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Essay Snark


Essay Snark is a both an admissions consulting service and informative blog (or ‘blahg’, as they call it), with a cutting but intelligent analysis of schools and real-world events. Some of their articles require membership on the site and are not available to the public.


Outside of their blog, Essay Snark offers a wide variety of services including some that other consulting services do not. This most popular service is the essay review, but they also offer expert opinions on how the strength of applications, career goals, analysis of accomplishments, and suggestions for who should write letters of recommendation.

Most of their services are one-off purchases, but their Complete Essay Package allows clients to create essays from nothing over the course of several weeks. Their 4-School Set provides full support for four different schools, which according to the website has proven successful for “all applicants”. Though, keep in mind past performance does not guarantee your personal success.

Cost and Contact Info

Essay Snark’s prices vary throughout the year, and may have changed on their website since they last updated their profile.

Some services have discounts during non-peak times, and can go as low as $269 for a single rushed essay or $650 for four essays (with exceptions such as Harvard Business School, which is priced a bit differently). The full essay package can be purchased for $1149, and the 4-School Set for $2999.

Essay Snark offers several different routes of contact, but discourages casual inquiry and would rather people attempt to find answers on the site prior to contacting them. If something hasn’t already been answered, visitors can pick a method of contact from the list at

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