Gmatcat is a group of authors and test experts who have all scored in the 99th percentile and have written a number of different math reviews, GMAT courses, and study guides. Their direction has a more DIY approach and therefore is much less expensive than hiring tutors, taking online courses or attending courses in a classroom or university setting.


Their written GMAT courses are updated frequently, available immediately after purchase online and can be downloaded in order to be stored, viewed or printed at any time.

GMAT AWA Prep Course: Offers a detailed description of the E-rater and transitional words that this tool favors for a higher score. Sample answers are given along with suggestions on how to respond to the Issues and Arguments question.

GMAT Math Review: Gives basic math concepts along with comprehensive reviews of algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. Covers strategies for some of the “trick” questions presented in the Data Deficiency section.

GMAT Verbal Study Guide: How to guide for understanding, evaluating and manipulating logical arguments in order to articulate the argument into your own words. Includes a summary of grammatical errors and how to develop a stronger sense of the conventional sense of the English language to better conquer the verbal section.

Gmatcat also offers access to free web resources such as “Tips: Advice for Taking the GMAT

Cost and Contact Info

Costs for specific courses are as follows: the GMAT AWA Prep Course costs $9. The GMAT Math Review is $15. The GMAT Verbal Study Guide is $12. You can save $9 by purchasing the Comprehensive GMAT Prep Courses, which includes all three prep courses fo $27.

You can reach Gmatcat by using an email form found on their contact page or by sending them an email directly to

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