Empower GMAT emphasizes their connections with schools that their alums have attended and recommends an expensive, yet what they believe to be a beneficial, visit with an MBA admission consultant. They consider this an investment into your future, considering earning an MBA may add a substantial amount of income over the course of one’s career.

Empower GMAT seeks to have their student’s “think like a testmaker” in order to be able to predict the answers to questions. They invite users to view a “pro guide” that will guide them through the process, from the content given on the test to methods designed to “beat the tactics” presented to them throughout the examination.


Their course tour is loaded with video experiences offering:

  • Video explanations to over 2,000 questions
  • Motivational podcasts and “cheat sheet” PDF’s
  • Gmat official guide questions with video explanations
  • Lessons, bonus tools, drills and questionnaires

Thousands of realistic training questions are also accompanied by video and an error log is supplied for students to recognize mistakes and possible patterns associated with these errors.

Cost and Contact Info

Empower GMAT offers a free 24 hour access pass online or available through Facebook. The monthly charge is $99 dollars and if you pre-pay for three months, you get the fourth month at no charge.

At the bottom of their signup page, there are free downloads of one, two and three month study plans along with PDF files for total, quantitative and verbal score boosters.

Contact Empower GMAT through a messaging service found on their home page.

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