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Vantage Point MBA


About Vantage Point MBA Consulting

Vantage Point MBA takes a 360° approach to the application process. Vantage Point provides the perspectives that matter on your MBA applications from experienced consultants who graduated from M7 programs, M7 alumni interviewers, and former adcom. By providing firsthand insights from people who understand the process from the inside out, Vantage Point helps you develop your most competitive and differentiated applications possible, maximizing your chances of admission to the most selective MBA programs.


  • Comprehensive Packages
  • The “Pre-Pack” Getting Started Package
  • Hourly Services
  • Interview Preparation
  • Ding Analysis

Vantage Point Cost and Contact Info

Hourly Rate: $365

One-School Package: $4,995
Two-School Package: $6,750
Three-School Package: $8,250
Four-School Package: $9,500
Five-School Package: $10,500
Six- School Package: $11,500

The Pre-Pack:

Resume Analysis:

Contact info: vantagepoint@vantagepointmba.com

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10 Ratings
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10 reviews for Vantage Point MBA

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was a reapplicant who had tried to navigate the daunting process by myself before and had not gained admissions to the schools I had my heart set on. I had never considered working with an admissions consultant and found them generally intimidating until I met Melody. I was referred to Melody by a long-time friend who had just worked with her and valued her high standards of excellence, promptness, and kindness.

    Melody was thoughtful and challenged me to do things differently, pushing me in the best way to stay motivated and make it through the finish line (through testing, the applications, and interviews). I appreciated her expertise and how she equipped me with the tools and knowledge to empower me to make decisions throughout my application process. Over time, I added more schools to our comprehensive package as I was impressed by our work together.

    Ultimately, I had the opportunity to choose between my top 2 school choices, both Ivy League business programs that offered me scholarships, and I accepted the offer to my dream school. I’m confident it was because of my carefully crafted application and profile with Melody’s guidance. I highly recommend working with Melody or Vantage Point MBA to maximize your chances of success in your application journey and make your MBA dreams come through.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Before finding Vantage Point, I had hired another consultant from a well known, yet cheaper firm, but quickly found myself disappointed. After paying(!), that company told me that my consultant would only be available a few days a week during a narrow window of time each day (this is during the height of the business school app frenzy). Then, after receiving only 2 minor comments on an initial (very) rough draft of an essay, I realized that this consultant was not giving me the quality or quantity of feedback I needed. It was at that point, when the other consultant was not providing substantive feedback, was often unavailable, and was just not invested in my story, that I turned to Melody at Vantage Point after her free intro call.

    Melody and Vantage Point operated completely differently than the last consultant- her style is always encouraging, but she didn’t hesitate to be frank and honest. She would provide fulsome comments – some comments highlighting what I did well in the essays, others pointing out what I could better clarify. She was always available via phone or email and definitely accommodated my busy schedule. She helped me tease out the areas of my story that needed explaining, while being patient with me as I sent her draft after draft. At a certain point, I knew that my essays were ready — but this was my conclusion whereas Melody would have been happy to have kept iterating if I didn’t yet feel comfortable and confident.

    Thanks to Melody’s help, I was admitted to several top programs – I’ve chosen to attend Wharton on an academic scholarship and couldn’t be happier.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Husnu Yalcin Oney:

    My journey with Vantage Point started with a free consultation phone call with Melody, after I found out about the company on GMAT Club. The amount of insight Melody gave on the call, her knowledge and passion about the entire MBA application process stood out, and shortly after I signed up for her company`s comprehensive package.

    The package was worth every penny because Melody doesn`t approach what you do together as just another job. She is very hands on and an experienced and wise guide, not agreeing to any subpar idea. It was very easy to reach Melody. She is open to always giving feedback, and all conversations with her are very genuine: no sugar coating, brutal honesty – the right recipe that encourages you to think outside the box and inspire you to compose the best essays you possibly can.

