Rajin Chauhan-Goizueta Business School (Emory)

Rajin Chauhan-Goizueta Business School (Emory)

Name: Rajin Chauhan
Age: 28
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Education: (undergrad): University of Central Florida (Major – Business Administration      Minor – Economics)
Current MBA program:  Emory University – Goizueta Business School
Concentration in Strategy and Leadership

Describe a typical day as a MBA student: 

Because I am an Evening MBA, my days differ from typical fulltime MBAs.  I am non-stop on the go from 5am to 10pm on class days which is typically twice a week.  I start my job at 6:30am, leave work around 4:15 to 4:30pm (I work 9 hour days because I get every other Friday off).  Immediately after work, I drive about 45 minutes to school where I usually prepare for class (perform class readings) for an hour before class.  If I am very tired, I will take a nap in my car.  Class will continue from 6:30am to 9:15pm.  I will make it home around 9:45pm and get ready for the next day!

Where did you work before enrolling in business school?

I am in the Evening MBA Program which gives me the opportunity to earn the same education as a full-time MBA stretched in a 3 year curriculum but also gives me the security of a consistent revenue stream.  I have worked at Lockheed Martin since graduating with my undergraduate degree.
Why did you choose this business school? 

I chose the Evening Program at Goizueta to receive an MBA from a world-class program backed by the prestige of Emory University.   The reputation of Goizueta is unmatched in the southeast and recognized worldwide as an elite institution.  Professionally, I wanted to develop my business acumen, leadership skills, and build a network with distinguished alumni and classmates.

What’s your best advice to an applicant to your school? 

The Goizueta Experience is all about building relationships and that starts with the recruiting team.  This means that if you want to earn your MBA at Goizueta, you don’t just apply at see what happens.  You go to as many recruiting events as you can and these are plentiful.  The recruiting team at Goizueta holds many events through the recruiting cycle for you to attend from Informational Breakfasts, to Class Visits, to Coffee Chats.  These not only help familiarize you with the program and people but also help the recruiting team get to know you, which will help in the long run if Goizueta is the school you want to attend.
What is/was the most enjoyable part about business school?

I love having the opportunity to have next day applicability at my job.  Therefore, everything I learn is not just conceptual and theoretical that can possibly be applied in the next year or two. I can apply many of my learnings at my job the next day.  These learnings can be captured from our leadership curriculum but can also be tools learned in specific classes like Negotiations or Corporate Governance.

I also love the fact that because of our small class structure, you get to know everyone in the program and practically have the opportunity to work with almost everyone in the program at one point or another.
What is/was the hardest part of business school?

Managing a full-time job with a course load of sometimes three classes.  weekdays are spent working and going to school or the gym after work and getting home anywhere between 8pm to 10pm.  Much of my weekends are spent studying.  This forces you to give up a lot of your personal hobbies and social commitments.

Where will you be working after graduation?

I will be working at Emerson as a member of the company’s MBA Leadership Program
What achievement are you most proud of in your professional career or at your school? 

Earlier this year, I received an award for outstanding performance during a major customer audit at work.  I was recognized by the General Manager of the site for this achievement.

*I am also very proud of the fact that I interviewed for 4 jobs recently through the on campus recruiting process at Emory which consisted of 17 total interviews and got every job.  This I think is even more special considering the fact that I am not a full-time MBA and could not devote the time and effort to preparing as others could.
Favorite MBA Courses?

Believe it or not…Financial Accounting.  This class was a lot of hard work and the first class in which I ever read a textbook front to back but I had an amazing professor.  I learned so many valuable concepts that really helped me understand why companies make the decisions they do.  Grasping this facet of business is critical if you are earning your MBA to one day lead a company.

I also like Global Macroeconomics.  Professor Jeff Rosensweig is phenomenal.
Fun fact about yourself:

I got on the breaking evening news in my city in Elementary School because I was stung by 8 yellow jackets at once.  Haven’t been stung by anything since (other than a jellyfish) *knock on wood



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