The Top 5 Free GMAT Practice Apps Available On Your Phone

The Top 5 Free GMAT Practice Apps Available On Your Phone

If the thought of sitting down for the GMAT exam fills you with some apprehension, you’re certainly not alone since many people get nervous about a test that will play a role in determining whether or not they get into the business school of their choice.

Thousands of graduate management programs around the globe consider GMAT exam results when assessing candidates. The reason for this is that the tests has historically been a reliable predictor about who is ready for the rigours of an MBA program and who is not.

The thing to remember, however, is that the right preparation will enable you to perform well on exam day. In addition to courses, tutors, and practice exams, you can also install apps on your phone to conveniently study, review, and get ready for the GMAT.

In order to help you to find the best free GMAT practice apps for your phone, what follows is a look at the top 5 free GMAT practice apps available on your phone. Note the official GMAT app cannot be recommended as its interface is unusably glitchy. 

1. Magoosh GMAT Prep

This app, which is available for iPhones and for Android, includes 340+ video lessons that add up to approximately 22 hours of instruction. Moreover, qualified tutors teach the video lessons, and the company offers personalized customer service. So if you want easy-to-understand and informative lessons while saving on tutoring costs, than the Magoosh GMAT Prep app may be just what you need. Use our Magoosh Prep Discount code to save 10%, use the link and our code MBAInsight.

2. Manhattan Prep GMAT

Available for iPhones and for Android, this app can be downloaded free of charge, though there is a fee for the full version. With Manhattan Prep GMAT, you’ll get practice questions, responses and explanations and well as practice tests, terminology flashcards, and dedicated customer service.  Use our Manhattan Prep discount code to save $75.

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3. GMAT Club Forum 2023 app

 GMAT Club’s forum app for 2023 will give you access to a community of registered GMAT experts and test-takers and thousands of GMAT-related discussions including from tips and strategies for each section of the test. You’ll fine practice tests, study guides, and expert advice from top GMAT instructors. Auto-renewal subscription for 1 month in $9.99.

App features include:

– 100,000 GMAT Practice Questions

– Access to a global community of GMAT test-takers and experts

– Practice tests and study guides

4. Prep4GMAT

This app includes around 1,000 practice questions as well as 100 flash cards that focus on the various sections of the exam. With the built-in analytics, you will be able to identify that sections of the GMAT where you need to get better.  The app, which is ideal if you have a limited amount of time to get ready for the GMAT, is available via Apple or Android.

5. Economist GMAT Tutor App:

Provided by The Economist, this app is designed to help you make the most of your study time by focusing on the things you need to learn. It is available for Apple and for Android.

The GMAT is obviously important if you want to get into business school to pursue an MBA. However, the right study plan will improve your odds of getting a great score. Use the aforementioned apps to make the most of your preparation time — you’ll be glad you did.



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