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Target Test Prep Overview


About Target Test Prep

With a strong background in physics, chemistry, math and biology, founder Scott Woodbury-Stewart, started his Target Test Prep program in hopes of assisting students with primarily the quantitative portion of GMAT testing. Scott offers his programs, along with  individualized tutoring for those in need using Skype and WebEx as his primary platforms to communicate directly with users. Scott and his admittedly smaller team of experts provide students with support towards higher test scores on the quantitative section of this exam.


Concentrating mostly on quantitative results and improving those particular test results and scores, their programs offer twenty chapters with 500+ lessons geared towards honing and developing those skills found on GMAT topics that are directly focused on math, word problems and geometry. To conquer the complicated field of GMAT mathematics, they’re giving over 3,000 practical problems with a “practice makes perfect” effort and mentality in mind.

Target Test Prep also offers analytics and bookmarking features that allow students to find solutions to previously unresolved problems and watch videos to either review their progress or enter into new, unexplored fields of study they have yet to address within the given curriculum.

Target Test Prep Cost and Contact Info

Target Test Prep offers a one dollar introduction to their services for a period of five days rather than the more traditional 7-Day free trial period often offered by the competition.

When it comes to the actual cost for these quantitative geared programs, following the $1 trial presentation, plans are based on these monthly payment levels such as:

  • The “Flexible Presentation” package at $99 per month with unlimited access
  • The “Dedicated Study” package at $299 for four months unlimited access
  • The “Maximum Learning” package at $399 for six months unlimited access, which equates to a $66.50 monthly fee

Contact information is found here with a typical form submission system that is promised to become more individualized and personalized following the student’s admission and payment.

Reviews Statistic

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26 Ratings
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26 reviews for Target Test Prep Overview

  1. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    Target Test Prep was the course I needed to increase my quant score for business school. I love how it breaks down content into small standards and you can drill yourself on those standards to build your long term memory retention.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Ross, 2022
    • MBA application & school advice: Give yourself enough time. Do not rush the process. Take the GMAT as early as possible then proceed to work on applications.
  2. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I highly recommend the GMAT prep offered by Target Test Prep. I was already studying Quant for a couple of months but I was lacking some of the basics because the last time I used them was already a couple of years ago (classical situation). I needed a structured course that led me through everyhting I need to know to ace Quant and TTP offered just that. I highly recommend it for everyone who needs a comprehensive prep from scratch. I tried a number of other Quant Preps as well but TTP was the best one for sure. What I also enjoyed about it was the very professional user interface (believe it or not, when you spend so many hours with it these things actually are important). Together with GMAT Club Tests this is the only Quant Prep you need to achieve Q50/51.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: Start with TTP right from the beginning if you need a structured intro.
  3. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I went from an overall score of 670 to a 700. My quant went from a 39 to a 44. The program is affordable, the coursework is logically organized, comprehensive, and the videos provide detailed explanations of how to solve every type of problem you will encounter on the GMAT. The program covers just about every type of problem you will see on the GMAT quant section. I only took one math class in college, and I majored in Chinese, so if I can understand the material well enough to improve my quant, anyone can. If you follow the program as it is designed, your quant score will improve.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: NYU Stern 2021
    • MBA application & school advice: The flexible study plan with the GMAT Official Guide is, in my opinion, the best way to prepare for the test.
  4. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Target Test Prep was essential in taking my Quant score from a 45 to a 50, as I brought my score from a 730 to a 780. I used multiple prep sources for my first exam, but felt like they were too focused on solving problems rather than learning concepts. After over 100 hours studying, I had barely improved and was hopeless on high difficult questions. Target Test Prep’s format started with basic GMAT concepts and gradually built on each one. By the end I felt I comfortable recognizing what was being tested and effectively applying the tools to solve questions quickly and accurately. TTP’s wealth of varying difficulty practice tests and analytics helped me identify and address weakness as I progressed.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Current Applicant- Fall 2019 Start
    • MBA application & school advice: Don't focus too much on a target score. Take a thorough approach to learning each GMAT concept and being able to apply them versatility. My most valuable takeaway from Target was the ability to answer with easy and medium questions quickly with the correct application of concepts and formulas. This allowed me the time to grind out more difficult questions where necessary.
  5. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    This is an excellent resource that retracted you math fundamentals from the very beginning and builds up to more complex subjects in a way that is time-saving, in aggregate, and very memorable. It is a wonderful online platform with seamless use and excellent on-site support should you need it.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Michigan, ROSS 2020
    • MBA application & school advice: I highly recommend using target test prep for achieving high quantitative scores, especially if it is a bit rusty for you. Take the time to complete the quizzes and go in order of the chapters for the best results. Start prepping for Gmat as soon as possible so you can focus on the other important elements of your journey like school visits, essays, and networking!
  6. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Wouldn’t have got as good of a score without it

