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MBA Prep School is a full-service consulting firm focused exclusively on helping clients applying to an MBA program. They claim a 90% success rate at getting clients into a top-ranked business school. In a move that sets them apart from other companies, they’ve also chosen to provide a series of video-based lectures that clients can watch at their leisure. However, they only offer a limited number of free consultations.


MBA Prep School offers different service packages, with the focus broken down into three major service categories:

  • The Complete MBA Admissions Package covers the entire process, from selecting a school and assessing your strengths to career goal coaching, essays, applications, and interviews. As with all complete packages, this package is intended mainly for people who need as much help as possible on their application.
  • The Targeted MBA Admissions Services are individual services that can be purchased by clients who only need help on specific areas. The options currently available include help with the application strategy, editing essays and resumes, and preparing for interviews.
  • The MBA Prep School Digital: Videos & eBook service is for the most independent clients, who can apply the knowledge provided without requiring the help of an expert.

Applicants also have the choice of working with a Principal Consultant. These are senior members of the company, with additional expertise. Their skills are available at an added price.

MBA Prep School Cost and Contact Info

The full admissions packages start at $4,795 for one school. Targeted services start at $225 for editing, $499 for help with mock interviews, and former admissions officer review costs $599. MBA Prep School also offers free eBooks, covering:

Chapter 1. Prepare to Apply
Chapter 2: Discover Your Strengths
Chapter 3: Define Your Career Goals
Chapter 4: Select Your Schools
Chapter 5: Identify Each School’s Fit Qualities
Chapter 6: Create Your Application Resume
Chapter 7: Write your Essays
Chapter 8: Select & Support Your References
Chapter 9: Complete the Application Forms
Chapter 10: Prepare for Admissions Interviews

MBA Prep School prefers to be contacted through a form on their website at

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16 reviews for MBA Prep School Reviews

  1. 1 out of 5


    Really disappointed in my experience. I was hoping for a true mentorship, someone who listened to me and helped bring out unique qualities and customize my application to various schools. My experience felt rushed, canned and insincere. After a positive up front conversation, where he shared some good ideas, it all unraveled. Everything else was generic, I felt like he was simply saying yes to rush things along rather than giving thoughtful feedback. Ultimately, I was the one who pushed the process forward, I was probing for better guidance and I ended up researching online (often on the blogs of competitor sites such as MBA Mission and Clear Admit) to help find the answers I needed. I did land in business school but tellingly, not one that I hired MBA Prep School to work with me on. I would not waste a penny on this firm.

  2. 4 out of 5


    The MBA Prep School helped in ensuring that I had all the adequate resources to prepare my application.

  3. 5 out of 5


    They have pretty solid foundation, and the experience of working with top MDA students. They help prep students and get them ready for the next big step. Cheers!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I felt very satisfied with my prep course through MBA Prep school. While other classmates expressed dissatisfaction with their courses due to price, material, etc., I would highly recommend this course going forward.

  5. 5 out of 5


    The MBA Prep School helped tremendously in ensuring that I had the necessary resources to perfect my applications. I found the mock interviews to be particularly helpful.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    NYU Stern 2024
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Speak to as many alumni as possible, visit the school/attend classes, and have one-on-one consultations with the admissions department.

  6. 5 out of 5


    MBA Prep School was very informative, insightful and truly helpful along this journey of completing my MBA. Without this tool I would have had some struggles along the way and hiccups that I simply wasn’t ready for. This prepared me and I am truly grateful

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Purdue University Global 2023
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Stay organized, prioritize your work and ensure you are able to have a work, school life balance. Nothing worth something never comes easy.

  7. 4 out of 5


    Really helpful and helped me get prepared for my application and admission process.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Duke 2021
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Stay organized

  8. 5 out of 5


    The mock interviews ready helped me prepare for my interview which was one of the most important parts of this process. The videos were helpful because I am a visual learner and I like the fact that the company provided an e-book as well. I would recommend this company as you prepare for the admission process.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Southern Methodist University 2023
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Pace yourself and use study groups to help you get through it.

