Find Sample GMAT Tests Online Through the Top Prep Courses

Find Sample GMAT Tests Online Through the Top Prep Courses

When researching prep courses for the GMAT, youll find an ocean of options that range from online courses, to in-class instruction or big textbooks you find at your local bookstore.  Chances are youll come across a few names a lot: Kaplan, the Princeton Review, Veritas and a host of others.  Which one should you choose?  Heres a quick rundown of some of the bigger names of GMAT test prep online courses and how they stack up.


Pros: One of the biggest benefits of using a Kaplan GMAT prep course is the fact that you can actually schedule to take GMAT sample tests at a Pearson testing center.  This can be a great way to simulate the actual test-taking experience and prepare you when it is time for the real thing.  They also have a variety of different plans to choose from, each with a different price point and benefit.  Kaplan even offers a Higher Score Guarantee, which will allow you to study with them for free for a certain period of time if you are not satisfied with the score you received on the previous test.

Cons: If you look at the reviews for Kaplan, youll see that a lot of criticisms point to the fact that Kaplan is a massive company, and because of this, many people feel that their GMAT prep is hardly specialized.  Others comment on the fact that Kaplan test prep focuses more on test-taking strategies rather than a solidifying your knowledge base.  There is also no hourly tutoring offered.  

gmat test online The Princeton Review

Pros: In terms of total hours, the Princeton Review offers a lot of bang for your buck.  In addition to a total of 27 hours of classroom instruction.  If thats not enough, they offer private tutoring for competitive prices and the Princeton Review backs their entire program with a guarantee that includes a full tuition refund if you do not improve on your score.  The Princeton Review also offers convenience in both course flexibility and locations, and like Kaplan, The Princeton Review allows you to take GMAT sample test at one of its testing locations for the full test-taking effect.

Cons: Once again, the Princeton Review is a big company that extends its reach far beyond the GMAT; some have criticized that they do not focus enough on the GMAT and that the coursework suffers because of this.  The companys support system is also lacking, as their site does not have a FAQ or a message board to aide students and get some common questions answers.  Also, that guarantee they offer?  It comes with some stipulations.


Pros: Veritas prides itself in being the premiere option for GMAT test prep and one way they strive for greatness is in the instructors they hire to teach their courses.  To be an instructor for Veritas, one must have scored in the 99th percentile on the official GMAT and must have gone through 100 hours of training prior to instruction.  They even proclaim that they have the highest quality GMAT sample tests in the industry.  Veritas also offers a variety of plans to fit your needs and schedule.  Whether you opt for their six-week course or do all of your prep for the GMAT test online, Veritas has you covered.  If you choose to do an in-person course, they have a lot of locations to choose from, so you should rarely find yourself without a location where you reside. 

Cons: Veritas gold standard status unfortunately comes with a hefty price.  In-person courses start at $1,650 with the online courses offering a small discount starting at $1,350.  Much like Kaplan, Veritas has a variety of test prep that go beyond just the GMAT, so its not quite focused on the GMAT.

These are just a few of the many GMAT test prep programs out there.  Do your research and find one that fits your needs, studying style, and price range.  If you look hard enough, theres something that will fit everyone perfectly.

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