Jamboree is the oldest educational institute in India with dozens of locations in Indian cities and at sites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Nepal. They cite some impressive statistics with 25% of their students scoring 700 on the GMAT, averaging 680 overall and most taking the GRE score 320, the highest rates in the industry.

Jamboree is the number one study abroad facility in India and have been able to place students in top universities around the world including Cambridge, Columbia, Harvard, London Business School, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, Wharton and Yale.


Outside of their classroom courses, the comprehensive online prep programs include videos, tutoring mentors, official questions from actual tests, practice problems and sample quizzes. For those learning off campus, you can visit the Jamboree blog and they also offer weekly webinars to interact with other students and faculty members.

Cost and Contact Info

JamboreeIndia offers a free, non-descript trial of the GRE and the no-cost GMAT format consists of three videos that cover an introduction to the GMAT itself, quantitative and verbal sections along with a diagnostic test to see where you stand in the scoring process.

Pricing for the GRE online platforms start at ₹2,900 (Indian Rupee) for a preliminary “test ready” level covering the basics with six, full-length sample tests, webinars and analysis. Higher platforms include videos, practice questions, full length tests, optimized vocabulary, AWA essays with review and webinars priced at ₹7,500 for an intermediate level and max out at ₹12,950 for their most comprehensive package.

Similar GMAT platforms start at ₹3,500 with four full-length sample tests, weekly online classes and post testing review. The intermediate and advanced levels are priced at ₹12,900 and ₹17,950 respectively, offering videos, step-by-step problem solving techniques, practice problems, prep testing and AWA reviews.

On their contact page, you’ll find a map to their head office in New Delhi along with a listing of their local phone numbers. You can contact them via email at

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