Part-time MBA- Booth School of Business

Part-time MBA- Booth School of Business

Kara Northcutt, Director of Admissions and Marketing, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program- Booth School of Business

1. Do you post average GMAT / GRE and GPA combos for admitted students?

The average GMAT for the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs is typically around 680, and the mid-80% range is 610-740. We look for comparable GRE scores. The GMAT or GRE is required, and we do not have a preference. The undergraduate GPA average is 3.4/4.0, and like GMAT and GRE, there is a wide range.

2. What is the typical number of years of experience required?

While we do not have a set requirement, incoming students on average have 6 years of work experience. We highly value candidates at any point in their career. The Chicago Business Fellows, a subset of the Evening and Weekend Programs, is specifically for those with 0-3 years of work experience.

3. What is new/exciting happening this/next year in your PT program?

Booth now has merit-based scholarships available for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA admits. All admitted applicants are considered, and no additional application materials are required. We also recently implemented locked tuition rates, which means the tuition rate at the time you matriculate will remain the same for four years.

On the curricular side, we added a variety of new leadership-focused courses. Examples include Leadership Practicum, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Arts Leadership. We are excited to add these offerings into our already robust and incredibly flexible curriculum.

Weekend MBA students can now take elective courses with our Executive MBA Program (XP) students. XP electives take place over a two-week period during the summer. Weekend MBA students can attend one or both weeks and complete up to two MBA courses. This is a great option for those preferring not to travel to Chicago for the traditional ten-week Summer quarter.

4. What are options for part-time students in terms of nights and weekends?

Each class meets one time per week. Classes take place Monday-Friday from 6:00pm-9:00pm and from 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm on Saturdays. The majority of our events and activities outside of the classroom take place on the weekends and weeknights when our students are most likely to be available.

5. Are the alumni networks of the Part Time / Full Time / Executive MBA programs integrated? and if so, how?

Yes, a Booth alumni is a Booth alumni. Students and alumni have access to alumni across all of Booth’s MBA programs.

6. Are PT MBA candidates permitted to sign up for on-campus interviews or is that restricted to Full Time?

Evening and Weekend MBA students are able to participate in on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs. This is the same campus recruiting process that is available to full-time students. Formalized, school-sponsored internship recruiting is reserved for full-time students.

7. What Placement Resources are typically provided for your Part Time programs?

Booth has a dedicated Career Services Office at the Gleacher Center, where the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs take place. They provide a wide variety of resources and programming that allow students to tailor activities to their individual career goals. Resources include individual career coaching, resume and interview workshops, formalized campus recruiting for full-time jobs, and a job posting database. For our detailed Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Employment Report and full list of resources, please see our career-specific webpages.

8. How flexible is the PT curriculum to not require students with specialized backgrounds (such as accounting or finance) to take basic core courses.

Incredibly flexible! Booth does not have a core curriculum. Rather, we have foundational and functional areas that students take courses within. Our flexible curriculum allows you to choose from 130+ courses. You can take courses that you are most interested in and at the level most appropriate for you. However, this flexibility does not mean you are on your own. We have academic advisors and online resources to help guide you through your academic journey.

9. How many PT programs does the school launch per year?

Each year, Booth matriculates two Weekend MBA classes (Autumn and Spring quarters) and four Evening MBA classes (Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters).


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