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Bloomberg as a brand needs no introduction – it has been a worldwide leader in business news and education since the 1980s.  Bloomberg GMAT Exam Prep is a fully online adaptive learning platform with 400+ individual concepts and 5,000+ practice questions. Unlike textbook and lecture learning, Bloomberg Exam Prep’s programs feature adaptive and highly interactive learning and practice. The content and platform behind Bloomberg GMAT Exam Prep have been continuously updated and improved since launching in 2009.


The Bloomberg Exam Prep course covers all 4 sections of the GMAT exam: Verbal, Quantitative, AWA, and IR. The personalized and self-paced approach of their course, coupled with comprehensive academic support, leads to exceptional results and student satisfaction. More than 98% of Bloomberg Exam Prep graduates are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their service.

In addition to a 7-day free trial, Bloomberg Exam Prep offers paid plans with a money-back score guarantee, practice exams, essay grading, live 1-on-1 tutor sessions, and Ask-a-Tutor questions.


7-day free trial:  Get free access to the lessons and practice questions for one week. The free trial also comes with one full-length, fully adaptive practice exam.

Lessons and practice questions: All concepts needed for the exam are covered by micro-lessons, followed by practice. Each micro-lesson covers a small concept, after which your understanding is checked by a few questions, and then you move on to the next concept. The adaptive algorithm will help you focus your learning on the areas you need it most.

Money-back score guarantee: All standard plans come with a point improvement score guarantee. Get 100% of your money back with their score guarantee even if you have never taken the real GMAT before. Unlike competitors, you may use your score on a practice exam as the baseline for your score guarantee!

Practice exams and essays: Paid plans come with up to 7 adaptive, full-length practice exams as well as essay grading. Don’t worry about finishing them in one sitting. You can pause the exam or essay and come back to them later.

Tutor sessions: Get live, 1-on-1 tutoring from their elite GMAT instructors via video conferencing. Discuss your progress and problem areas and get personalized strategies based on your entire learning history.

Ask-A-Tutor questions: Struggling with a difficult concept? No problem! Use Bloomberg Exam Prep’s Ask-a-Tutor messaging system for personalized explanations from an expert GMAT tutor.

Adaptive study goals and advanced statistics: After a week of study, the Bloomberg platform provides you a daily study goal based on your exam date and study habits to keep you on track for your exam. Check out the Statistics section of their dashboard to see your progress as well as your strengths and weaknesses.


 Bloomberg GMAT

All of Bloomberg Exam Prep’s GMAT plans give full access to the comprehensive curriculum, but they vary by length, score guarantee, and amount of academic support. See their website for the current plans and pricing.

Bloomberg GRE

Are you looking for GRE prep instead of GMAT? You’re in luck because Bloomberg Exam Prep has GRE prep as well. This comprehensive course has all the same great features and extras as their GMAT course but with content that was written from the ground up specifically for the GRE course. Check out their website for the current plans and pricing.


If you like the Bloomberg Exam Prep programs for the GMAT and GRE but want a discount code to save money, check out our promo code before purchasing to save 10% one of their products!

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13 reviews for Bloomberg GMAT Prep

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have been using Bloomberg GMAT prep for the last 2 months, and I’m definitely satisfied with the services provided. The adaptive learning technology analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to focus on the most important points. Even if you already know how to tackle a problem, the detailed solutions provided will help you gain time by directly applying the correct method/formula. Time is an issue for almost everyone in the GMAT, so such advice is precious. Of course, if you struggle with a specific part, the online courses are really useful as well, and you will start by learning the basics thanks to concrete examples. The difficulty of questions gradually increases when the algorithm sees that you understand the concept.

    The wide variety of questions offered provides good training and prepares you for all possible situations that you will face during the real GMAT Exam. You will only achieve a good GMAT grade if you know how to tackle the (often) tricky formulations of questions.

    Full disclosure: I was offered a free plan upgrade as an incentive for publicly sharing my experience, but they did not see my review in advance nor try to influence my review in any way except requiring that it be a genuine review that includes this disclosure.

    The only aspect that could be improved would be to offer a specific training part where all types of questions are mixed (for example, ratio/algebra/speed/combinatorics problems for the quantitative part). As of now, you can only work on specific subchapters or practice with a complete mock exam.