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Rice University- 2019
    • MBA application & school advice: Pay for 3 months of the service
  7. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    We’ve all heard of Poets & Quants right? Well I’m a poet, which means I had a ton of catching up to do with regards to the quantitative side of studying for the GMAT. I used TTP as well as Veritas Prep but for those MBA hopefuls I would definitely recommend using TTP first and Veritas second. Veritas has excellent high level overview content but TTP really gives you insight as to why the right answer is right. The CEO, Scott also hosts webinars on Youtube that are incredibly helpful and you can directly message him on LinkedIn if you have any questions. It was well worth my time and money! If TTP ever does a verbal test prep program as comprehensive as their quant one they will be a force to be reckoned with

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Michigan/2020
    • MBA application & school advice: We've all heard of Poets & Quants right? Well I'm a poet, which means I had a ton of catching up to do with regards to the quantitative side of studying for the GMAT. I used TTP as well as Veritas Prep but for those MBA hopefuls I would definitely recommend using TTP first and Veritas second. Veritas has excellent high level overview content but TTP really gives you insight as to why the right answer is right. The CEO, Scott also hosts webinars on Youtube that are incredibly helpful and you can directly message him on LinkedIn if you have any questions. It was well worth my time and money! If TTP ever does a verbal test prep program as comprehensive as their quant one they will be a force to be reckoned with
  8. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    TTP online software is a fantastic way to boost your score in only a short period of time. I came to TTP after first using another program’s study materials unsuccessfully, and immediately found that I learned faster and easier using Target Test Prep. The difference was in the analytics that track your time spent, success rate, and difficulty of each question – making it very easy to hone in on your weaknesses and improve them. I’d highly recommend TTP to anyone with an average score that wants to get above a 700, or anyone that was disappointed with the GMAT prep company that they used initially and is looking for a different offering.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Harvard Business School
    • MBA application & school advice: Knock out the GMAT first and then go from there. It's important to have a good score before jumping into applications.
  9. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    Great program with awesome explanations of every sample problem – walks you through even the most basic math problems.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Fuqua, Duke University
    • MBA application & school advice: Be sure you have a golden thread throughout the application.
  10. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Target Test Prep is the most comprehensive GMAT math guide available – it allows for a thorough and self-paced review of ALL the math concepts on the test, along with helpful quizzes to practice. The online guides are very clear and thorough. I highly recommend it, and it definitely helped me succeed.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Haas/2018
  11. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Target Test Prep is ideal for self-study, showing you exactly where your weaknesses lie within each subtopic. Other programs may be more suitable as a complement to tutoring or in-person classes, as these programs tend to give a broader overview of topics. Within Target Test Prep, you can tackle topics and subtopics in a time-frame that fits your schedule, which could be 5 minutes one day or 2 hours the next. The easy tests build confidence and transform weaknesses into strengths, and the hard tests give a good level of challenge in getting closer to GMAT-level questions.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: NYU Stern
    • MBA application & school advice: Look at your application holistically and make sure that your goals, essays, and intended fields of study align in a story that is easy to understand.
  12. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Jeff and Scott are both great teachers who really know their stuff and have put together a very straight forward yet comprehensive online platform that really enhances your ability to drill on specific subjects.

    Before working with Target Test Prep I had taken an in-person course with Manhattan Prep where I had a good teacher in my class but felt that I needed more one-on-one assistance. The private sessions with the instructor Manhattan had set me up with were awful as the person just repeated the same basic tactics I had learned in class instead of working with me to learn my strengths.

