MBAPrepAdvantage is a full-service consulting firm that claims a 95% success rate at getting candidates into one of their top schools. Most of the work is done by founder Michael Cohan, a prolific teacher and regularly-cited expert on MBA admissions.


MBAPrepAdvantage offers nine primary consultation services. Unlike many other consulting firms, these services are only available through an hourly consulting model, and there are no “package” offers. On the plus side, this means clients only pay for the time they actually use. However, clients who need a particularly high amount of support may find that the final charge is higher than they were expecting.

The available services cover everything from early application planning and consultation to thorough essay editing, strategies for letters of recommendation, and preparing for interviews. They also offer help with waitlist response, ding analysis, and reapplying to the same program.

These services are also tailored to the school that each applicant applies for. As noted on their website, different schools have different application requirements, and what works for one school may not be applicable to another. The coaching also helps improve delivery and displaying both confidence and charisma, two attributes that many schools are interested in seeing.

The website also offers a number of free resources, from advice on career paths to data on individual business schools.

Cost and Contact Info

MBAPrepAdvantage charges a flat rate of $250 per-hour for its consulting services. They can be contacted by email at or by telephone at (305) 604-8178. Their website at does not have a contact form, but it does have a free consultation form.

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