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About e-GMAT

With mostly non-native instructors, technicians and staff from India, e-GMAT hones their skills on getting better test results and scores for those who speak English as a second language. Their company is especially catered for Indian nationalists working on the verbal test.

Two of e-GMAT’s three co-founders, Rajat Sadana and Payal Tandon, both scored in the 99 percentile on their CET (the Indian equivalent of the SAT) tests, the GATE (Indian equivalent of the GRE and technical GRE) exams. Rajat himself performed highly in the GMAT scoring.


E-Gmat’s costs are on a premium level when it comes to traditional tuition rates, but they offer some guarantees and a multitude of testimonials that offer you money back if you don’t succeed in improving your numbers in some areas. These higher rates are reinforced by different levels and durations of e-learning platforms, live classroom hours, practice questions and a full staff of full-time instructors.

e-GMAT Cost and Contact Info

E-GMAT’s costs – starting at $199 for 2 months access to their GMAT online course

They also offer at 4-month option for $299. This course is recommended for students with a starting score of GMAT 500+ and aiming to score GMAT 700+.

E-Gmat encourages prospective students to contact their CEO Rajat directly at rajat@e-gmat.com.

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69 Ratings
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69 reviews for eGMAT.com Overview

  1. 4 out of 5

    Jawad Haddadin:

    great if you want to learn on your own time!

    • 5 out of 5

      Stephanie Guevara:

      eGMAT is great for visual learners. It kept me engaged and helped me understand the test questions. In addition, it provides feedback on every question so you can continue to improve in your test score.

      • 5 out of 5

        Sofia Harpis:

        I would highly recommend E-Gmat if you are a visual learner! Great videos and an overall understanding of what will be on the GMAT!

        • 5 out of 5

          Cristina Castellan:

          Excellent resource. After many courses, this one was perfect to fine tune my skills and made me achieve the last mile needed. Highly recommended!

          • 5 out of 5

            José Campos Costa:

            e-GMAT is a fantastic, comprehensive tool for everyone to start their own journey towards acing the GMAT. With its diverse set of exercises and explanatory videos – from initial, foundational modules to more challenging ones -, e-GMAT provides a great way to, at our own pace, adequately prepare for the GMAT (verbal and quant).
            I was able to get 730 in my first attempt, with less than 3 months of studying, only looking at e-GMAT content!

            • 4 out of 5


              Worth it!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Memphis 2024
              • MBA application & school advice: Use some prep tools before taking the GMAT. It will be the difference of a couple of hundred points on your score.
            • 4 out of 5


              eGMAT was the study buddy I needed to ace my GMAT exam. I initially took the GMAT without official prep and ended up scoring a 660. As soon as I signed up on the eGMAT platform, I got access to the well-structured modules. I was always good at Quants and knew I needed some serious help with verbal to achieve my target score. Within a week, I was part of a cohort led by a mentor who proved to be a true guide. I really liked the weekly targets given that helped me stay on track.

              In spite of the pandemic, the virtual support kept me at the top of my game. I ended up scoring my target score of 750, which would have been a lot more difficult had I not taken up the eGMAT course…

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: UW Foster School of Business 2024
              • MBA application & school advice: Focus on one thing at a time. I got GMAT out of my way first and with my score, I knew the range of schools I could target. Don't focus a lot on school rankings. It is important to find your fit with the school culture. Ultimately, GMAT is just a number and it doesn't guarantee you a spot in the M7s or the Ivy Leagues. I learned this the hard way having spent two years applying to B-Schools when I could have started my MBA journey much sooner. The GMAT application is a journey filled with introspection. I believe it has made me learn so much about myself.
            • 4 out of 5


              I followed all the EGmat courses available on the platform, it helped me improve my score from 460 to 640 in 2 months. I thought the course helped me more in the verbal section.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Duke Fuqua 2024
              • MBA application & school advice: I didn't end up getting my dream Gmat score so I took advantage of the preparation made to take the Executive Assessment instead. My score was higher with this format, which helped strenghten my application.
            • 5 out of 5

              Ravali K:

              The best part of the e-gmat course is self-paced learning. It enabled me to prepare for the GMAT with a full-time job. The content is really good(especially the Sentence Correction section) and the tests before and after a lesson helped me in cementing the concepts. For GMAT, the application of concepts is really important and the practice portal helped me in achieving that.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Foster School of Business, University of Washington, 2024
              • MBA application & school advice: Get done with GMAT ASAP, be yourself in the essays, and start the reflection process early. Choose schools based on whether or not they fulfill your post-MBA goals and not based on rankings.
            • 4 out of 5

              Divya Gambhir:

              Overall EGMAT’s course is good, especially for Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning. The topic-wise quizzes really help in building a strong base for the GMAT test. I believe that the method to solve RC is excessively long and is difficult to replicate during exam day.