    If you are ready to do the hard work to decide between the multiple offers you`ll get at the end of the road, I recommend you work with Melody. After a lengthy thought process, I decided that this fall I will be joining Tuck`s class of 2024.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Zack Foos:

    I worked with Kristen on applications for two schools. I was accepted into my top choice and waitlisted at the other. Throughout the application process Kristen provided invaluable help every step of the way. I was most impressed by her taking the time to really get to know me and learn my story so that she could help me craft my essays in an authentic and compelling manner. Kristen made my applications so much stronger by providing thoughtful notes and insights into how the ad coms think about applications. Best of all, her guidance took much of the stress out of the process and allowed me to focus on putting together the strongest application possible.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Raffy Howe:

    I worked with Caryn and she was instrumental in helping me craft a cohesive narrative around what I had done in the past, how it prepared me for business school, and what I wanted to do in the future. Caryn pushed me to highlight areas of my life that were unique and set my application apart. Caryn made huge differences throughout each draft of my essays by making sure they really touched on the key areas of my background and future plans that we’d decided we wanted to highlight, all while ensuring we emphasized the areas MBA programs are really looking for. Aside from the enormous help I received on the essays, Caryn also helped me go through each aspect of the application in depth, even going so far as to review my descriptions of my extracurriculars to ensure they adequately touched on leadership. It was truly front to back support throughout the entire application process. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start working with Caryn sooner!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Shirene Shoushtarizadeh:

    I worked with Caryn, who was instrumental in helping me through the application process. I had an average GMAT score and a below average undergraduate GPA, but Caryn helped me craft my story to highlight my strengths and make every other portion of my application shine. There was a very stark difference between my first drafts at the resume, essays, and short answer questions and the final drafts after several rounds of revisions with Caryn and in the end I was very proud of what I submitted. Caryn’s help was also vital in preparing for the admissions interviews where she asked questions I hadn’t considered prior to our practice interviews but that were asked in the real interviews. I ended up receiving offers from 3/4 schools I applied to, Kellogg, Tuck, and Darden with very generous scholarship awards. Overall Caryn was very helpful, encouraging, and responsive. I could not be happier with my experience!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Devanshi Gupta:

    My partner and I worked with Melody on hourly package and we both got admits to all the 4 schools that we applied to including Kellogg, which was our top choice school. Melody is simply the best – she challenged us to get out of our comfort zones and motivated us to put our best foot forward. She helped us shape our essays in line with the American culture, all the while retaining their authenticity and bringing out key nuances of our stories. We loved how she always gave us direct and honest feedback on our essays. We would not have been able to craft our essays as well as we did without her guiding us through the self-reflection and essay writing process.

    The process was sometimes overwhelming as my partner and I wanted to get into a school together. But Melody kept our morale high and motivated us at every step. Even when my partner struggled with GMAT, she not only encouraged him but also went out of her way to provide him great resources for his preparations. She is the nicest person to work with. I would highly recommend Melody and Vantage Point to anyone who wants to give their 100% to the application process.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Tithi Raval:

    I worked with Kim Leb on 4 applications during crunch time for Round 2. She was incredibly helpful with essay reviews, reviewing overall applications, and interview prep. She knew exactly what the schools were looking for and helped me highlight my “story”. The feedback she gave was very valuable and enhanced my application considerably. Happy to say that I got into 2 of my dream schools and will be starting my MBA studies in Fall 2022. Highly recommend working with Kim and Vantage Point on your MBA applications!

  9. 5 out of 5


    I worked with Ilana from Vantage Point and want to say how much of a positive experience I had! I want to first thank the Vantage Point team for matching me with her. I would not have applied or received offers of admission to certain programs if it were not for Ilana’s support. She exceeded any expectations I had coming into working with her. She helped me craft my story, including my previous experiences and why I want to pursue my MBA. Ilana also challenged me throughout the process, helping take my application to the next level. She also was instrumental in helping me work on a solid resume. Finally, I cannot say how thankful I am for her support on a few of my essays. She helped me consider important components that I would have probably never realized on my own. Her support helped me in all aspects of my applications for each and every school. Finally, Ilana was always honest with her feedback and extremely personable throughout my time working with her. I always felt supported by her!

  10. 5 out of 5

    Alex Friedman:

    From our very first meeting, Melody managed to ease my nerves and help establish a timeline for my application. From the GRE to my essays and recommendations, she made the process streamlined and stress-free, all while being kind and patient. I applied to only one school, so the stakes were high, but Melody helped me frame my story and my post-career goals perfectly. I could not have done it without her, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is intimidated by the process. Thank you, Melody – Vantage Point Consulting was the most worthy investment!

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