat. They are brutally honest with the feedback at every stage from strategy, school selection, resume, essay to interview. I could always count on the team with their critical feedback. My story for each essay was finalized and they helped me to put across the unique aspects of my profile with customizations to each school. With the guidance of Gwen and Shimri I wasaccepted to 2 top B-school and had the chance to pick the one that is best fit for me. Huge thanks ARINGO!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2023
                    • MBA application & school advice: It's important to have a good connection with your advisor.
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Thanks Aringo. I really enjoyed working with you. worth every penny

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Yale 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: I worked with Aringo on 4 schools. As I come from a family business, I didn't have many achievements to show. Aringo really helped me shape my story, prepare the essays, CV and entire applications. I received 3 interviews. Aringo prepare me to all and I am happy to say I received 2 acceptances (NYU and Yale) Jenifer, Sriram and team - you are the best!
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Raviv Sapir:

                    Highly recommend ARINGO to anyone who’s applying for an MBA. 10/10!!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: HEC 2021
                    • MBA application & school advice: Find a consultant that you have a good connection with and you trust.
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Eduardo Perticarrari Mucci:

                    I didn’t think that my chances of getting into a good MBA program were high. My work experience was all outside of the US and my GMAT was not as high as I would have liked. Sriram helped my focus my application on all of the positive aspects of having international experience, and we made sure that the rest of my application looked good. Thank you Sriram!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Babson College 2018
                    • MBA application & school advice: Figure out how to spin the negative parts of your profile/application.
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Adhish Bhobe:

                    If I could give Jen/Sriram 6 stars, I would! I would never have gotten into Duke without their help. I couldn’t recommend ARINGO highly enough to anyone that is applying to MBA programs.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Duke 2019
                    • MBA application & school advice: The cost is totally worth it. ARINGO lead me not only to my dream school, but also to working in some of the most prestigious companies in the world!
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Joseph Shawn:

                    Working with Sriram made my dreams come true. I never thought that when I received my GMAT grade that I would still be able to go to my dream school. I stumbled upon ARINGO and from the first time I spoke to Sriram, I realized that despite my low GMAT, my top schools were still in reach. After working together on my application I got into one of my top schools, Cornell! Thank you Sriram and thank you ARINGO!!!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Cornell 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: Be yourself, do not lose hope from a low GMAT score. Try to make the rest of your application stellar!
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Joy Gilbert:

                    INSEAD with 640 – do I need to say more?

                    I loved my work with Shay from Aringo. Well actually, I loved Jenifer, Sriram, Prasanth, Lainie and the entire Aringo team.
                    He worked with Shay on INSEAD, IESE and LBS
                    I received 3 interviews and got into two schools.
                    The level of documents I started with and finally submitted is uncomparable. and the feedback, interview prep, and guidelines along the way, were amazing!

                    All in all, could not be happier
                    Thanks Aringo

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: INSEAD 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: I did a lot of research spoke to 4 MBA consulting firms and chose to work with experts on the schools I wanted + Aringo specialize in working with candidates with low GMATs...
                  • 4 out of 5

                    B Esbin:

                    I used Aringo’s admission chances calculator as a way to narrow down my search for business schools. It was a thorough and reasonable calculation of the options as well as how I could make changes in my overall profile to improve my admissions chances.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Fuqua 2022
                    • MBA application & school advice: Definitely use their site as a way to gauge your likelyhood of admission at various programs.
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Sydney Miranda:

                    Thanks aringo!
                    Worked with David, Derin, Sriram, Jenifer, Shimri and the aringo team on 2 MBA applications (after being dinged from 3 in round 1 with no interview)
                    My application was 500% better
                    I got into Wharton and HBS
                    What else could I ask for 🙂
                    not cheap, but worth every penny!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Harvard 2021
                    • MBA application & school advice: I was not sure if to use consulting services. I spoke before round 1 to about 6-7 consulting services and I felt all did the same (match me up with a school alumnus and take a lot of money) I felt I could do it on my own then, after being rejected in round 1, my GMAT tutor Vinay, told me about aringo. they really do things differently and I felt I am working together with them on my applications. they bring into the process many consultants and kept showing me ways of doing things differently. I didn't expect two interviews at both Wharton and Harvard and I didn't expect to be accepted to both, but I was! So, I might be the first "no interview at Stern, but got into HBS" out there, and all thanks to aringo!
                  • 5 out of 5

                    David Hammer:

                    I am also assuming they are a lot of fake reviews here. mine isn’t… I had to pleasure of working with aringo on 2 schools. my consultant (Sriram) was excellent. he guided me along the way. brought into the process other experts when needed. and was there for me on a daily basis when I needed him. he also went out and beyond helping me choose between the two offers I received (MIT and CBS -> very tough choice).

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia MBA 2019
                    • MBA application & school advice: start early, as the process does take time good luck to everyone
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Thanks aringo – for making a stressful situation easier. We applied together to 4 schools and I got into 2. Wharton was my dream school all along, so no-brainer on which school to choose. I love it here!

