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800score.com Overview

800score About 800 Score 800 Score claims to be “the #1 affordable test prep company” in business since 1999. They’ve helped over 100,000 students prepare for GMAT and GRE testing in the mandatory CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing) format. Using their program, clients can get preparation software for immediate download, take sample tests and learn different [...]
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eGMAT.com Overview

eGMAT About e-GMAT With mostly non-native instructors, technicians and staff from India, e-GMAT hones their skills on getting better test results and scores for those who speak English as a second language. Their company is especially catered for Indian nationalists working on the verbal test. Two of E-GMAT’s three co-founders, Rajat Sadana and Payal Tandon, [...]
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MBA Student- IE Business School
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GMAT Cat Overview

GMAT CAT About GMAT CAT GMATCAT is a group of authors and test experts who have all scored in the 99th percentile and have written a number of different math reviews, GMAT courses, and study guides. Their direction has a more DIY approach and therefore is much less expensive than hiring tutors, taking online courses [...]
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Jamboree Overview

Jamboree About Jamboree Jamboree is the oldest educational institute in India with dozens of locations in Indian cities and at sites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Nepal. They cite some impressive statistics with 25% of their students scoring 700 on the GMAT, averaging 680 overall and most taking the GRE score 320, the highest rates [...]
Kaplan Test Prep- GMAT
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Magoosh GMAT
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Manhattan Prep - GMAT
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Manhattan Review Overview

Manhattan Review About Manhattan Review Dr. Joern Meissner, a tenured business school professor, began his concept of Manhattan Review back in 1999. He has supervised and overseen all of the programs since its inception. Meissner believes that prep programs created and presented by professionals that hold an MBA are not as valuable as his company, [...]
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Optimus Prep Overview

Optimus Prep Overview About Optimus Prep Optimus-Prep concentrates solely on the GMAT platform. This New York based upstart offers us little in the way of their roots and origin. Instead, they offer reviews and testimonials based upon their success rates along with a fifty point improvement or your tuition is refunded. Optimus is another on-demand [...]
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Powerscore Overview

Powerscore About Powerscore Powerscore was created in 1997 by test prep “expert” Dave Killoran based on his experiences in the industry. He believes his methods help students succeed with higher test scores on a number of different types of standardized testings in addition to the GMAT and GRE, including the LSAT, ACT and SAT exams. [...]
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Target Test Prep Overview

Overview About Target Test Prep With a strong background in physics, chemistry, math and biology, founder Scott Woodbury-Stewart, started his Target Test Prep program in hopes of assisting students with primarily the quantitative portion of GMAT testing. Scott offers his programs, along with  individualized tutoring for those in need using Skype and WebEx as his [...]