    Working with Jeff was a 180 from my experience with the Manhattan tutor. Jeff really paid attention to how I worked through problems and would deviate from the tactics they teach when he felt I would benefit from it. It was also clear that Jeff had a great understanding of what its like to take the exam and the type of questions that will actually appear on the exam because he is has taken it numerous times just keep up to date on what GMAC is doing.

    I also can’t say enough about the studying platform that Jeff and Scott have put together. One of my biggest pet peeves with using Manhattan’s online platform was that you couldn’t construct short practice sets online across various subjects to simulate working through questions on the actual exam.

    If you are looking for a way to hone in on your quant skills and work through problem sets you won’t be able to find elsewhere I highly recommend starting up a Target Test Prep subscription and working with Jeff and Scott one-on-one.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: NYU Stern, Class of 2018
    • MBA application & school advice: Write the essay you want to write. Not the essay you're supposed to write according to all the books. You're writing will shine more if you actually believe what you are saying.
  13. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Target Test Prep is your best option to study for GMAT quant especially if you plan to self-study. I was able to increase my quant score from 42 to 49 in just 1 month. Their study plans are tailored to whatever time and goals you have. I realized during their 5 day trial, how much time and money I wasted with other test prep materials.

    Having studied and taken the GMAT before, I decided to self-study this time. After studying on my own for 3 months with Kaplan and Manhattan GMAT, I was fairly confident I could get my target score. The week leading up to the test, I started to stress and doubt if I was ready to take the test because my quant score was not where I wanted it to be. It was during that time that I read about TTP in a post on Beat the GMAT. I used TTP’s 5 day trial for some extra practice before test day. On test day, I ended up scoring a 100 points lower than my previous score.

    I decided to retake the test one month later in order to have time to apply to my top schools by R2. I really liked what I had seen on TTP during the trial and decided TTP was my best option to increase quant in such a short period of time. I followed TTP’s short term study plan 95% of the time. TTP provides so many questions to practice each concept that I was able to identify the type of question and how to approach it before I was done reading the question. Their analytics tool was really helpful in showing me which areas I understood well and which areas I should spend some more time reviewing. After that 1 month, I knew I would score better on quant.

    During the actual test, I was completely comfortable with every quant question. I never felt like the questions were too hard to answer. I believe that because I practiced over 1500 questions, I just knew how to approach the questions without any trouble. A lot of the questions looked easy but I was able to catch hidden tricks because of all the practice questions I did. TTP helped me reach my goal of 720!

