The GMAT Study Plan That Guarantees Success

The GMAT Study Plan That Guarantees Success

The GMAT can be a looming dread for any student looking to get their MBA.  After all, most students have been planning to take this test for nearly a decade.  Having a great GMAT study plan can help alleviate that stress and can improve scores.  Whether you choose to take an in-person course or an online GMAT prep class, there are ways to tackle the GMAT that will help you succeed.

Choosing a GMAT Prep Course

When choosing a GMAT prep course, you will find a few different options in how the course work is presented to you; understanding your own strengths and weaknesses can help you decide which one is best for you.

The most significant difference you will find in some courses is self-paced vs. tutored courses.  A self-paced course is offered online and allows you to manage your time on your own and has much more flexibility in the structure of your study sessions.  A tutored course, on the other hand, is structured by your instructor and will allow you more access to someone that can answer any questions that you may have.  Deciding on which one is right for you ultimately depends on what sort of environment you thrive in.

You should also be looking into your instructor rating, the length of the course, and if the course is covering what you need.  You can request a syllabus ahead of signing up in order to get a full understanding of what that prep course is offering.

Read the Reviews of Prep Courses

Before you decide which course youre going to spend your money on, look up reviews of the courses available to you.  This can give you a good indication of how effective this GMAT prep course is and how it has helped students in the past.  Make sure you read some of the negative comments, as well; this can give you insight into any shortcomings the program may have.

Managing Your Time

Taking a GMAT prep course and the homework that goes along with it can be taxing on your time, so its important to understand that you are going to have to budget your time in other areas in order to be able to fit in all the coursework that you are going to have.  Its not uncommon to sit with the coursework for three hours, followed by six hours of homework.  Budgeting your time properly is the only effective way you will be able to get the full advantage of the course and will make the money you spent worth it.

gmat study planWhat to Focus On

When you finally go to hit the books, have a good idea of what you plan to tackle.  Unfocused studying can be an inefficient use of your time, so have an organized GMAT study plan.  Concentrate on your weakest areas first and most often.  While polishing your strong areas can be a nice refresher, youll want to fortify the parts of the course that you struggle with.  Take occasional practice tests and then use the results of those tests to prepare a new lesson for yourself; this can help you identify your weak points and can help strengthen them.

As you get close to the exam, after months of studying, there comes a point that you will know what you know and not much more.  Rather than trying to add more to your knowledge base, go back and organize what you already know.  Revisit the topics you think you know and fortify your knowledge of them.

Eventually, you have to put down all the GMAT prep books that you bought and take the test.  If you had a proper GMAT study plan leading up to it, you should feel confident that you will get the scores youre looking for.

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