              I particularly liked E-GMAT’s question bank – Scholaranium which has amazing GMAT-like questions and really helped me in making progress from easy to difficult level questions.

              One improvement area for EGMAT is to provide better doubt clarification support.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: UW Foster 2024
              • MBA application & school advice: Focus on GMAT first and try to have a very structured preparation schedule i.e. clarity on timelines, target score, common GMAT mistakes etc. This will help in getting the desired score without having to take the exams multiple times. Apply to those schools that will help in achieving your post-MBA goals (refer to their employment stats for clarity). Reflect on your life journey and key anecdotes, both of which will help shape your responses to the essays. Application essays need to convey your story and hence self-reflection is of utmost importance. Once you have decided on a set of schools to apply for, always contact alumni and current students of those schools to know more about the MBA program and how you can contribute to the school's priorities, if admitted.
            • 4 out of 5

              Nourang Syed:

              It was very useful for the verbal portion. Mathematics was not too great and excessively long.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Yale SOM 2024
              • MBA application & school advice: Just try to be sincere in your application. This requires you having clarity about what you want to do in the future. So do a good bit of soul searching prior to the application process.
            • 5 out of 5

              Nikhil Goyal:

              I would strongly recommend the e-GMAT course on Sentence Correction. The way the content is delivered is great and it contains the right level of detail. E-GMAT consistently stresses that it is the meaning & the context of the sentence that needs to be understood before tackling any sentence correction question.

              I would strongly recommend non-native and native speakers of English to try out e-GMAT courses.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: MBA FT 2023
              • MBA application & school advice: Complete GMAT early. Try speaking to more and more current students to understand if the school is right fit for your goals.
            • 4 out of 5

              Ross Hassler:

              This really helped me prepare for the exam and has helped me raise my score quite a bit! Well worth it!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
              • MBA application & school advice: My best advice is to be honest and open to what you are looking to get out of the program. UWM has an excellent program which is very inclusive for all backgrounds and experience levlels.
            • 4 out of 5

              Somto Ibe:

              Biggest advantage: Very thorough modules. Infact at some points, it feels too thorough but the good news is that it’s not just teaching, you also get the opportunity to solve lots of quiz questions that really solidify the concepts.

              And then of course, there’s the scholarium which is their question bank. Lots of great questions to cement the concepts.

              Thanks to e-GMAT my critical reasoning and number properties competency increased significantly. Those were the two areas I saw the greatest improvement but overall I will say that their content is pretty solid.

              Biggest disadvantage: It really does take a while to go through all of the material and at some point, it feels like there’s no progress. My recommendation is to continue the prep, it gets better eventually.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Prospective Fuqua MBA student, 2024
              • MBA application & school advice: Start early, preferably even a full year before. Get the exams out of the way first then spend the rest of the time connecting with the school as well as doing a lot of self-reflection so that you're in the best shape to write authentic well-informed essays.
            • 3 out of 5


              CR is best. SC and RC are okay, but they didn’t help me to increase my score.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: MBA 2023
              • MBA application & school advice: Start early on GMAT and make sure to use the correct resources even if they are more expensive. Sometimes, a resource may be more expensive, but it saves time and money in the long run.
            • 5 out of 5

              Suradis Seemakhupt:

              I took the E-GMAT Verbal course, and its strategies to tackle each questions are phenomenal. For example, in SC, it changed the way I dealt with each question, from remembering only grammar rules and doing a vertical scan to understanding the intended meaning and spending most of the time on the original option. Also in CR, its Pre-thinking method really help me avoid being tricked by wrong choices. In short, its approaches really helped me to enhance accuracy while increasing speed for each question.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: UCLA Anderson MBA, Class of 2023
              • MBA application & school advice: My best piece of advice for the MBA application is being authentic and best presenting your strength, which you can share with your future classmates while accepting your room for improvement that an MBA will help reinforce.
            • 5 out of 5