    You can’t go wrong studying with TTP. It will be the smartest investment you will make in your b-school journey.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Carnegie Mellon - Tepper School of Business
    • MBA application & school advice: GPA matters no matter what others say so if your GPA is lower than the class average, consider addressing it in your application. Even though you don't want to draw attention to it, admissions will notice it anyway and if you have a good reason for why it is lower, it could make the difference between getting an offer and ending up on the waitlist.
  14. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I highly recommend Target Test Prep as a GMAT study program, for a variety of reasons. The website itself is extremely user-friendly, and all of the content is contained there, so instead of lugging textbooks around, you can simply log in from anywhere and continue studying. The content is organized, comprehensive, and as simple or challenging as you need it to be, depending on where you are in your preparation. You can design your own practice tests, and get some detailed analytics on where your weaknesses are, and what you need to focus on. I also did one-on-one tutoring with Jeff Miller, which made a world of difference. Jeff became more than just a tutor to me, he became a sounding board, and a friend, and I truly appreciated having him to lean on during the GMAT process. The guys at Target Test Prep truly care about their product, and they care deeply about their students’ success. I highly recommend TTP, regardless of where you are on your GMAT journey.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Emory/Goizueta 2016
    • MBA application & school advice: Go visit the school's you're looking at. Do everything you can to help admissions personnel put a face to a name. Get to know the school, and why it would be the right fit for you. Start the GMAT process early, and never give up!
  15. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I started my GMAT studies using Manhattan Prep materials and on-demand course. It helped me to increase my quant & verbal scores up to one point. Then, I hit a plateau and started to wonder what I was doing wrong since I couldn’t get to my target score. I’m so glad that I’ve come across Target Test Prep course. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning and I decided to take a trial course instead. Having previous experience with another GMAT prep course, I quickly recognized how this content material was different and more comprehensive compared to others. This is a web-based learning platform and I found it very easy to use and quick to adapt – there’s even a dashboard to keep track of your studies and practice. Also, there was no shortage of practice exercises per sections and it helped me tremendously to improve my weak areas. I took private lessons with Jeff Miller, a top notch instructor, who gave me valuable insights in how to tackle tough GMAT questions using a systematic approach. In the end, I was able to increase my GMAT score in 100-point after 5 weeks of study. Therefore, I highly recommend Target Test Prep course.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Schulich School of Business/2017
    • MBA application & school advice: Your GMAT score is an important component of your application and you'd need to plan ahead and set a realistic timeframe for your GMAT studies given your current knowledge gaps. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your GMAT studies and then focus on your application. Do not try to do it all at the same time, otherwise you'll set yourself up for failure.
  16. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I’ve used just about every GMAT prep curriculum out there and nothing comes close to that of Target Test Prep. There is no fluff in the Target Test Prep material. It is simply straightforward GMAT concepts broken out by topic, and each topic immediately gets to the meat of what you need to know. There is nothing as good as TTP – period.
    In addition to using the TTP Quant course, I met with a TTP tutor every few weeks for supplemental instruction. He focused me on the most important concepts (where I would see the most profit). My quant score went from 44 to 48 within a few short months. I ended up with a 720, which was 20 points beyond my goal! If you’re studying for the GMAT, do yourself a favor and use TTP. You will not regret it.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: UCLA Anderson School of Management
    • MBA application & school advice: Think hard about the weaknesses of your application and do your best to address them. My main weakness was undergrad GPA so I took night classes at UC Berkeley extension, got A's in them and also did well on the GMAT.
  17. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I whole-heartedly recommend the Target Test Prep Course. Prior to working with Jeffrey Miller, my tutor from Target Test Prep, I had worked with tutors from both Kaplan and Veritas. The other tutors managed to help me bring my score up slightly, but it was nothing as rigorous as Jeffrey’s systematic approach, which increased my score by 110 points in a matter of 5 weeks. First, a bit about my background. I’m foreign-born and a non-native English-speaker. I was raised in Brazil, where standardized exams differ greatly from those in the US. The GMAT was the first test in which I’d ever been timed so strictly, and it was an incredibly stressful experience for me. Also, I physically reside in Japan, so I needed someone who had a system to work with me remotely, via Skype or some other method. Finally, although English is a second language for me, I was testing consistently higher in the verbal portion than the quantitative portion of the GMAT. I needed a good tutor who could address all of these issues. I found Target Test Prep online with a simple Google search. Like I mentioned, I’d worked with a few tutors previously, so I sort of knew what I was looking for. What immediately attracted me to Target Test Prep was its systematic approach to tutoring. What I mean by that is the Online GMAT Math Self-Study Course provides a strong foundation for the quantitative section of the GMAT. It is incredibly thorough and fills any knowledge gaps in all sections of the actual exam. This was a critical element that made the course so effective. Other tutors have good advice, good shortcuts, but none of the ones I worked with had a systematic approach to learning. My approach: I used a combination of the Target Test Prep Online GMAT Math Self-Study Course and the quant tutor, Jeffrey Miller. The course is set up for the user to methodically review GMAT quantitative material by topic – such as number properties, geometry, coordinate geometry, etc. Since I was short on time, Jeff helped me strategize – I took a diagnostic test, using Target Test Preps online course, and selected topics that needed the most work. I would read each chapter, do a practice test, and each week review questions I had with Jeffrey. During our tutoring sessions, Jeffrey used a combination of a white board and Skype; I was concerned that this system may be cumbersome but I found that it was actually quite effective. Through this process – 1) study a topic; 2) take a practice test on the chapter; and 3) review with the tutor – I was able to comprehensively cover most of my weak areas and fill in knowledge gaps. I’d like to take a minute to talk about the software – the “Target Test Prep Online GMAT Math Self-Study Course.” I think