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About Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep was created by the Kaplan college community, who has a history of over seventy-five years in education and instruction. Their test preparation platform is a separate entity and has over a dozen categories including those geared towards assistance with GMAT and GRE readiness.

Kaplan is accredited by the ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training) and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education agency.


Kaplan Test Prep offers different types of preparatory experiences, from self-paced services to actual classroom environments, online courses and tutoring services. They also offer “The Official Test Day Experience,” for students to know exactly what it feels like on the actual day of testing to make the process seem less intimidating. For anyone signing up for a comprehensive course, the opportunity to take a practice test at an actual GMAT or GRE testing facility is included in the price of tuition.

Kaplan also offers a variety of free resources including their blog entries, individual programs at a glance, twenty minute workouts, a question a day, live or on demand practice tests, a sample test and pop quiz.

Kaplan Test Prep Cost, Contact Info & Discounts

When it comes to costs, here are the breakdowns:


  • Private Tutoring starts at $2,799.
  • Classroom courses start at $1,449.
  • Live online classes begin at $1,249.
  • Self-paced programs start at $799.


  • Private Tutoring starts at $2,499.
  • Classroom courses start at $1,299.
  • Live online classes begin at $999.
  • Self-paced programs start at $699.


For discounts and special promotions, click here, Kaplan GMAT.

You can reach Kaplan at their toll free number (800) KAP-TEST or by email at customercare@kaplan.com

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4.1 out of 4.1
213 Ratings
5 Stars 73
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213 reviews for Kaplan Test Prep Overview

  1. 4 out of 5
    Rated 4 out of 5


    The GRE/GMAT test prep offered by Kaplan was extremely helpful to me. Because of financial reasons, I purchased the materials so I could study on my own rather than paying for Online/Live assistance programs. However, even with the materials I bought I was able to access online resources as I needed which included extra tests and problems. So, on top of the six preparation tests included in the book (not counting quizzes), I also had the ability to access additional tests which made it easier for me to see how questions could be asked in various ways.

    • Business School Attended / Year Graduated: San Diego State University/2019
    • Your MBA Application Advice*: I strongly encourage you to invest in your GRE/GMAT preparation whether it be through Live study or just buying the materials to study yourself. I, personally, bought the materials so I could study myself due to financial reasons but it allowed me to take the GRE and get into SDSU on my first try. This test can set you apart from other students applying to the program who probably have very similar backgrounds and grades as you.
  2. 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Kaplan had really helpful interactive courses online. I started studying for the GRE, because my program accepts both. But I took practice tests on Kaplan’s website for both and discovered the GMAT was a better fit for me.

    • Business School Attended / Year Graduated: University of Illinois Chicago 2019
    • Your MBA Application Advice*: Be yourself! I have a BFA in sculpture, and I make documentaries. I didn't think I'd be qualified for business school, but my unique background became an asset. Also do your homework on your schools and programs.
  3. 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    I started the Kaplan GMAT Test Prep Course when I was ready to start applying for schools. My learning style requires a little more structure so I opted for the course even though in the past I have used books. The practice tests were most useful, because they really allow you to build up your speed and confidence with concepts in each of the sections. The practice exams may have actually been more challenging than the real exam. Lastly, the essay review and practice was one of the most invaluable. I would recommend the course, especially if you are currently working full-time or have a busy schedule and want to keep a good prep timeline leading up to test day.

    • Business School Attended / Year Graduated: A.B. Freeman School of Business - Tulane University (1st year)
    • Your MBA Application Advice*: Always check your eligibility for application fee waivers for each and every school. If you plan on applying to several schools, the fees can really add up. Also, RELAX a little. It is hard not to get overwhelmed, but anyone who has made the commitment to pursue their MBA and further their career is also capable of finding their perfect program and career path. You can do it!

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