Target Test Prep Discount Code

Target Test Prep Discount Code

Target Test Prep GMAT offers a unique online self-study course that helps students master the quantitative section of the GMAT as well as live GMAT tutoring to students using eitherSkype and WebEx.  Looking for a Target Test Prep Discount Code, read on….

What you get:

Unsure if this test prep service is right for you? Target Test Prep offers a one dollar introduction to their services for a period of five days to our readers

When it comes to the actual cost for these quantitative geared programs, following the $1 trial presentation, plans are based on these monthly payment levels such as:

  • 1-month access to the GMAT self-study course: $229
  • 4-month access to the GMAT self-study course: $649
  • 6-month access to the GMAT self-study course: $699
  • Live online classes (free 6-month access to the self-study course): $1,599

2024 Target test prep Discount Code

If you think this is the right GMAT prep for you, we have partnered with Target Test Prep to offer you discounts on all of their products, as well as a $1 trial offer. To take advantage (save 20%), simply click on the link below!

Learn About Target Test Prep


Target Test Prep Discount Code


Learn every concept, strategy, technique, shortcut, trick and tip necessary to Earn an impressive GMAT math score.

Target Test Prep Promo Code


Improve your skills with clear, digestible, well-taught lessons, then perfect your new knowledge with customizable practice that simulates actual test questions.

Target Test Prep GMAT Discount


Study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, with a learning platform that adjusts to your specific needs and allows for rapid score improvement.


20 rigorous chapters broken into 500+ lessons covering high value GMAT topics such as number properties, word problems, and geometry. We place all the content you need to earn an impressive GMAT score at your fingertips, on-demand.


Proper practice makes perfect. 2,500+ realistic GMAT problems covering the most important topics provide sample, targeted practice for even the most ambitious students.


Log and analyze your Most common mistakes.  Easily see what’s keeping you from your goal and anderstand your behavioral tendencies.

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