With a strong background in physics, chemistry, math and biology, founder Scott Woodbury-Stewart, started his Target Test Prep program in hopes of assisting students with primarily the quantitative portion of GMAT testing. Scott offers his programs, along with  individualized tutoring for those in need using Skype and WebEx as his primary platforms to communicate directly with users. Scott and his admittedly smaller team of experts provide students with support towards higher test scores on the quantitative section of this exam.


Concentrating mostly on quantitative results and improving those particular test results and scores, their programs offer twenty chapters with 500+ lessons geared towards honing and developing those skills found on GMAT topics that are directly focused on math, word problems and geometry. To conquer the complicated field of GMAT mathematics, they’re giving over 3,000 practical problems with a “practice makes perfect” effort and mentality in mind.

Target Test Prep also offers analytics and bookmarking features that allow students to find solutions to previously unresolved problems and watch videos to either review their progress or enter into new, unexplored fields of study they have yet to address within the given curriculum.

Cost and Contact Info

Target Test Prep offers a one dollar introduction to their services for a period of five days rather than the more traditional 7-Day free trial period often offered by the competition.

When it comes to the actual cost for these quantitative geared programs, following the $1 trial presentation, plans are based on these monthly payment levels such as:

  • The “Flexible Presentation” package at $99 per month with unlimited access
  • The “Dedicated Study” package at $299 for four months unlimited access
  • The “Maximum Learning” package at $399 for six months unlimited access, which equates to a $66.50 monthly fee

Contact information is found here with a typical form submission system that is promised to become more individualized and personalized following the student’s admission and payment.

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