New Scholarship Search Tool

Why We Created Access Scholarships

We created Access Scholarships because we believe one of the largest barriers to students pursuing higher education (and getting the most out of it) is the expense of doing so. Our new website makes earning money to put towards school easy and accessible for all, while additionally helping students to prepare, learn, and stay up to date on all things education-related.

How We’re Different

At this point, you may be thinking, “well, there’s tons of scholarship resources out there on the Internet – what makes Access Scholarships unique?”. Great question! It certainly is no secret that there are a bunch of websites out there that provide scholarship resources to students. However, our team prides itself on the fact that we are able to give students access to thousands of great scholarships that are specific and personalized to each student’s specifications. For example, our competitiveness specification within the Scholarship Search helps students to balance their potential “return on investment” and chances of winning for each scholarship they apply to.

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