Optimus-Prep concentrates solely on the GMAT platform. This New York based upstart offers us little in the way of their roots and origin. Instead, they offer reviews and testimonials based upon their success rates along with a fifty point improvement or your tuition is refunded. Optimus is another on-demand venue that allows students to progress and access information at their own pace.


Optimus-Prep bases their learning process on a pyramid method. They build their clients up starting with general knowledge, then work up to test strategies. They also emphasize success for non-native test takers and students who have been out of school for many years.

Optimus-Prep tiered courses all come with:

  • More than 180 hours of material
  • 5,500 questions with explanations
  • Up to one year of access
  • Analytical features and adaptive systems

Cost and Contact Info

Online tutoring costs $100-120 per hour, one-one-one assisting will run $130-150 per hour, and the standard  on-demand course costs $499.

Their tiered courses offer different hours of tutoring and practice tests starting with Silver $499, Gold $999 and Platinum $1,540. The Silver course offers no tutoring and is devoid of a “GMATCLUB” testing program.

The Optimus team can be reached at their local NYC phone number (917) 310-3418 or via an email sent to

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