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Aringo Overview

Overview About Aringo Aringo is an admissions service focusing on students who have a score below 720 on the GMAT. This is a notable point. Great work experience is important, but many MBA applicants are equally qualified in terms of work experience. Without a strong GMAT score, applicants will not stick out. Students with low [...]
Manhattan Prep - GMAT
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Critical Square Overview

About Critical Square Critical Square is a full-service consulting firm that focuses on providing customized support to each applicant. One major element of Critical Square is that they stay up to date with what admissions committees are actually looking for each year. Using this information, they are able to tailor applications to meet the needs [...]
MBA Student- IE Business School


About EXPARTUS EXPARTUS is a global boutique consulting service founded by a partnership between a Harvard MBA graduate and a former admissions officer for Harvard Business School. Services are offered to both first-time applicants and people applying again. The site also offers advice to help people decide when to apply. Basics EXPARTUS’s Clear Choice series [...]
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Fortuna Admissions Overview

About Fortuna Admissions Fortuna Admissions is a consultation service with a strong team of former MBA admissions staff. Their consultants also include a number of advisors in other fields (student resumes, career services, etc.) to help round out the expertise of its members. Basics Fortuna Admissions offers a wide variety of services, starting from early-stage [...]
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MBA Prep School Overview

About MBA Prep School MBA Prep School is a full-service consulting firm focused exclusively on helping clients applying to an MBA program. They claim a 90% success rate at getting clients into a top-ranked business school. In a move that sets them apart from other companies, they’ve also chosen to provide a series of video-based [...]
Veritas Prep Admin Consulting
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Essay Snark
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EssaySnark Overview

About EssaySnark Essay Snark is a both an admissions consulting service and informative blog (or ‘blahg’, as they call it), with a cutting but intelligent analysis of schools and real-world events. Some of their articles require membership on the site and are not available to the public. Basics Outside of their blog, Essay Snark offers [...]
Princeton Review
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Stratus Prep Overview

About Stratus Prep Stratus Prep is a full-service consulting firm, offering everything from GMAT tutoring to admissions counseling. It is not specifically MBA-focused, though that is one of the services they provide. They have helped students get admitted to top schools worldwide. Basics The main MBA service that Stratus Prep offers is their MBA Admissions Counseling [...]
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Amerasia About Amerasia Amerasia Consulting Group is an international group that focuses on getting applicants into the top programs in North America, Europe, and Asia. Their average clients include both industry professionals and high school students, and are roughly an even mix of domestic and international applicants. Due to Amerasia’s focus on getting top-quality candidates [...]
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800score.com Overview

800score About 800 Score 800 Score claims to be “the #1 affordable test prep company” in business since 1999. They’ve helped over 100,000 students prepare for GMAT and GRE testing in the mandatory CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing) format. Using their program, clients can get preparation software for immediate download, take sample tests and learn different [...]