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About Powerscore

Powerscore was created in 1997 by test prep “expert” Dave Killoran based on his experiences in the industry. He believes his methods help students succeed with higher test scores on a number of different types of standardized testings in addition to the GMAT and GRE, including the LSAT, ACT and SAT exams.


Killoran and his colleagues’ take a more standardized approach through the use of lectures, lessons and discussions, similar to a traditional classroom environment. Powerscore also offers private tutoring, either live online, in person or via telephone. They have published and are selling a number of GMAT prep books including:

  • A trio called “The PowerScore Verbal Trilogy” ($69.99)
  • The GMAT “Bibles” for reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction (available individually for $24.99)
  • Official guides for 2016 including an overall version ($39.99), verbal and quantitative reviews ($19.99)
  • Undated official review guides are priced at $18.95 and $12.95 respectively, similar to the 2016 editions

Browse GRE titles here with a guide to the revised general test, quantitative and verbal reasoning practice questions along with their associative “Bibles.” There’s free online help available on their website in articles, a two part lesson one review, admissions assistance, testing and tracking information.

Powerscore Cost and Contact Info

For GMAP lecture courses, $395 for a “weekend” package (lessons and 16 hours of lecture time), $495 for their On Demand 40 hour lecture course with lessons and $995 for the full length, 30 hour lecture package with an additional 3 hours of lecture with each lesson. All come with discussion time.

The GRE course cost packages are a bit more complicated, but they range from $395 through $995 for their tiered levels of lessons, lectures, practice tests and homework.

On their contact page, you’ll find a live chat service, their email info, phone and fax along with a map to their headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina.

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5 reviews for Powerscore Overview

  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Seemed like good targeted prep that realistically simulated test questions and have a structured approach to practice

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: UTexas MBA
    • MBA application & school advice: Learn enough about each program to really be able to explain how attending will fit into your longer term plan
  2. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    I only used the free exam and it was helpful.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Stanford 2018
    • MBA application & school advice: Enjoy business school - don’t be overwhelmed by the many options and the great paths of your peers. Stay true to what you want to do and who you want to be.
  3. Avatar
    3 out of 5


    Powerscore was insightful in dissecting the test but not very individualized.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross School of Business / 2020
    • MBA application & school advice: Think about your professional goals and how the MBA will help get them accomplished.
  4. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Amazing material for high scores.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Poole College of Management (NC State)/2018
    • MBA application & school advice: Keep it going!
  5. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    Powerscore material for critical reasoning part is the best! If you have a problem with this section, Powerscore is your answer.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: mit 2016

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