  9. 5 out of 5


    Friend, mentor, confidant, coach—these are all nouns that describe Christina Fu (MBA Prep), and the ordering is intentional.

    Coming from an overrepresented applicant pool (white/male/finance w/ a non-target undergrad -> banking -> PE resume), I was very nervous about my chances of getting into a top-5 MBA program. After talking with multiple potential consultants and hearing a similar spiel from each, I had no clear sense of my candidacy, and worse, no idea who could actually help me navigate this process. Enter Christina.

    During our hour-long intro call, Christina showed genuine interest in my candidacy by asking specific questions about my accomplishments, career decisions, and life experiences that have shaped my world view. She listened to my story, highlighted the obstacles I would need to overcome without holding back (seriously, be careful what you wish for…), and outlined concrete steps that I would need to take to achieve my goals. From the start, she admitted that she is not the gatekeeper to these programs, but instead showed that she is an invaluable guide who understands the ins-and-outs of the MBA process, knows the nuances of specific programs, and mentors clients to maximize their applications. She also demonstrated her dedication to her clients by staying on our call well over our allotted 30 minutes, making sure to fully answer all of my questions and asking her own to understand my level of commitment to the process.

    When our working relationship formally kicked off, I was overwhelmed by Christina’s devotion to my candidacy (and I don’t use devotion hyperbolically). A perfectionist at heart, Christina leaves nothing to chance, and in return, she expects the same level of dedication from her clients. During our time together, she pushed me beyond my expectations. Our working calls often lasted 3+ hours, and not because of a lack of efficiency, but instead because Christina continuously challenged me to unearth meaningful anecdotes that showcase my individuality and refine my stories from a lump of coal into a shining diamond. Beyond her storytelling mastery—which I would put toe-to-toe with that of any other consultant—she motivated me to improve my GMAT score, take on additional leadership roles in my community and at work, and develop career goals that were truthful and meaningful to me. She also worked expeditiously to set deadlines for me (a task I sorely needed) and to return feedback promptly—while she always delivered on her promised deadlines, I need two hands to count the number of times I was late with delivering work (sorry, Christina!).

    It’s been nine months since WE (Christina will indoctrinate you to the use of collective pronouns…) kicked off our working relationship, and upon reflection, I don’t know what I did to deserve such wonderful support. I was accepted into my top choice—an M7 and top-5 globally ranked program—with a full tuition scholarship (an ROI of over 15x for those financially-inclined). Additionally, I received over $250,000 in scholarship awards across my admitted schools, which I completely credit to Christina’s guidance. Even more meaningful than the scholarships and acceptance letters though, I feel that I’ve gained a lifelong friend. Christina genuinely cares about all of her clients, and she shares in the pain of rejections and the elation of acceptances. She is both the ultimate coach, pushing you when laziness or fatigue creeps in, and hype woman, picking you up whenever the weight of the application process becomes too cumbersome. For those committed to maximizing their candidacy, you will not find a better consultant!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    M7 - 2023
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    N/A - see review

  10. 5 out of 5


    MBA Prep School helped me pave the way toward success !

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Energy MBA 2021
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Time management is key !

  11. 5 out of 5


    Coming from a technical engineering role in an industry that doesn’t value an MBA like other industries, I didn’t know many people who had pursued a full-time MBA. In addition, I didn’t have the best GMAT score (below the average but within the 80%). For these two reasons, I looked for an admission consultant to ensure I put the best application forward.

    While doing my due diligence, I happened to connect with a mutual friend who had used MBA Prep School and is now at Wharton. With this lead, I connected with Tyler Cormney who took the time to understand my profile and needs. He recommended Faisal whose strengths as admission consultant aligned strongly with my needs.

    I knew I would not need someone to push me to write my applications. Rather, I needed someone to ensure I was telling the best version of my story. I also knew I would struggle with telling my work experience in layman terms, so I needed a consultant who has helped other engineers in a technical line of work.

