The 3 Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2017

The 3 Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2017

How you do on the GMAT exam will either help or hinder your MBA enrollment prospects since the test will allow you to demonstrate if you have the skills needed to succeed in business school. We have examined all of the reviews left by students to compile the Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2017.

Composed of quantitative and verbal sections, the exam’s total scores range from between 200 and 800, but two-thirds of people who take the test score in the 400 to 600 range. If you want to be among the two-thirds or, even better, to score even higher, then you need to prepare.

And there are a lot of questions on the test to prepare for. Over the course of the three-and-a-half-hour exam, in fact, you’ll have to complete one analytical writing assessment, 12 integrated reasoning questions, 37 quantitative questions, and 41 verbal questions.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone because there are GMAT prep courses available that you can use to get ready for the exam. So with that said, here are the 3 best GMAT prep courses of 2017  Also, you’ll get a rundown on how to spot and steer clear of the less useful prep courses.


The Top 3

  1. Kaplan GMAT Prep is arguably the best GMAT prep course if you want to ace the GMAT. There are four options, namely self-paced that starts at $799, live online that starts at $1,249, in person that requires a call to the company for pricing, and private tutoring that starts at $2,799. For the purposes of this review, we’ll focus on the self-paced option, which allows you to study and prepare not only at your own pace, but also in a way that’s most convenient for you. You’ll have online access for six months, and you’ll be able to benefit from resources that include, but are not limited to, 13 video sessions that include thorough instruction on all things GMAT related, more than 5,000 practice questions, nine full-length computer adaptive tests, more than 160 hours of instruction and practice, and a flashcard app that you can use to study whenever you want.
  1. Manhattan GMAT is another popular way to go if you’re looking for the best GMAT prep course for you. You can go with private tutoring that costs $2,450 and includes 10 hours as well as all books and resources, the Live GMAT Course that requires a call to the company for locations and pricing, and Interact GMAT (full course) that starts at $999. The least expensive, Interact GMAT Course, includes, among other things, more than 35 interactive video lessons that you can access whenever you want, six practice tests, 10 strategy guides, and all of the company’s books and online resources. In total, this self-paced course includes 30+ hours of instruction.
  1. PowerScore Test Prep offerings are based on the company’s system of, one, analyzing the questions that over the last 20 years have appeared on the GMAT exam and, two, providing the sort of training that will help you to quickly figure out the right responses. It offers a full-length option for $955, an on-demand option for $495, and an accelerated option for $395. The on demand option, which provides you with the flexibility of studying and preparing when and where you want, offers 40 lecture hours, and each lesson features three hours of discussion as well as analysis. You’ll get links to seven practice tests and other useful resources. The company’s website promises a free trial where you can check out the first lesson at no cost.

What to Avoid

If any course you’re considering doesn’t provide adequate instruction in the various sections of the GMAT, then you can bet that you’ll be better served elsewhere. Rather than focusing on a list of programs you should avoid, it’s best to focus on best practices for weeding out the less useful ones. So to find the best GMAT prep course for you, ask providers on your shortlist for a syllabus to find out exactly what the course covers. As well, you can check out reviews from people who’ve signed up for GMAT prep courses to get their feedback.

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