it’s worth mentioning because it was an absolute essential part of my course package. My understanding is that it was developed by Scott Woodbury-Steward over a period of several years. It is a very flexible software program that allows you to test yourself on various topics with varying levels of difficulty. The questions are very similar to actual questions one would see on the actual GMAT. This was my foundation to learning quant topics – I spent 2-3 hours on this program a day and found my math skills improve significantly in a matter of 5 weeks. This is what separates Target Test Prep from other GMAT Prep packages – there is nothing else out there like it, believe me, I searched. I have many quant books and the material covered in those don’t even begin to compare to the depth of content displayed in the software. Lastly, I’d like to highlight Jeffrey’s teaching style. He was patient, thorough, and most importantly, really helped to develop my confidence. He was always positive, even when I wasn’t, and anyone who’s taken this exam knows that half of it comes down to being confident when you walk in the room on test day. Although very subjective, this should not be overlooked, and Jeffrey really helped in this respect. My target was in the mid to high 600s – I jumped 110 points in exactly five weeks and hit my target. It was a grueling process – about 20 hours of studying and 3 hours of tutoring per week. But if you’re going to put that kind of time into this endeavor, then it’s worth every penny to hire the right people to get you there. A combination of my perseverance and Target Test Prep tutoring allowed me to hit my target. Thank you guys!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Oxford - SBS 2016
    • MBA application & school advice: Prepare, prepare, prepare. Start early, get advice from your peers and people who have been through the process, contact the admissions team and get an informational interview, make sure that the program is aligned with your goals.
  18. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Target Test Prep is the most comprehensive quant prep website I have found. It clearly breaks down the question categories and gives plenty of practice items in each section at varying levels of difficulty. I would highly recommend.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: The University of Texas at Austin / 2018
    • MBA application & school advice: Plan out plenty of study time for several months leading up to the GMAT. While the test isn't everything, it can open/close doors to top business schools.
  19. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Jeff Miller reached out to me on Thanksgiving day via phone to tell me about Target’s services. That sold me, but that wasnt where the benefits ended. Jeff’s hands on lessons at my convenience via webex really helped me, a former actor, learn the basic math building blocks of the GMAT’s quant section and I felt confident taking my test when the time came. To be honest, I had to take the test more than once, but Jeff and the Target team were great about helping me improve each time.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Vanderbilt Owen/2014
    • MBA application & school advice: Start early, get to know admissions people and if you have the option to come on campus to interview or tour, take it. Even if you arent selected for a formal interview, any chance to get in front of the Admissions Committee helps to set you apart. Never lose sight of the fact that you are paying A LOT of money for this degree, and you should get every penny's worth out of it. Going to a huge school might not be as beneficial to you as going to a smaller, less expensive school where professors and classmates can get to know you well enough to really take an interest in your success.
  20. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I worked with Jeff once or twice per week for a couple of months prior to taking the GMAT. Target Test Prep’s system is very thorough and Jeff knows the material very, very well. He’s able to walk you through the frameworks that lead to correct answers by identifying areas where you might need additional remediation, as was my case that it had been quite a few years since I’d seen the material in college. I’d strongly recommend the Target Test Prep team to bolster your GMAT scores.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: IE Business School, 2014
    • MBA application & school advice: Do the review and select the best school you can get into. However, make sure it's a good cultural fit.
  21. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    By the time I decided to go back to grad school, I only had 1 month before the application was due for the coming Fall term. Before this, I never took the GMAT exam nor had I studied for it. I quickly ran to the closest book store and grabbed the self-teaching GMAT guides to start my journey. After one week of looking through material I have not seen for the last 10 years, I knew I was going to need some help studying for this exam in only one month. After visiting a few local tutoring businesses and searching online, I finally came across Target Test Prep. At first I was questioning the online format instead of a live tutor, however I could not have asked for anything better! After learning more about the services I quickly contacted Target Test Prep and was set up with a tutor. My tutor presented the information in a manner that was clear, concise, and completely tailored to what I needed in that 4 week time frame. He provided me with the exact structure and expertise I was looking for in a GMAT tutor. I also used the Target Test Prep self-study course and I can honestly say it was better than any of the other competitors. The clarity and detail in the writing as well as the user friendly interface allowed me to efficiently study in between tutoring sessions. After only 4 weeks of work with Target Test Prep, I was able to not only blow past my goal score but to also exceed the admissions average set by my University. I could not have asked for anything more from Target Test Prep. For anyone who is taking the GMAT, I would highly recommend using this service!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: University of Florida MBA program - 2014
    • MBA application & school advice: My advice on your MBA application would be to schedule a meeting with an advisor from the program you are interested in and start early! I met with my advisor before applying to UF's MBA program. She answered any and all questions I had about the program and the application process. I was able to go over my application with her before submitting it which helped me perfect my application. Lastly, I would suggest to look at the deadline dates for your program and start with your application earlier than you think. This will give you plenty of time to perfect your application and to learn more about the program you are interested in.
  22. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    After taking a big name GMAT course and not scoring what I wanted on the GMAT, I decided to look into private tutoring. I began working with Target Test Prep, and after working together for 3 months, I raised my GMAT score 90 points. It was money and time very well spent!! I highly recommend Target Test Prep. During my first session with my Target Test Prep tutor, I knew I had found the right fit. By the end of the session, he was able to pin-point my problem areas and make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