    To sum up, I would clearly encourage friends or other relatives aiming at preparing for the GMAT to use Bloomberg GMAT Prep!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I used Bloomberg Gmat prep. Both the website and the app are really helpful for matching my goals for the exam preparation.
    The content: You get a clear vision of what will be inside the exam and get trained step by step. You can also track the time you spent on GMAT questions, I found it very helpful to have the time conscious into the exam mode.
    The method: I appreciate the goal-setting method on Bloomberg exam prep, I used the app everywhere even inside the subway I could practice for the exam. so no time wasting.
    Thanks for the app!!!

  3. 4 out of 5


    I have thought about doing an MBA to help me in a change of career path. I stumbled on the GMAT Bloomberg Exam Prep by accident as I was searching for various resources online to help me learn more about the GMAT and how to prepare for it. After looking at other materials online and spending a few hours I must say that the Bloomberg Exam Prep program seems very thorough. Sometimes it may feel like it is almost too thorough (explaining the difference between adverbs and adjectives for example), but it does need to cater to people who are not native English speakers (like myself). Some parts of the program can be quite redundant and fastidious.

    However, when it comes to sections that can be quite difficult, the explanations, the workarounds, and the tips are extremely valuable in my opinion. There are always small suggestions on how to save time and be the most efficient with your time. The questions that are timed are also a great asset as they may help you better manage your time. At the end of each timed question, one needs to evaluate themself and estimate how long it took to answer the question, which, I believe, can be very helpful.

    The one negative side of the timed questions is that you are not warned that the question will be timed until you have started such question. A simple warning that the next question will be timed and the timer only starting once you have clicked on a “ready” button would be greatly appreciated.

    Please note, I was offered a free plan upgrade as an incentive for publicly sharing my experience. Nonetheless, they did not see my review in advance nor tried to influence my review in any way and it is my genuine experience with this program.

    All in all, I believe this to be a good program. It guides you through all the stages of the GMAT and pinpoints your weaknesses so you can work on them. The user experience is neat, making it very accessible. The dashboard and the statistics are also a great plus to have a quick idea on how well you are doing.

    I would honestly encourage friends to try it out if they are thinking about preparing for the GMAT.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I have purchased a prep course for my GMAT preparation from Bloomberg Exam Prep. I have liked the prep course very much. I have been using this GMAT prep course for long time. I have found that this prep course offers training on every single concept both in Quant & Verbal required for GMAT. Concept wise, the prep course offers lessons on every concept possible. These lessons train users on foundation of the related topics, skills required to perform well in that topics and strategies to follow while performing in those topics. The lessons are adoptive to the users learning experience. For example, in each lesson it checks the user’s understanding on the topic and adjusts the lesson design to train the user by considering the user’s current level understanding. After every step in the lesson, it checks whether the user’s understanding is improved by asking few questions on that related topic. Even after proving sufficient training on a topic, it tests the user’s overall performance on the concept by asking real GMAT questions at the end. The tests’ results are analyzed and discussed further to help improve and guide the user for further improvement. That is how this prep course covers all concepts in Quant & Verbal including analytical writing and integrated reasoning. The style of training helped me the most in improving my Quant performance such as Combination & Permutation concepts learning. The overall course progress is shown in the dashboard which is very useful to guide the preparation further. You can see the screen shot of the dashboard I have attached here to understand the experience. “Full disclosure: I was offered a free plan extension as an incentive for publicly sharing my experience, but they did not see my review in advance nor try to influence my review in any way except requiring that it be a genuine review that includes this disclosure.” … Of course there are lacking too in this prep course I have found. The prep course did not have sufficient training to help me in improve my time based performance. I do not know, but I felt my answer time for a question is more than the test requirement standard. This time based answer is crucial for a good score. In addition to that I did not find accumulated testing in this prep course. An accumulated testing arrangement could keep me updated with all the lessons covered at every moment. Other than this, Bloomberg Exam Prep for GMAT is the best thing happened in my GMAT preparation journey.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    I completed MBA in 2014 from University of Massachusetts, USA. Currently I am applying for my PhD in the US.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using the Bloomberg GMAT prep tool for a little over two months now, and I must say it has been an invaluable resource in my journey to prepare for the GMAT. To provide some context, I’m a native English speaker who pursued humanities studies in the UK, which means I have a solid foundation in the verbal and non-quantitative sections of the test. However, I realized that I needed significant help with the quantitative portion of the GMAT.
    What I found particularly helpful were the various processes and strategies, such as the Process of Elimination (POE) and other back-solving methods, which Bloomberg GMAT prep provides. These tactics were instrumental in improving my problem-solving skills in mathematics. Despite having formally studied math only up to the age of 16, stopping at topics like quadratics and basic functions, I found the sequential style of learning to be a perfect refresher for the GMAT’s quantitative section.
    One of the most significant challenges I encountered during my preparation was the time pressure on the math section. Bloomberg GMAT prep addressed this issue with the inclusion of timing estimates for each question. This feature gave me a clear perspective on the relative difficulty of various math problems and allowed me to allocate my time more effectively.
    For native English speakers, there are often grammar rules that we take for granted due to our familiarity with the language. However, the GMAT’s verbal section demands a deep understanding of these rules, especially subject-verb agreements. Bloomberg GMAT prep helps you not only brush up on these essential grammar concepts but also provides valuable insights into how they are tested in the GMAT questions. Some question styles might be less familiar to those who have grown up within the UK education system, where standardized multiple-choice tests on verbal subjects are not as common. Bloomberg’s approach to teaching these concepts and providing effective exam techniques was immensely beneficial.
    One aspect I particularly appreciated about Bloomberg GMAT prep was the ability to customize your content as you progress and monitor your performance across relevant subjects. This flexibility allowed me to identify my weaknesses, such as my struggles with angle-related problems, and seek assistance from the available tutors to improve in those specific areas.
    Overall, I would highly recommend the Bloomberg GMAT prep service to anyone preparing for the GMAT. Whether you’re a native English speaker looking to fine-tune your verbal skills or in need of a comprehensive quantitative review, this tool offers a versatile and effective approach to GMAT preparation. The structured learning, expert strategies, and personalized feedback make it a valuable resource in achieving success on the GMAT exam.

