How to Approach MBA Essays from the World’s Top Schools

How to Approach MBA Essays from the World’s Top Schools

You’re applying to B-School this year, right? Take it from us (simply because we’ve been in your shoes)… your essays are real darn important.

You need exceptional essays to explain what makes you tick, why you’re worth the gamble, and how you’re so different than the plethora of other folks applying to all the same schools you are. Without them, the amazing professional and personal experiences you’ve had (all of which have culminated in you applying to B-School), mean absolutely nothing.

The MBA application is not an essay writing contest, but your success will hinge on your ability to tell YOUR unique story. And to tell it well for that matter. Because grades, GMAT scores and work experience in and of themselves only go so far, there’s an awful lot riding on these essays. But don’t fret, my friend. The Admissionadi are here to help.

We analyzed the essay questions from more than 20 of the top MBA programs around the world – from HBS to LBS to INSEAD to Booth and Anderson – and then we compiled them into an extremely handy little resource you can use to craft the kind of responses that make MBA admissions committees say things like…

  • “We need this girl to come to school HERE…”
  • “This is exactly the kind of guy we’re looking for… “
  • And even, “Yowza… Me likey…”

Back by popular demand (for real! This is actually our most requested resource ever), the Admissionado MBA Essay Analysis Guide is 100+ pages of awesome. Use our 9+ years and over 26,000 MBA applications-worth of experience to not just answer the essay prompts, but to knock them out of the park.

So, lay your anxiety to rest, grab a cup of coffee (or a beer) and kick back with this glorious free tool our experts have created to help you shine.

Download Admissionado’s MBA Essay Analysis Guide

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