    Additionally, Test Prep has their own GMAT math self-study course, which is an incredible resource that I used in between my tutoring sessions. The course was able to clarify concepts in a way that my other resources were not. I found myself understanding things more fully because they were explained better. On top of that, the one-on-one sessions with my tutor cut to the heart of the material quickly and efficiently. My tutor not only helped to improve my quant skills but he also offered me realistic advice about my approach to studying and my expectations.

    If you need GMAT quant help, give Target Test Prep a shot!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: NYU Stern Business School/ 2016
    • MBA application & school advice: Start early and make sure your essays are an authentic representation of who you are.
  23. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I completed a full Manhattan GMAT course and only scored a 40 in Quant (670 total) when I took the test for the first time. I improved significantly from the beginning of the course in Verbal but was extremely frustrated with my lack of improvement in Quant, even though I focused my studying heavily on the Quant section. I stumbled upon Target Test Prep and read a number of Target’s testimonials of people who were in a similar situation and used the site to significantly improve their Quant score. I decided to give it a try and was immediately impressed by the thoroughness of the curriculum. The curriculum walks you through all of the basics, a strategy for solving each type of problem and all of the various ways the subject may appear on the GMAT. The amount of material was overwhelming at first but the curriculum is brilliant in how simple it makes difficult questions seem as it walks you through each step. They also offer a huge library of practice questions on each subject, with explanations for each one. I also complemented my independent study time with tutoring with TTP, which was a huge help to keep me moving along and highlight key points. I exclusively studied the Target curriculum and practice questions and did tutoring for 5 weeks before taking the GMAT again and improved my Quant score to 48 (730 overall). I couldn’t believe how much I was able to improve in such a short period of time.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: UNC Kenan-Flagler
    • MBA application & school advice: Give yourself plenty of time to get the GMAT score that you want before you have to start your applications.
  24. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I had an excellent experience with Target Test Prep when studying for my GMAT in 2015. I worked specifically with this company on the Quant section of the exam and found their proprietary online educational tools extremely useful. This was the best preparation I found for the Quant section, even better than Manhattan GMAT books.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Columbia Business School / 2007
    • MBA application & school advice: You need to give yourself time to think about your cohesive story - where you've been, why an MBA, why this school's MBA, and what you will do afterward. That may sound obvious, but so many people miss the mark in their applications and have unclear or uninspiring stories. This comes across in your essays and makes your application less human and interesting to the admissions committee.
  25. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Target Test Prep in breaking down the quant sections of the test I should be worrying about then further breaking those sections down into chapters highlighting the different types of problems and concepts you WILL see on the GMAT. Through the practice quizzes and test I was able to identify my weak quant areas and supplement them with the TTP readings.

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Kellogg School of Management
    • MBA application & school advice: My advice is to get your GMAT out of the way by June and apply Round 1. Round 1 is the only round that matters, especially for top 3. No matter what they tell you,
  26. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    Great resource that helped me get my MBA!

    • MBA Program & Grad Year: Fuqua, 2016
    • MBA application & school advice: Develop a regimented schedule for yourself so you stay on task with your GMAT test prep studies.

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