    MBA Program & Grad Year:
    Your MBA Application & School Advice:
    Be sure to have high conviction on the program you apply for and have relevant experience to back up your justification for wanting to do that course!

  6. 4 out of 5


    I’ve been studying for GMAT for the last couple of months, choosing which way wasn’t so hard for me as I followed my sister’s steps and chose to do it through GMAT prep by Bloomberg.
    Honestly, I can say that so far, I’m content as the interface promises a learning curve plan according to your goal based on an AI system that tracks your progress and, supposedly, provides you with tailored questions and explanations.

    The dashboard provides statistics of success rates, time per questions answered, divides the lessons per day based on your date of exam. So far, I didn’t answer yet exam examples or the essay, but these two are also revied by the AI system and human reviewers respectively.

    I believe it was a good choice for me, as I can only study from home because of time constraints.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Wanted to provide an opinion on the Bloomberg prep, which I have found to be a great resource, especially for beginners. It was something I had not heard of when I was beginning my GMAT prep but discovered it by happenstance and absolutely loved it. There were a lot of concepts that I needed to revise or had completely forgotten, but this course was an excellent help because it introduces each topic from a basic level and progresses at a customized rate. The personal tutor feature is very interactive and presents excellent prompts that make you forget you are talking to a software. What I really liked was that they not only explained the correct answers but also provided detailed explanations on how people could arrive at a wrong answer. It’s not just a tool to master GMAT concepts but also to practice a range of strategies and problem-solving methods that will help improve your score as well as time on the actual exam. That is perhaps its best feature to me, its emphasis on a holistic preparation for the GMAT exam rather than being limited to concepts and practice questions. It provided a range of statistics on my success rate as well as which chapters were my weakest and strongest. It also has great flexibility in terms of choosing what topics to practice and in switching between them. One thing they could improve on is providing more practice questions or mini exams because there is not a dedicated practice section, rather they have study sections for each topic where you have to navigate through concepts and practice questions together. Would love to hear more from interested/ existing users.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Bloomberg gives a comprehensive review for all that is needed to assist with getting the best score possible on the GMAT exam.

  9. 4 out of 5


    Best way to be ready for the GMAT 🙂

  10. 5 out of 5


    This is a great platform to use in preparation for a GMAT exam, there are a ton of options and resources put into it that let you practice in whatever way suits your learning style. The trial period is also a nice addition for those who want to test the product before committing to buying it or for those who just need a quick refresher on the exam material.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Bloomberg GMAT Exam Prep is a great way for students to learn through technology. It’s a full adaptive learning platform that anyone can access online. This can be great for students who are busy and trying to get an education. There are tutor sessions and one on one time for questions.

  12. 5 out of 5


    Great product! I enjoyed the interface and functionality of Bloomberg GMAT Prep as well the quality of material taught. My tutors: Jake and Isaac were super-helpful and gave tips on the topics I found difficult.

  13. 5 out of 5


    Great GMAT Test Prep, especially for the price