              Study, Study, Study the math is the hardest bit especially after being out of school for several years.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: MBA 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: Study, Study, Study the math is the hardest bit especially after being out of school for several years.
            • 5 out of 5

              Christopher Moore:

              This is an affordable way to prepare for the GMAT test. Easy to navigate.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Business Administration 2026
              • MBA application & school advice: I chose Wayne State College for my online MBA program. I know the instructors as this college is where I received my BS in Business Administration. The instructors are knowledgeable and most have real life experiences to share with the curriculum. It is also the most affordable college in the State of Nebraska. The GMAT test is not necessary at Wayne State college but BS degree transcripts are required.
            • 5 out of 5

              Will McMinn:

              I originally spent a lot of money signing up for Vertias’ live course. This experience merely only provided me with an introduction to the test format and was not conducive to deepening my understanding of strategies. I then came across EGMAT and everything clicked. Their abundance of free resources was enough to not only keep me busy, but also allowed me to obtain a strong understanding of test and truly build my confidence. Finding EGMAT was the true turning point in my GMAT prep and led me to scoring a 720 and landing a spot at my dream M7 school.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia Business School - 2023
              • MBA application & school advice: Begin as early as possible and be open to new ideas and opportunities. Also, take all forums with a grain of salt as everyone has different priorities when it comes to assessing schools.
            • 5 out of 5

              Osereme Ujadughele:

              I really enjoyed using e-GMAT when I was studying for the GMAT. I initially tried studying by myself but realized I needed structure and an easy way to identify my areas of opportunity. e-GMAT gave me that. I also loved the study schedule tool and the ability to see what a realistic test date would be. That saved me a lot of time and money. I eventually switched to the GRE due to test availability during Covid but I found that the Quant skills I learned from e-GMAT was transferrable.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Program pending- Class of 2023
              • MBA application & school advice: Apply when you're actually ready and only apply to schools you would realistically go to. I initially had a plan to apply to 10 schools to "keep my options open" but I found that at the end I was really only interested in a handful of schools. That saved me time and money.For each school I asked myself..."If this was the only school I got into, would I go?" If the answer was yes, then I applied. Be realistic about the amount of time and energy you have to give and also about which programs are the best fit for you.
            • 4 out of 5

              Jillian Hamersma:

              For my learning style, it helped to just focus on practice questions and to get quicker at doing them

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Chicago Booth, 2023
              • MBA application & school advice: Stay engaged with the schools you throughout the entire process to show your interest.
            • 4 out of 5

              Prateek Kumar Gupta:

              Some of the videos are good, especially the verbal ones. Tend To deviate from actual GMAT-like questions at times though.

              (This comment is based on my experience with their free sample questions and webinars only – I did not purchase a package from eGMAT. This comment should clarify my original Nov 2019 review.)

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: London Business School MBA 2021
              • MBA application & school advice: Focus on your story and tailor-make your apps to various schools accordingly.
            • 5 out of 5

              Jeremy Myles:

              Spot on with Information and Content. This Is A Great GRE Test Prep

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Webster University 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: The best graduate program to obtain!!
            • 4 out of 5

              Renea Williams:

              This prepared me for the GMAT and was very helpful.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: California State Univeristy-Bakersfield, 2024
              • MBA application & school advice: The application was very easy to find and apply. If you need help contact your school's MBA program for further assistance.
            • 5 out of 5

              Jared Michael Leonetti:

              Very relevant information and well paced. This is a great GRE test prep and will teach you the tips and tricks you need to get a great score.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Oklahoma State 2021
              • MBA application & school advice: Reach out to teachers, mentors and program directors. They are almost always willing to help.
            • 5 out of 5

              Alfred Korona:

              Very insightful

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Professional MBA, 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: Don't procrastinate!
            • 5 out of 5

              Jessee McMillan:

              Access to all of the e-content and the online courses made it easy to study at any time during the day!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: College of William & Mary, MBA 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: Talk to as many current and former students of the university you are interested in to help paint a picture of the experience. This will help to ensure it aligns with your vision for your career and education needs.
            • 4 out of 5

              Jonathan Cervantes:

              Great way to prepare for the GMAT. Took the GMAT once without the eGMAT and wanted to do better, so signed up and did way better the second time!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Cal State Long Beach 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: I was unsure if I wanted to pursue my MBA, but took that leap of faith and do not regret it, It had furthered my knowledge and expand my thinking!
            • 5 out of 5

              Emily Flint:

              Great tool for those who are not native English speakers. Worth every penny!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Memphis 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: Don't wait until it's too late to get started on the application process. Give yourself enough time to gather transcripts and recommendations, being you cannot control how quickly other people will get this done for you!
            • 5 out of 5

              Christopher Leclair:

              an excellent tool to help you study and retain new information

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: ASHFORD UNIVERSITY MBA, 2022 PROJECTED GRADUATE
              • MBA application & school advice: Dedicate time to the program. Set time aside for your study and for writing papers. you can do this
            • 5 out of 5

              Narges Mohammad:

              Easy To Use! and the Best Choice For Foreign Students Who Are Non-Native English Speakers.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: university of Reno, Nevada
              • MBA application & school advice: The Application Process Is Very Simple And Easy To Complete.
            • 5 out of 5

              Robertson Guercy:

              Wonderful And Easy To Use! I know It Helped Increase My Scores Significantly And Helped Me To Achieve Successful Result.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ramapo College of New Jersey, MBA Program
              • MBA application & school advice: Take your time with reviewing what each school offers that is applicable to your career goals.
            • 5 out of 5

              Alex Umansky:

              The best choice for foreign students who are non-native English speakers.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: NYU MBA
              • MBA application & school advice: NYU
            • 5 out of 5

              Erica Howe:

              Wonderful and easy to use! I think it helped increase my scores significantly and helped me to achieve successful results.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Master of Organizational Development Spring 2020 Bowling Green State University
              • MBA application & school advice: The Application Process Is Very Simple And Easy To Complete. Make sure to have official transcripts and recommendations ready. If you attend a WEBINAR session they normally give you a code to waive the application fees
            • 5 out of 5

              Ariel Geldien:

              This online prep course is awesome!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: William Carey University, 2021
              • MBA application & school advice: The application process is very simple and easy to complete in a timely manner. Just be sure to have your exact GPA for each degree you list as completed before starting the application process. Also, ensure you have 2 professional references to complete a recommendation form.
            • 4 out of 5

              Wenshan Wang:

              The Verbal videos are very helpful!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton 2020
              • MBA application & school advice: I appreciate the well-built course of eGMAT.com, which helped me improve my argument scores immediately!
            • 4 out of 5


              Solid prep. Verbal portion would be good for non-native speakers.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: Take advantage of the MBA.com GMAT practice tests.
            • 3 out of 5

              Mimi Trinh:

              The content and structure of the course are very well built. But the result, at least for me personally, was not good. My score dropped after taking this course. And I put 200 hours into studying.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Yale SOM & 2021
              • MBA application & school advice: Focus on the personal brand and craft your story based on that
            • 4 out of 5

              Victoire Cagniart:

              E-GMAT is a great way to get into the school of your dreams!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Yale Silver Scholar 2023
              • MBA application & school advice: Reach out to alumni to have a real insight into what student life is really like!
            • 4 out of 5

              Nicole Gambardella:

              I found this review very helpful and convenient. I was able to do practice exams and questions in my available time. I have a full time job and other responsibilities, so it was nice to use an online system, in lieu of a scheduled class. I did well on the exam, as I was able to use this to study.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2023
              • MBA application & school advice: Get the program started as early as you can, and start out with 2 classes a term.
            • 4 out of 5

              Raegen Dotson:

              Great questions to get you prepped. If nothing else, it reminds you of the math rules you once learned that you need to revisit and gets you back in a “standardized test” way of thinking.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: William and Mary-Mason 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: Focus on what separates you from other applicants. Everyone is good at their job, but what have you done differently.
            • 4 out of 5

              Prateek Kumar Gupta:

              Some of the videos are good, especially the verbal ones. Tend to deviate from actual GMAT-like questions at times though.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: London Business School MBA 2021
              • MBA application & school advice: Focus on your story and tailor-make your apps to various schools accordingly.
            • 4 out of 5

              Kimberly Dang:

              Prepping for the gmat, I was looking for study material and resources that would provide me flexibility. The e-gmat program helped me tremendously in providing the content that I needed in order to succeed. What I enjoyed best about the program was how well it was structured and easy to understand and I was very pleased with my GMAT results that this program helped me to achieve.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of California, Davis MBA candidate, 2021
              • MBA application & school advice: Ensure that you identified individuals for your letter of recommendation and reach out to them early. Apply early and leverage your connection with the admissions counselor. They're there to help and provide are super knowledgeable with the entire admissions process.
            • 5 out of 5


              This was very helpful in identifying my specific weaknesses and helping me work on them!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Notre Dame Mendoza - 2020
              • MBA application & school advice: Mendoza was the only school I was interested in applying to because I was dependent on the location of another person.
            • 4 out of 5

              Siddharth Juneja:

              Super helpful. They explain everything correctly

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Usc marshall FTMBA 2020
              • MBA application & school advice: Do your best and dont give up
            • 4 out of 5

              Richard Irby:

              I appreciated the structure of the eGMAT. The videos could have been more helpful, but the problem explanations proved quite helpful. The hardest difficulty level is actually harder than GMAT itself. So approach it as your own risk, but if you can do well with those problems you are more than ready for the GMAT.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: VCU/2021
              • MBA application & school advice: Start studying as soon as you have decided to attend a program that requires the GMAT. Take a pre-test to narrow where you need to study. You'll probably have to put in 90+ to score well. Go through as many practice questions as possible.
            • 4 out of 5

              Travis Ramsby:

              Gave a good overview of what to expect.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Willamette University 2020
              • MBA application & school advice: Take as many GMAT prep tests as possible and be ready to work in sprints.
            • 5 out of 5

              Tyler H:

              Recommend for anyone looking to take the GMAT!

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Business Admin 2021
              • MBA application & school advice: Take your time, find the right school and right program for you.
            • 5 out of 5

              Victoria B:

              E-gmat helped me get a good verbal score on the GMAT. The e-Gmat videos provided the in depth information for each part of the verbal section. In addition, their customer support center was great because I could email them if I have a question on a particular problem and the response was very quick. They really break down the material and cover absolutely everything needed to conquer the verbal section.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of California, 2022
              • MBA application & school advice: Start early and get GMAT out of the ways as soon as possible to concentrate on other parts of your application.
            • 5 out of 5

              Nishant Panigrahi:

              I took the E-GMAT Quant Online after I had subscribed to their excellent Verbal Online Prep. As expected the quant course is very well structured and excellent for people who don’t have a quant heavy background. That is not to say that the course is not useful for students who have an intensive-quant background. I took up the Gmat preparation after 5 years in service and the course got me up to speed with the format of the GMAT, the structure of the questions and the quickest methods to solve problems. In the next couple of sections, I will explain what worked for me and what I did not like in the course offering.


              Course Structure
              The Structure of the course is super-easy to follow and makes for an interesting read. People who want to brush their knowledge of a certain topic will find the course structure really easy. One can pick up individual topics and follow the sequence to go thru the theory, the application files and the practice questions to gain a complete understanding. Further, the comfort of doing the course at your own pace and in your own time is a really great option.

              Course Concepts and Questions

              The course breaks down tough concepts into easy to understand videos and slides. Before starting the course, I knew I had trouble with algebra. The online courses on algebra are excellent and it gave me a firm grip on the subject. The Number Properties Course, Probability and P&C are also excellent courses. The course gets down to the basics and helps to build the concept right from the ground up. Because of the course’s focus on the basics, complemented with GMAT-like questions, I thoroughly recommend the course to people who are short on time.


              Scholaranium is the Gold-Standard of analysis. Those who have used the Verbal Online prep are aware of the usefulness of the Platform. The Quant online Scholaranium is quite detailed and really gives you an idea about your weaknesses and helps you prepare by practising more questions of a certain type. The scholaranium has the option of letting you choose between Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard questions. The Easy, Medium and Hard Categories are true representations of the Questions on the GMAT. However, I felt that the Very Hard Category Questions are long and difficult questions that I can’t imagine to solve within the stipulated timeline of 2mins/questions. The rest of the questions are really great and these are some of the toughest questions you will ever find. I would go a step further and also liken the questions standards to the Quant Questions on the GMAT Club. Scholarannium also provides a detailed solution with an ability to bookmark and review the questions.

