Part-time MBA- McCombs School of Business

Part-time MBA- McCombs School of Business

Rodrigo Malta, Managing Director, MBA Recruiting and Admissions, McCombs School of Business

1. Do you post average GMAT / GRE and GPA combos for admitted students?

Our Admissions Committee is dedicated to a holistic review of each application. There are no minimum scores. We make our average GMAT/GRE and GPA combos available on our Class Profiles for each working professional (part-time) MBA program: Evening- Austin, Weekend – DFW, and Weekend – Houston.

2. What is the typical number of years of experience required?

The Admissions Committee reviews both quantity and quality of work experience. The key is how you look at it. Admissions officers tend to look at experience as if they were holding a scale. On one side, there’s raw number of years (quantity), on the other is your job description/role (quality). It’s all about balance. For our working professional (part-time) MBA programs, you must have at least 2 years of experience, but the typical range for these programs is 3-10.5 years.

3. What is new/exciting happening this/next year in your PT program?

Our programs continue to attract amazing talent at our three campus locations in Austin, Houston and Dallas. This year, we are especially excited about a new development in Dallas/Fort Worth: Texas McCombs has found a new home at The Centrum in Uptown Dallas! The highly visible, 17,000 square-foot, first-floor space will open in the fall and provide interactive classrooms, group study and breakout rooms, individual study nooks, and open community spaces. The new location will accommodate current and future classes and provide easy access for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This comes on the heels of the grand opening of our new MBA building in Austin, Rowling Hall. We are very excited about these two new facilities as we continue to build on the tradition of our Texas McCombs MBA program in Texas and beyond.

4. What are options for part-time students in terms of nights and weekends?

At Texas McCombs, we have three campuses where we deliver our working professional (part-time) programs. These campuses are located in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, and all our working professional (part-time) MBA programs are in-person, with Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston holding classes on alternating weekends, while Austin holds classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

5. Are the alumni networks of the Part Time / Full Time / Executive MBA programs integrated? and if so, how?

When you open your acceptance letter from the Texas McCombs MBA, you instantly join a powerful, global network of Longhorns including 500,000+ UT Austin Alumni, 100,000+ McCombs Alumni, and 25,000+ MBA Alumni. That’s nearly half-a-million new colleagues, business partners, and opportunities in more than 100 countries across the globe. Our alumni networks are integrated across degrees and graduates from all our programs are invited to events in key markets throughout the year, as well to annual Alumni celebration events.

6. Are PT MBA candidates permitted to sign up for on-campus interviews or is that restricted to Full Time?

Yes. See answer to question #7 below.

7. What Placement Resources are typically provided for your Part Time programs?

Texas McCombs MBA Career resources are truly unmatched among other top working professional (part-time) MBA programs, with a dedicated (and local) Career support team for all our working professional (part-time) programs. From a career education perspective, we recently developed an entirely new career management framework, which can be applied in any phase of a student’s career and is tied to students’ career management curriculum and one-on-one advising. We also connect our students with great opportunities through hosting a variety of employers at recruiting events —networking sessions, career fairs, on-campus recruiting opportunities, etc – in our campuses in Austin, Dallas and Houston, and introduce our Texas McCombs MBA students to our network of 500,000+ longhorn alumni.

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8. How flexible is the PT curriculum to not require students with specialized backgrounds (such as accounting or finance) to take basic core courses?

Our working professional (part-time) MBA programs attract students from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. In order to give students a common business foundation, our cohort-based program requires all students to take our common core classes. In our working professional (part-time) MBA programs, courses are pre-arranged and sequenced to ensure a well-rounded and challenging general management curriculum.

9. How many PT programs does the school launch per year?

Texas McCombs has three working professional (part-time) MBA programs: Evening- Austin, Weekend – DFW and Weekend – Houston. Additionally, Texas McCombs has an Executive MBA program, weekends in Austin.


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