                    From strategy to essays to interview prep aringo were there for me. Well done.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton 2018
                    • MBA application & school advice: Advise: I have read here some more comments and agree with all of them: do school research. Throughout your application I was asked why this school, and the fact that I visited the campus and spoke to students really made the difference. Good luck to all candidates
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I stumbled on the Aringo’s website while I was preparing my essays and I was very happy I’d find them. The guidance was very clear enough. They had a lot of sample essays to work with and seems affordable. I also recommended their website to my recommenders as they were first time recommenders to an MBA program and did not know the structure of the write-up.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Stanford Graduate School of Business/2019
                    • MBA application & school advice: Please spend sometime looking at the sample letters posted and i can tell you that you'd want to work with them.
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Aringo pros – They have various price plans and, although I took the most comprehensive plan, overall I got from them the cheapest quote. Tim my consultant was amazing. Michelle, the CEO, talked to me every few days to make sure I was on track. besides them, because I took the full comprehensive package, I also got my essays and applications reviewed by 3 different consultants.

                    Cons – yes, it is pricey , but as I got into the school I wanted, it is absolutely worth it

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia 2019
                    • MBA application & school advice: I absolutely loved ARINGO. I worked with Tim, applied in r2 to only 3 schools, but got into 2 of them, with a little scholarship. I applied to 3 schools and got into two. I chose Columbia as I really want to experience the Big Apple My advice - research the schools . Aringo can definitely help you get in, but it is up to you to decide which school to go to...
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Being that I had limited funds to spend on a consultant I throughly researched the differing admissions consulting agencies before selecting ARINGO. I was especially attracted to ARINGO because of it’s flexible packages and prices and I must say I was blown away with the experience! I My consultant, Sriram, was incredibly responsive, he offered amazing feedback on my resume and essays, and he was especially judicious in how we used the hours I had spent!
                    I was fortunate to get into Yale SOM, NYU Stern, and Stanford GSB and Sriram was integral in crafting my essays. I have to point out my Stanford GSB essays in particular because I submitted what I thought was a wonderful essay and would have used up my final hour for that essay. Sriram, knowing I could do better, gave me a fantastic set of notes and told me he only used half an hour for the essays so he could take a look at the next draft. ARINGO went above an beyond my expectation and I know I wouldn’t be attending Stanford GSB if it weren’t for the amazing feedback!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Stanford 2018
                  • 5 out of 5


                    Had a wonderful experience working with my consultant. Chaya who is the CEO of the company was very accommodating and always present to discuss any issue.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Stanford GSB
                  • 5 out of 5


                    I’m what these companies would call a non-traditional applicant, meaning I have a very unique background and goals after my MBA and so on.

                    Therefore, I wanted to make sure I was working with someone who really understood me, what makes me different and why I need an MBA. While I talked to several different admissions consultancy companies, I didn’t get the feeling most of them “got it”. I could just tell by the recommendations they would make but Aringo was really different. I got a different feel from them and decided to have them help me get accepted to my dream school. I am glad I did, because as a first time applicant, I got in! Which might not sound as impressive as it really was, because going into the process I really had no idea what I was doing. So I was lucky the Aringo guys were so patient and understanding of “newbies” like me!

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: HEC PARIS, 2017
                  • 4 out of 5


                    I had a really great experience with Aringo. I was teamed up with a consultant the fit my needs perfectly and really helped me turn around my application. I also had three mock interviews with other consultants at the company which were very helpful. I feel like I wouldn’t have gotten in without them.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Stern 2018
                    • MBA application & school advice: Apply to the schools that actually specialize in what you are passionate about. Talk to students at these various schools. The vibe really differs from school to school and understanding where you best fit will make the application come more naturally.
                  • 3 out of 5


                    They took me as a candidate with bad GPA, low work experience, and high GMAT score, who also applied on round 3, and got me in a top school. Couldn’t ask for more. The consultant who worked with me invested a lot of work working with me on my resume and essays. I had no idea how to do it myself.
                    Also, being under round 3’s deadline, we didn’t have too much time and he did a great job helping me meet deadline.

                    Looking back at my application I think I could, today as an MBA graduate, do the application myself slightly better, at least for some of the essays I wrote.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2015
                    • MBA application & school advice: Not a good question here - really depends on the school. - Generally, I think you need to know the school exceptionally well - classes, curriculum, etc. - Make sure you point out what value you add to the program. - Show them you want to get in the program more than anything else.
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Greg Nemeth:

                    Didn’t use the actual consulting service, but I used their free admissions % tool extensively and it was extremely helpful.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton 2016
                    • MBA application & school advice: Find what makes you stand out from the crowd and play it up big
                  • 5 out of 5

                    Jason Limb:

                    Had a great experience working with my consultant for all of my schools. He helped me with everything from organizing and developing my story to helping strengthen my essays and when the time came, interview prep. He was very candid and straightforward.

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Duke Fuqua / 2017
                    • MBA application & school advice: Be diligent and disciplined so that you do not lose focus. Give yourself as much time as possible to set yourself up for success. Go 100% at each application.
                  • 4 out of 5


                    the most optimal consulting package for me. in terms, of price/school aringo is very competitive. consultant was very helpful and they also provided a discount. overall, I was very happy with the service

                    • MBA Program & Grad Year: stern/ 2016
                    • MBA application & school advice: the most optimal consulting package for me. in terms, of price/school aringo is very competitive. consultant was very helpful and they also provided a discount. overall, I was very happy with the service
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