    I am happy to say that Faisal met and exceeded all my expectations. Faisal took the time to learn about me in order to help me craft my story in a truthful and compelling manner. I would often leave comments regarding any part of my application (essays, resumes, short answers, etc.) to gather additional feedback from Faisal. No matter how much I wrote, he always read every comment. In addition, Faisal was excellent at helping me showcase leadership examples while removing nonessential technical knowledge to tell a clear and concise story.

    The school packages were comprehensive. Every part of my application was reviewed until it was ready (no edit counts) and feedback was provided within 2-3 days. This included supplemental essays after the application was submitted and even wait-list help (if needed).

    Luckily for me, I was accepted to my top choice school, MIT Sloan with scholarship. I cannot thank Faisal enough! I would recommend him to anyone who feels they need a razor-sharp application to get accepted into their dream school.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    MIT Sloan 2022
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:

  12. 5 out of 5


    Deciding to work with Faisal Khan and the MBA Prep School team was the best decision I could have made regarding the application process. I come from a non-business background and do not have many in my close network that are knowledgeable about MBA programs or even the graduate school application process in general. I was truly flying blind.

    Faisal took me under his wing and provided me with brainstorming materials and constructive feedback that forced me to be incredibly introspective. Brainstorming with Faisal was almost cathartic. Because he was so interested in learning about me, Faisal was able to point out strengths and unique qualities that I didn’t recognize in myself. The MBA Prep School brainstorming sessions and resources allowed me to brand myself as a top MBA candidate.

    I also never waited longer than a few days to get feedback and edits from Faisal on my essays, resume, interview prep questions, etc. He was prompt, professional, and clearly cared about my success. My investment in MBA Prep School resulted in an acceptance at Booth, Kellogg, Tepper, Goizueta and Foster all with either partial or full scholarship awards! ????

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Kellogg 2021
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:

  13. 5 out of 5


    Working with MBA Prep School was a great experience. They are a large enough group that you have support from multiple individuals, not just your consultant. When I was faced with some issues and challenges, the senior consultants stepped in to view my application and give the peace of mind. They have very in-depth resources including videos, samples, guides, etc. The team is very professional and practical. Advice is given but they also act very ethically. I found other consultants to lack experience in my background and to give me very generic advice. MBA prep school was more specific and tailored to my needs. I would chose them again in a heartbeat.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    #1: spend a lot of time deciding which schools are a good fit for you and your desired long term career. Try to apply for a few reach schools and a few safety schools. I wouldn't go over 5 total because its quite a lot of work to apply for each school
    #2: Make sure to ask your MBA consultant about the differences between schools and what the schools are "really trying to say" when they ask for a piece of the application
    #3: High GMAT score helps for sure. Rather than looking for elsewhere in your application to push you through, its a huge check the box and the ADCOM now have a reason to look at your application favorably
    #4: Apply round 1 if possible. Especially for certain schools like GSB/Columbia
    #5: Make sure to have a direct supervisor write your a rec letter. Have him/her focus on how you stack up against your peer group

  14. 5 out of 5


    The pre tests, videos, reading helped me tremendously. I’m a visual person and this test prep helped me feel more confident in everything.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Tiffin University/ 2018
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Proof read applications, study from test preps, get good recommendations

  15. 5 out of 5


    I would definitely recommend MBA Prep School. They have videos, materials, and worksheets that definitely benefited me in the early process. They helped me develop a clear timeline to manage the process of getting 4 strong applications submitted, and they pushed me the whole way to accomplish that goal. They helped me put my best foot forward in all my applications, and although, there were some surprises and disappointments, I was able to get in to a school that I really wanted. I was also able to get a substantial scholarship. Thank you to MBA Prep School for helping me get there!

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Bring passion to your writing. Admission officers want to know what excites you.

  16. 4 out of 5


    I think it’s thoughtful and useful. Prepare me well for my application, essays and got to know the schools better

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Cornell Johnson ,2017
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Start early