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About Manhattan Prep

Teach for America alumnus and Yale graduate Zeke Vanderhoek, began with a vision of students learning better, if given more qualified teachers, back in 2000. He assembled a hand-picked team of 99th percentile educators to give potential learners a more substantial preparatory experience and the concept of Manhattan Prep was born.

Offering an approach that touts critical thinking, rather than using tricks and gimmicks, Zeke and his team of accomplished instructors believe that learning should be fun and not just something the student should suffer through as a means to the end.


Manhattan Prep offers services for self-starters, giving them readily available options offered at their own pace, up to and including last-minute crunch courses. More structured online courses are available for those who need tutoring options and more advanced, comprehensive direction and assistance.

Manhattan Prep Cost and Contact Info

Course option pricing is as follows:


Their basic “Interact” course starts at $549 and includes over 35 hours of interactive, on demand video lessons, access to all of their online books and other internet resources.

The Manhattan Prep live GMAT course begins at $1,299 and offers 27 hours of live instruction, online or personalized classes.

A 10 hour package of live tutoring will start at $2,450 with one-on-one sessions and attention available both in person and online. Their $2,650 “Boot Camp” class includes 35 hours of instruction over a two-week period also available either in person or online.


Their “Crunch Time” level package starts at $99 and offers a two-hour online session with a live instructor geared towards those presented with a last-minute scenario.

Moving up to the guided self-study program beginning at $299, features include over 22 hours of video instruction, access to all online books and resources.

The live GRE course study includes 27 hours of live instruction and online or in-person classes starting at $999. A ten hour tutoring package begins as $2,450 and presents one-on-one personalized instruction, custom-tailored to meet each student’s individual needs, available either in-person or online.

Reach out to Manhattan Prep via email at gmat@manhattanprep.com or gre@manhattanprep.com, toll-free to (800) 576-4628.

Manhattan Prep Promo Code

If you’re interested in buying one of the courses from Manhattan Prep but need a discount code before buying, check out our promo code to save money.

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212 Ratings
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212 reviews for Manhattan Prep Overview

  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    I took Manhattan GMAT’s live online class in November 2013 and found it instrumental to my achieving a 99% percentile score on my first try. The methods and skills taught by Manhattan, along with the personalized teaching offered by my instructors to make sure that I nailed the methods, would have been very difficult for me to attain through self-study. “Paying up” for the live course (a bit cheaper if you do it online rather than in-person) was a huge benefit to me since it kept me on schedule with studying and allowed me to get my gmat taken care of in a couple short months. Personally, I prefer the online live course over in-person because you can take class in your pajamas. Would highly recommend and typically do recommend to my friends applying to b-school.

    • Business School Attended / Year Graduated: columbia business school / 2019
  2. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    (apologies for the caps) Manhattan gmat was really helpful for getting me organized and achieving a 720+ score on test day. It was important for me to feel confident that I was both doing enough and, conversely, not obsessing. having a weekly schedule with lessons and assignments made a big difference. The MBA process can also feel a bit lonely – everyone has their own timeline – and it was helpful being in a classroom and being with our people pursuing the same goals.

    The teachers are great. (I took the course twice, once seriously, once not – both teachers were great.) The material is great. However, I would say that if you are an autodidact and not concerned with meeting other people who plan on applying to business school, you can teach yourself. The Manhattan GMat practice tests are also much harder than the real thing, which can be DISCONCERTING before you take the mgmat practice tests.

    Overall – if you’re going to take a GMAT course – this one is probably the best, and well worth the investment.

    • Business School Attended / Year Graduated: cOLUMBIA uNIVERSITY/2019
    • Your MBA Application Advice*: Take things one step at a time. the gmat, recommendations, resume, and essays are separate. You want to feel good about all of them when you apply, but that doesn't have to/can't happen til the very end.

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