              Quant Workshops
              The Quant workshops are tests conducted by the E-Gmat team. These tests give you a detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. This is a must-try for anyone who is looking to improve his/her score

              All in All, I wholeheartedly recommend the course to students. The course is flexible enough to adapt the different requirements and will truly help you understand the areas of improvement.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia Business School 2021
              • MBA application & school advice: Fit, I believe, is really critical once you check the basic boxes. For Columbia the main thing to concentrate is how New York really is going to be a career booster.
            • 4 out of 5

              Juan Felipe Builes:

              It is a good tool but it should be complemented with other platforms in order to maximize the outcome. It did not help me after I hit a plateau.

              I required a greater bank of questions, so I user Manhattan Prep as well.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Kellogg, 2020
              • MBA application & school advice: Complete the GMAT/GRE as early as possible.
            • 5 out of 5


              Excellent resource for non-native English speakers. I was sceptical at first but decided to try. The instructors take their time to explain all the different strategies for each section. I really enjoyed eGMAT’s test platform (scholaranium, it allowed me to focus on my weaknesses and I loved that I became aware of takt time. My major problem was with Verbal so I concentrated on verbal and studied for quant by myself. eGMAT is the most complete platform for verbal.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton/2021
              • MBA application & school advice: There is always that temptation of doing it yourself. But from my experience, go with the professionals. It took me several attempts to finally get the 720, and I can tell you that I didn't do it all by myself. Start early but either look for a study partner or a GMAT tutor.
            • 5 out of 5


              The test prep and verbal review were excellent and helped me bump up my overall score by a crucial 20 points. Each question/ exercise in egmat helps you learn something new with explanations that can be replicated across other similar questions.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross / 2020
              • MBA application & school advice: Get a good gmat score
            • 5 out of 5


              While signing up for GMAT Club, I had received a trial access to eGMAT. I instantly liked it, and purchased the whole package. The curriculum and the sessions were not daunting at all, they’re actually very fun to learn with. And the tests after every module provided a real-time check of my learning curve.

              I couldn’t attend all the live sessions, but the recordings came in handy and saved a lot of time.

              By the time I finished the modules, SC and CR became a piece of cake. My accuracy increased to about 85% and I could actually reason with myself if I marked the answer wrong.

              I would also like to mention that both Rajat and Payal’s promptness in answering my questions, or getting back to me whenever I needed them was beyond expectations. Their team would get back to me within 10-12 hours, at times sooner. Not that I needed a lot of help, because the videos were self-explanatory, but they were always there to address any admin-related query.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross School of Business
              • MBA application & school advice: Start early and get done with GMAT asap.
            • 4 out of 5


              Egmat helped me get a good GMAT score. I found the videos to be helpful in explaining the concepts in depth. Their internal forum is quite active and has some good discussions to read. The team is responsive in answering any questions regarding the material, or concepts or just administrative stuff.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross
              • MBA application & school advice: Start preparing for your b-school journey at least 12 months before the application deadlines. Getting the GMAT out of the way gives you time to network with your target schools through student ambassadors or networking events held throughout the year.
            • 5 out of 5


              e-GMAT is really well structured, the videos are expertly crafted and focused on an out of the box approach to non-native English speakers. The questions and subsequent explanations are very helpful to prepare for the actual test. I took Quant only package, while accessing the free webinars and content. I recommend it, it helped me get 710 on my first test

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Pennsylvania / prospective 2020
              • MBA application & school advice: Study the schools, choose well your recommenders and give them time to write the letters. Only apply to schools you actually wanna enroll, study for the GMAT and take many practice tests in similar test-center conditions. Don't repeat your resume in your essays, proofread everything and good luck.
            • 5 out of 5


              EGMAT was helpful. the quant is harder than the actual gmat which makes the real exam feel like cake walk. I didn’t find the videos as helpful as the questions, and i would stay away from the “super hard” difficulty level as it is way beyond the gmat. for verbal again- i didn’t find the lecture videos particularly helpful but DEFINITELY recommend the practice questions they have. overall egmat was helpful in securing a 750+ score.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross- 2019
              • MBA application & school advice: plan in advance- schools don't like last minute gmat scores and applications. focus on first getting a good score and then plan to apply the next year since doing all at once is stressful.
            • 5 out of 5


              Proper preparation is essential for gmat success and this is a too notch prep program.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of michigan ross school of business/2019
              • MBA application & school advice: Prepare intensively and go at it hard to land the interview. Once you have the interview prwctice with a colleague until you are dialed in.
            • 4 out of 5


              i took the egmat verbal course it really helps to learn the concepts. You can save time, I had reviewed several materials of different companies and websites, but those materials were not clear enough. the advantage of this course is that they explain the concepts that are evaluated in the official gmat guide.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: aARHUS BUSINESS SCHOOL
              • MBA application & school advice: you can try this course if you are going to start studying the verbal fundamentals, you will save time as you will understand those fundamentals quicker.
            • 4 out of 5

              Akhilesh keshap:

              I took the E-gmat course in 2014 when I started preparing for the GMAT. As a non-native , my Achilles heel was the verbal section. After studying myself with the official material I had purchased I gave a few mock GMATs and my verbal score did not increase. I read through a lot of forums and found that E-gmat was a good resource for the non-natives. I enrolled myself for the free course and liked it so much that I bought the whole package. It was really useful for me and I did end up getting V40 on the verbal and 730 on the GMAT eventually.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Jones graduate school of business , Rice university / 2018
              • MBA application & school advice: Only use official guide for practice questions. E-gmat is good to learn the concepts but the official guide should be the bible you have to sleep by.
            • 4 out of 5

              Song Mu:

              Great gmat prep

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Wharton
              • MBA application & school advice: Score high!
            • 5 out of 5

              Daniel Monteiro:

              It was great. I saw my score improving after finishing my on-demand course in only 2 weeks. The exercises are a little bit different of the real test, but they give you a good improve in your verbal skills, then I suggest to take all Official Guide exercises, and e-gmat have the solutions using their approach to you check later.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Johnson at Cornell University / 2018
              • MBA application & school advice: Write the history of your life, identify all turning points and try to project the future after the MBA. Then you can start to tie previous experience and hook to a personal/professional transition, explain why MBA, why now and why in that school. After this you can start your essays, you'll be ready!!
            • 4 out of 5

              Purvi Gupta:

              The verbal course package was amazing. Just by watching the videos and picking on the tips for RC and CR, my scores started improving within a month. Specially useful for non-native speakers.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University / 2018
              • MBA application & school advice: Start your preparations early so as to be done with GMAT quickly and concentrate on rest of the application process.
            • 5 out of 5

              Bilal Idriss:

              The lessons learned helped me increase my English and Math scores by 80 points. The beauty of it is that it is very flexible and has a lot of practice exercises that are different from the GMAT official book.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Georgetown University/2018
            • 4 out of 5

              Tejaswini Mallem:

              The videos provided by egmat are very comprehensive and easy to understand.
              Juggling a full time job and gmat prep was difficult at times, but just watching the videos helped me a lot with my critical reasoning and reading comprehension.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Kelley School of business, Indiana University/2016
              • MBA application & school advice: Give your gmat early and try to apply in the earlier rounds for higher probabilities of acceptances and scholarships.
            • 5 out of 5


              E-GMAT.com started out as the best Verbal prep company. I think they still retain the position in the market. Their content is very easy to interpret for non-native speakers.

              Rajat and his team breakdown verbal concept into a set of rules which are easy to understand and revise. Further, there is ample amount of handholding and testing that would lead you to be successful.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: LBS/2016
              • MBA application & school advice: Start early and apply to as many schools as you can.
            • 4 out of 5

              Raghav Mohan:

              Very professional and targeted towards the Indian demographic.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Rotman School of Business/2015
              • MBA application & school advice: Start early so you know where exactly you stand at.
            • 4 out of 5

              Abhinav Nigam:

              I took the english improving package and it was of great help. My scores increased consistently and I received 99 percentile in the actual GMAT verbal.

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Darden School of Business / 2017
              • MBA application & school advice: Start early and get GMAT out of the ways as soon as possible to concentrate on other parts of your application,
            • 3 out of 5

              Karunakar Reddy Pottim:

              The course was good at familiarizing with the topics that are being tested on in the Gmat. it didnot help me in improving my score beyond a point

              • MBA Program & Grad Year: Robert h. Smith school of business/2016
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